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Most Effective Ways to Download YouTube Videos to Camera Roll

feature save youtube video to camera roll Who doesn't enjoy their most-loved videos on YouTube, isn't it? Although YouTube offers the ability to stream videos offline, the videos cannot be downloaded to the camera roll or transferred to other devices. When people want to save YouTube videos to their camera roll to view them later, you can also transfer them to another device. Now you can download YouTube videos to camera roll using third-party applications or browsers or by downloading them onto your computer or Mac. Later, you can transfer them to the iPhone camera roll with tools. So, iPhone users mostly look for how to save a video from YouTube to camera roll. If you're also experiencing the same setback, do not fret. This guide will help you learn the process of downloading YouTube videos to your iPhone camera roll with no difficulties.

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Save YouTube Videos to iPhone Camera Roll: The Possible Reasons

YouTube is among the most prominent video collections on the internet. You can name it from instructional videos and games to music videos and other content, and it's on YouTube. YouTube has an app specifically designed for iOS users, and they can view unlimited videos for free in any way. However, there are some instances when users would like to view videos without an internet connection. It is necessary to sign up for YouTube, a unique free service that allows users to save videos offline. However, you have to pay a specific amount to obtain this service. Furthermore, YouTube Red is available only in certain countries. Even after saving the video offline, they cannot save the videos to the camera roll. If you want to view videos without connecting to YouTube, then you must use the help of third-party software. You can't also transfer the YouTube videos from your iOS device to other devices without saving the videos in the camera roll. You must learn ways to transfer and save YouTube video to camera roll to enable it. Don't worry! We're here to help you. The following section will demonstrate two methods for downloading YouTube videos to your camera roll.

Best Ways to Save YouTube Video to Camera Roll

1. Save YouTube Videos to Camera Roll with Documents by Readdle

There are many pros if you save a YouTube video to your camera roll. Among them is that you can watch them offline and also avoid annoying ads. Moreover, if you download videos using the YouTube application, the downloaded videos will not be shareable. But with this method, the videos will be downloaded to your local storage, and you can share the video with other devices or users. Finally, since the video is saved to your Camera Roll and accessed from your local storage, you can also edit the video using the tools from your Camera Roll. Follow the steps below if you wish to save a video onto the iOS camera roll via YouTube.

User Guide:

  1. Visit the AceThinker Free Online Video Downloader webpage or similar YouTube video downloading websites. Then, paste the link to the empty URL bar or type keywords related to the video you wish to download.
  2. Click the Download button, then start the downloading process. Now, go back to the Documents by Readdle app and tap on the “Downloads” folder icon in the screen's lower-left corner. When the download process gets completed, hit the three dots and press the copy or move option from the given list.
  3. Finally, press the “Photos” folder, upon which the app will ask for permission. Accept it, and now the video will be available on your iPhone’s camera roll.

save youtube videos to camera roll with documents by readdle

2. Save YouTube Videos to Camera Roll with the Help of a Video Downloader Browser

With the help of this YouTube to camera roll converter, you can download any YouTube video YouTube without the help provided by the original YouTube application. However, its download time for video duration has limitations. If you want to know more about downloading YouTube videos that are longer than 2 hours to MP4, click here.

User Guide:

  1. You need to download the Video Downloader browser from your app store for the first time. Download it to your computer. Launch the application when you're ready to transfer YouTube videos onto your camera roll.
  2. Due to the inability to download YouTube videos directly from the native application of YouTube, you must visit YouTube's website via its Video Downloader Browser iOS app. Like any other popular browser, its interface is just launching YouTube within the app's interface and browsing the normal method. To find a video, type the name of the video (or any other details) in your search box.
  3. Once the YouTube video is loaded, the application will display an alert to save the video you are watching. Click on the "Save" or "Save to memory" option to download the specific video. Once you click that button, the red symbol will become active, indicating that the video is being downloaded from YouTube.
  4. At present, the video can only be saved in an app's folder. If you want to save the video to the camera roll of your phone, visit "Saved Videos" and select the" information ("i") icon. From there, select the option "Save to camera roll." The chosen video can be downloaded to your camera roll within seconds.

save youtube videos to camera roll with the help of a video downloader browser

3. Use a Specialized YouTube Video Downloader

If you want to save videos in large quantities or in higher quality, you will need to use a specialized YouTube video downloader. In this method, you first have to download videos to your computer and then easily transfer those downloaded YouTube videos onto your iPhone Camera Roll. For that, you should test the most powerful yet simple to use software available, AceThinker Video Keeper, which allows users to download an unlimited number of videos from almost all video and music sharing platforms. Its user-friendly interface enables you to search, browse, and download videos remaining within the program, which will ultimately make your experience more smooth and more effortless. AceThinker Video Keeper doesn’t only stop here. Some of the features and highlights of this amazing software are given below:

Salient Features

  • Download videos from 1000+ online websites, and that too in original quality.
  • Supports various video resolutions such as 720P, 1080P, and even 4K.
  • Allows downloading complete YouTube playlists and entire channel videos with just a single click.
  • Provides the fastest possible download speed, thanks to its advanced multi-thread technology.
  • Comes with a built-in video search function.
  • Can even download 3D and 360 ° videos from YouTube effortlessly.

Try it for Free

A. How to Download YouTube Videos to iPhone Camera Roll?

Step 1 Locate the YouTube Video.

Browse and navigate to locate the exact video you wish to download, then copy the URL. Then, launch Video Keeper and Enter the URL or click the search icon, after which the software will begin to analyze the link.

Step 2 Preview the video and Download.

After a while, the video will become accessible to download. Video Keeper provides an integrated player that allows you to view the video prior to downloading to ensure it's the correct video you want. Simply click to open the MP4 icon to initiate the download process. Click More to choose the resolution and format you like. After that, select Download to save the file. Here, you can also download videos in MP3 files if you want to. Click Change Location to alter the location where you save your downloaded files.

B. Transfer it to your iPhone Camera Roll using iTunes File Sharing

After downloading YouTube videos on your computer, the following is the procedure for transferring videos from the computer to iPhone using iTunes.

User Guide:

  1. Connect the iPhone to your computer or laptop via a USB cable and open iTunes.
  2. Unlock your device, and trust the computer.
  3. Click the device icon and select "File Sharing."
  4. Select the application you wish to transfer the videos to.
  5. Select "Add File" to add the videos to the application.
  6. Wait for the items to be copied onto your device.
  7. When it has been completed, head to your iOS device and launch the selected app.
  8. Click on the download icon "iTunes" > "Import [number] Files," and you can transfer the videos from your PC onto your iPhone efficiently.

In Conclusion

Now, you know several methods exist for saving YouTube videos to camera roll? Select a method that suits your preference and requirements best. We recommend using AceThinker Video Keeper, which is one of the best YouTube to mp4 converter use to bulk save videos from your computer onto your iPhone in just a few minutes.

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