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Reviews of the Best 10 JDownloader Alternatives

JDownloader review JDownloader is a free and open-source video downloader tool with a large community of developers that helps to improve this tool. You can download multiple videos with one-click. Also, you can pause, stop, and resume whenever you like. Besides, you can adjust the limitations of the bandwidth to make your download progress faster or slower. However, JDownloader has an outdated interface, which users are not satisfied with. Also, JDownloader might report viruses when downloading a video, which can harm your computer. That is why we have searched and listed the best and safe JDownloader alternatives that you can use nowadays. Keep on reading below to see all of them.

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AceThinker Video Keeper

video keeper interfaceAceThinker Video Keeper can be considered to be the best JDownloader alternative. It is also a software that allows you to save several videos within a few clicks. Aside from that, it even lets you download the videos included in a YouTube playlist within a few clicks. Additionally, it shows an intuitive interface as its UI controls are properly labeled. Meanwhile, it is also equipped with a built-in web browser that can be used to search and download a video if you prefer not to open an external one. Moreover, Video Keeper ensures that it saves the video in the highest quality for up to 4K resolution.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

  • Ensures 3x fast downloading speed since it focuses all of your network's bandwidth to the process.
  • You can search videos with related keywords.

  • You can download only 3 videos a day in its trial version.

Internet Download Manager

internet manager interfaceInternet Download Manager has been regarded as a fast download manager that empowers users to facilitate built-in accelerators for downloading videos over the internet. Despite the essential download function, which covers just any files on the web, it also goes advanced by providing a task manager, a download scheduler, and more. However, since the coverage includes videos, doc, audios, and many more, it's not specialized in downloading videos, and therefore, some functions seem redundant. The interface is also a bit sophisticated for novice users. Still, it works fast on downloading files from the web, which is not available in every similar downloader tool.


  • The tool claims to accelerate the download speed for up to 5x faster.
  • It can resume broken downloads due to lost internet connection.

  • Beginners might get confused on the main interface of the tool since it has too many buttons to choose from.

Orbit Downloader

orbit downloader interfaceThis software, like JDownloader, claims to be the pioneer of the download manager revolution. With years of development, this freeware is devoted to downloading video/music streams from mainstream media sites. You could easily find its official page via Google and access it. Moreover, it provides more than one option to download videos - you could either download a clip when streaming it on the browser or input the URL into the program interface to fetch it. Though the interface is a bit obsolete, which does not sound appealing, it does work well on the Windows platform. Orbit downloader now supports IE, FireFox, Opera, and Maxthon browsers.


  • Offers a lightweight interface that will only take 64MB of your local storage space.
  • Users can use all of its essential functions for free and without any limit.

  • Does not support Google Chrome which is one of the most popular browsers nowadays.


downloadthemall interface Though it looks like another file download manager, it performs in a way that's different from the other tools being reviewed here. It works as downloading all images and videos on a specific page. As this tool will return all downloadable media files in a list to you, you may need to select the specific video clip from it and uncheck the rest. Though it's a bit roundabout, you will find it surprisingly beneficial when downloading several images on a page (e.g., wallpaper site, etc.). Although it’s not a pure download manager, DownloadThemAll deals with most of the video clips you can stream on browser and can add them to download efficiently.


  • Features a user-friendly interface even beginners will not have any problem familiarizing its functions.
  • Also offers a browser extension that can be saved directly on Firefox for quicker access.

  • The software is only available for Firefox browser.


uget interfaceThe next desktop download manager on list is uGet. This is a more advanced internet download manager because it works on all major operating systems, Linux included. The tool also automatically adjusts its interface and appearance depending on the operating system. The tool is open-sourced, which means the download is free, and it can be modified to suit the user's preference. The tool offers easy download management because it is easy to understand the main interface, and the buttons are large enough to be remembered. The tool itself is visually appealing compared to other download managers, which ensures that it doesn't fall behind performance-wise.


  • It is an open-source download manager that works on Windows, Android, and BSD devices.
  • It can download multiple files at the same time.

  • The installation process might be complicated for beginners since they will need to extract it on a .ZIP file.

Ninja Download Manager

ninja downloader interfaceOne of the best apps like JDownloader is the Ninja Download Manager. It has a very straightforward interface wherein you only need to search the downloads to increase the speed. That being said, it claims that the tool can accelerate the download speed by up to 20x. This is possible since it can use several networks simultaneously. Additionally, it lets you pause and resume the download process anytime you want. Another is that you can add a file in your download later list that you can continue anytime.


  • Ninja Download Manager lets you do schedule downloading.
  • It lets you preview the video before completely saving it on your storage.

  • There are lots of complaints that it cannot modify the download output location properly

Xtreme Download Manager (XDM)

xdm interfaceAnother software like JDownloader is Xtreme Download Manager. This one can detect any files or video that are available to download from a web browser. It supports all famous browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and others. Additionally, it lets you download 5x faster compared without using this accelerator. Moreover, it supports saving videos from popular streaming sites such as YouTube, MySpace, and more. It can even download a YouTube playlist by simply copying the playlist's URL.


  • XDM can increase the volume of the audio downloaded.
  • You can modify the download speed depending on your internet connection.

  • Its accelerated download speed is slower compared to other tools.

Progressive Downloader

progressive downloader interfaceProgressive Downloader is a JDownloader alternative Mac. However, you can also use its browser version and install it as an extension on your Safari, Chrome, and Firefox browser. Progressive Downloader searches for the quickest server as soon as possible to download the file quickly. It also ensures that it utilizes all of your internet connection's bandwidth and focuses it on the downloading process. Finally, you can install it on Mac computers with OS X 10.10 version or above


  • The app is integrated directly to your Finder so it can access files there.
  • It can schedule a download process.

  • Only available for Mac computers.

Free Rapid Downloader

free rapid downloader interfaceFree Rapid Downloader claims that it is one of the best programs like JDownloader. With the help of its fast download acceleration speed, it can finish multiple download processes simultaneously. It supported saving streaming videos and uploaded pictures from a website also. Additionally, it can automatically detect a file on a browser and suggest it be added to its download list. Moreover, it boasts that it supports downloading from over 730 video streaming websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and more.


  • You only have to copy and paste the video URL to download it using the tool.
  • All of its services are available for free.

  • It only runs on Windows computers.


eagleget interfaceThe last software that is similar to JDownloader on this list is EagleGet. It is an all-in-one video downloader that lets you speed up the download process for up to 6x. Thanks to its multi-thread technology, it fastens the speed by downloading the files separately. Moreover, it supports downloading from several browsers like Opera, Chrome, and Firefox. Another good thing about the program is its tight security process. The program has a built-in anti-malware function that checks and scans the file before being downloaded.


  • EagleGet automatically resumes any interrupted downloads.
  • It lets you customize the user interface according to your preference.

  • There are too many extra files that are being installed by default when you downloaded the tool.


In summary, to find a better alternative to replace JDownloader, we have evaluated several useful tools that have ongoing updates and unique features. Every app has a free trial or can be used for free permanently. However, as you can see from the article, most of these tools have different ways of doing the downloading, and also, their ease of use differs; therefore, you shall decide on which you need the most. In any way, the mentioned AceThinker tool would bring you great you, and we warmly recommend you to have an eye on it as a suitable alternative. If any other great option to JDownloader is not mentioned here and you happen to know it, please share your idea by leaving a comment. Thank you!

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