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The 3 Best Ways to Download YouTube to MP3 in 128kbps

feature download youtube to mp3 in 128kbps YouTube is one of the largest online platforms utilized for entertainment purposes. There are millions of popular songs on YouTube that you can tune in to whenever you wish to. Sometimes you listen to a catchy tune and want to download that from YouTube to mp3 128kbps. So, how do you download these songs for offline playback? In this article, we have put forth ways that allow you to download videos, songs, and podcasts to mp3 format. This way, you can listen to all your favorite tunes on the loop even when you are offline or don't have an internet connection.

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Why You Need to Download YouTube Videos to MP3 in 128kbps?

Although, there might be several reasons you wish to download a song from YouTube to MP3 format. We also have listed down some methods that work reasonably well to download these tunes. In this part, we will list down a few reasons anyone would be willing to download YouTube mp3 128 kbps:

  • To download a song that has recently been released and hasn't been launched on other platforms
  • To extract the music or audio from the background of a video
  • YouTube keeps buffering due to poor internet connection
  • If you are traveling/visiting to a place with no Wi-Fi / limited cellular data
  • To share the audio music with your friends

Method 1 – The Best Way to Download YouTube to MP3 128kbps

If you're looking for the most straightforward yet efficient way to convert YouTube to MP3 in 128kbps, AceThinker MP3Juice Downloader is the tool of choice for you. Firstly, their service is entirely free and doesn't require registrations and its the best chrome youtube downloader. It can be operated on PC and mobile phones and has a super-fast downloading speed. MP3Juice is the best downloading tool in the online category, supporting several different websites, including YouTube, Bilibili, Twitter, and many more. Also, new websites are added up frequently to the list. You won't need any software, and also, it's an ad-free platform. So, there is a guarantee your device won't be affected by viruses or malware.

Key Features

  • A user-friendly tool with an intuitive interface
  • Supports innumerable websites, including YouTube, Bandcamp, TikTok, and many more
  • Completely free and doesn't require sign-ups or registrations
  • Converts any video to mp3 format
  • Faster downloading and conversion makes it an ultimate solution
  • Compatible with Chrome, Safari, Opera, and other browsers

Steps to Download YouTube to MP3 128kbps using AceThinker

Given below is a step-to-step guide to downloading songs from YouTube to mp3 format:

Step 1 Copy the YouTube Page Link

Go to YouTube and start to look for the song you wish to download. Then, copy the URL of the link from the address bar of the browser.

copy link

Step 2 Paste the Copied Link into MP3Juice Downloader

Now, open AceThinker MP3Juice in another tab and paste the copied link in the search box to find the MP3 for the song.

paste link

Step 3 Download YouTube to MP3 in 128kbps

Once the list appears, select the preferred option from the provided ones, i.e., 128kbps MP3, and click on the download button.

download audio

Method 2 – Download YouTube to MP3 with Chrome Extension

Another convenient and efficient method for YouTube to download MP3 online at 128kbps is the Chrome extension. In this method, you won't be required to switch tabs or copy and paste any link to convert the video of your choice. For instance, if we talk about Add-on crop, an incredible browser extension that allows you to convert YouTube videos to mp3 format with the audio quality from 128kbps to 320kbps. It won't redirect you to any other page and allows you to download audio with a click. The downloaded audio can also later be trimmed. Once you play the video, click on the button in the top right corner and then click on the download button.

Method 3 – Other Online Converters to Download YouTube to MP3 in 128kbps

1. is a YouTube to mp3 converter 128kbps as an online option. You can convert any YouTube video to your preferred audio and video formats in real-time. The tool supports Vimeo, Instagram, TikTok, and many other platforms. Works well with many devices, including PC, cellphones, tablets, etc. Although it won’t be able to download youtube album.

download youtube to mp3 in 128kbps with listenvid


  • Smart and interactive interface
  • Supports various streaming websites
  • Works well with many devices
  • Downloads lyrics
  • Conversion is done with dedicated servers in less than 30 seconds

  • Many annoying popups and ads
  • This leads to an error downloading the remote file


We have another online tool to download and convert YouTube videos to mp3 format in 128kbps. It supports over 1000 different platforms, including YouTube, Bandcamp, Facebook, etc. It works equally well with Windows and Mac OS.

download youtube to mp3 in 128kbps with youtubetomp3music


  • Unlimited YouTube video conversions
  • It supports many different output formats
  • Completely free, and no sign-ups are needed
  • Search any song using keywords
  • Upload the downloaded file to the cloud

  • The downloaded file can only be saved in the default folder


The following tool on our list has a clean interface that allows you to convert YouTube videos into mp3 format with 128kbps quality. It is easy to use and can even be used by a newbie without technical knowledge.

download youtube to mp3 in 128kbps with onlymp3


  • User-friendly interface
  • The free online tool doesn't require sign-ups
  • Fast downloading and conversion of YouTube videos in multiple formats
  • Downloads videos in Full HD

  • Interfering ads and popups
  • Doesn't always download YouTube video due to copyright issues


Last but not least, on our list of YouTube mp3 converters, 128 kbps is This tool converts your video into mp3 format while retaining the audio quality. This online service supports devices including PC, Android, iPhones, and many more.

download youtube to mp3 in 128kbps with ytmp3


  • Provides faster conversions with five bitrate quality
  • It supports many devices, including mobile phones
  • No conversion limits

  • The provided option for downloading videos is entirely useless
  • Redirects to other websites

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a 128kbps YouTube to MP3 Online Converter?
YouTube to mp3 converters is online and free web-based tools that allow you to download and convert YouTube videos to audio in MP3 format, which can later be played on other devices.
2. What do you need to look for in YouTube to MP3 Converters?
Among the thousands of converters available online, you need to choose the MP3 converter, which is user-friendly and safe, so it doesn't infect your device and also has an option to download audio in multiple formats.

In Summary

While you have concluded the article, you must have read various facts about why and how you can download different YouTube videos in MP3 format. Also, what features must you look into to decide on a converter? With the pros and cons of various converters explained above, we recommend AceThinker MP3Juice Downloader as the best tool to download YouTube to MP3 in 128kbps.

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Last updated on September 6, 2022

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