Online Telegram Downloader

  • 480p Telegram to 480P MP4
  • speedDownload videos from Telegram link one by one
  • download videoReliable performance to save videos from Telegram
  • supported websites Support 150+ online video sites

Pro Telegram Downloader

  • hd videoHD Telegram to MP4
  • fastDownload video from Telegram in batches
  • download in batch6 times better speed to save video from Telegram
  • more than 1000 websitesDownload from 1000+ trending sites

How to Download Videos from Telegram for Free

Now you can effortlessly download Telegram videos in Just 3 simple steps!

Step 1

Play the Telegram video, click share, and copy the link. Then paste that link in the downloader pasting space.

Step 1

Step 2

Click the Download button and it will show multiple downloading formats and resolutions after the video has been fetched.

Step 2

Step 3

Choose the desired format and resolution from the available options and click Download to save the Telegram video.

Step 3

Check the Best Free Telegram Video Downloader

Instant Telegram to MP4 Conversion

You can save the Telegram video with our online Telegram downloader without having to wait at all. The online tool is backed with high-performance hardware that always keeps performance high under any load. Moreover, there are no problems like waiting times or queues you must go through before your download starts.

Just select your desired Telegram video, initiate the download, and experience instant and efficient completion. The process's speed depends on your internet connection, but rest assured, you won't encounter any frustrating delays throughout.

Unlimited Telegram Video Download

One of the best things about our online Telegram downloader is unlimited downloads. You can download as many videos from Telegram to MP4 on your offline storage. There are no daily or monthly restrictions. It is because it is a free tool that works online, not a free trial version. So, everyone can visit and download as many videos as they want.

With the option of unlimited download of Telegram videos from the link, you will never need to use any other complex method that involves Telegram bots or anything else. Simply copy the link and paste it into our tool. Leave the rest of the work to us, and your video will instantly be available in your offline storage.

Download Telegram Video Anywhere

There are no critical requirements that you must meet to use the downloader. This tool has no requirements apart from having an internet connection and a browser with downloading functionality. You can use this tool on any device regardless of your position and technical specifications if you meet these two requirements.

So, whether you are at home, in your office, or traveling somewhere and want to download a Telegram video, it will be an effortless process since it downloads instantly without losing any video quality or creating any other hassle for you.

More Useful Telegram Video Downloader Features

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

The user interface of this tool is very well designed. With intuitive display elements and their smart placement, usage becomes very easy. Beginners have no issue using this online tool.

All Platforms
Supports All Platforms

Whether you are on a Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, or any other OS, it will work fine. Moreover, besides Telegram, you can also download videos from other popular video platforms.

No Installation
No Installation Needed

You don’t need to install anything on your device to use the online Telegram downloader. It works on a browser and only needs an internet connection. Nothing else is required for the tool to work.

Privacy is Valued the Most

Your privacy is valued in every possible way here. You can start without any account to keep your identity private and there is no need to provide payment information, so your security is also improved.

Supports More Than 1000 Websites

Pro Telegram Video Downloader - Download HD Telegram Videos

pro desktop version

Effortlessly Save Telegram to MP4 & MP3

The Pro Telegram Video Downloader is the single answer to all your questions about downloading videos from Telegram links. It is an offline software that works on your computer and provides a top-notch video extracting and downloading experience. You can download up to 1080p resolution with it, and the software maintains video quality when you download, so there is no quality loss.

It is also a good choice as your media player, Telegram download tracker, and organizer, and most importantly, you can convert Telegram videos directly to MP3 before downloading. It helps when you only want to extract audio from a video clip.

FAQs about Downloading Telegram Videos

On what devices does the Telegram video downloader work?

It works on every device that has an internet connection and a browser. There are no system or OS requirements for this tool to work.

Is it safe to use Telegram as an MP4 downloader?

Yes, it is a very safe tool since your privacy and safety are never compromised. You never need to disclose your personal ID or payment details with the downloader.

How to use an online Telegram video downloader?

Open the downloader on a browser, paste the Telegram video link, and convert it. Now select desired format and resolution and start your download. The video will be shortly available in your offline storage.

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