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Top 5 Free Online Webcam Recorder

webcam recorder feature imageA webcam is a video camera device that feeds and streams video or images in real-time or through a computer or computer network. This type of device is usually used during video chat sessions, virtual conferences and meetings, and even online classes. Nowadays, as the world is forced to rely on video chat software and applications due to pandemic, webcam devices are relevant and essential in our daily activities. However, since we are working, studying, chatting at our home. Distractions and interruptions are always lurking to divert our focus on different things. Thus, this article exists to provide and present the top 5 online webcam recorders you can try.

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Top 5 Best Online Webcam Video Recorders

1. AceThinker Free Screen Online Recorder

AceThinker Free Screen Online Recorder, as it says in its product name, this web-based tool is a free online webcam recorder. It can capture gameplay videos, tutorial videos, and online conferences using a webcam device. As well as this, this software can also record audio inputs. This tool can also record the entire screen, customized recording area, and various capture modes. Due to its flexibility and versatility, this online webcam recorder can save various video formats, including AVI, MP4, MOV, etc. Additionally, the output video can directly be uploaded on different video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Best for: This tool is perfect for capturing online gameplay videos and video calls due to its high frame rate and smooth recording features.

Supported Platform: Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer

Key Features:

  • It has annotation features like attaching shapes, arrows, and texts.
  • It can record with infinite or limitless duration.
  • It can record webcam videos up to 50fps.
  • It can enable and disable the toolbar while recording.

fosr interface


This tool, VEED, is one of the ideal webcam capture online tools over the internet. Due to its comprehensive navigation, new users of this web-based tool can easily navigate and control this tool. Additionally, it can record video on the different layout or capturing options like using a webcam, entire screen, and system audio-only. Furthermore, it has no limit to the number of videos that users can capture however it is only limited to 10 minutes duration per recording. Moreover, it has editing tools that users can operate after recording their webcam videos. Its editing tools have subtitles, cut between scenes, create an overlay, etc.

Best for: It is ideal for interview videos, sales videos, pitches, and any video with a limited duration of around 10 mins.

Supported Platform: macOS and Windows and Web browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer)

Key Features:

  • It can enable and disable countdown.
  • It can do webcam mirroring.
  • It is free to use.

webcam recorder veed interface

3. Fotofriend

Fotofriend is a record cam online tool that has great effects and offers a good quality recording experience. This web-based tool has a built-in video booth option that enables users to capture and record videos using a webcam without installing any software. Its effects consist of 55 special filters that allow users to exploit and have fun while recording their webcam video. Aside from that, it also has built-in editing tools that users can input stickers, texts, and even doodles on your recorded webcam videos. Additionally, it is free to use, and users do not need to create an account to access its fun features.

Best for: It is perfect for making movie clips, video demos, and small clips that can be uploaded on a different sharing video platform like YouTube.

Supported Platform: macOS and PC and Web browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer)

Key Features:

  • It can be easily controlled by using shortcut keys.
  • It lets users interact with each other by providing a comment box on each output photo and videos.

webcam recorder fotofriend interface

4. Video Recorder

Video Recorder is an online webcam video recorder that can take video and pictures using a webcam device or even the entire screen. It is flexible and handy due to its valuable features. One of its features is that it allows users to optimize recording parameters such as quality options, switch on mirror mode, record full screen, etc. Additionally, it can also adjust the volume and decrease the echo effect of the recordings. Furthermore, while recording, users can input annotations that can help users emphasize a specific object or area. Moreover, to record this video, users only need a computer, a browser, and stable internet to create good quality webcam recorded video.

Best for: It is perfect for recording demo videos and tutorials with its intuitive navigation and features.

Supported Platform: Web browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer)

Key Features:

  • It is secure and will not disclose nor transmit any data on third-party sites/software.
  • Recording using this tool will not cost users any dime.
  • It has a built-in video editor for polishing video output.

webcam recorder video recorder interface

5. Webcam Test

Webcam Test is an online tool that enables users to record cam online. This tool is a well-known and widely used webcam recorder to most video editors and demo creators due to its wide range of effects. Additionally, it can also capture sounds and voice lines using a microphone for audio input. Moreover, users can do manual specifications of the bitrate for video and audio recording. Furthermore, it has various file formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, etc., and codecs of recordings. Also, users can modify and change their webcam megapixels, webcam resolution, and aspect ratio.

Best for: This tool is perfect for those who have further knowledge of technical information to create webcam recorded videos.

Supported Platform: Web browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer)

Key Features:

  • It provides users with different information such as brightness, hue saturation while recording videos.
  • It has an FPS checker
  • Users can also utilize its webcam mirror.

webcam recorder webcam test interface

Comparison Chart of these Online Webcam Recorders

Online Tool AceThinker Free Screen Online Recorder VEED Fotofriend
Concerns and Limitations It is not currently available on mobile browsers. Limited to 10 minutes per recording. An abundance of ads on its interface.
Price Free to use. $12/month Free to use.
Online Tool Video Recorder Webcam Test
Concerns and Limitations An abundance of ads while accessing its features. Too technical, not perfect for newbies.
Price Free to use. Free to use.
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Last updated on July 19, 2021

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