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Best Sites for Free MP4 Movies Download

free mp4 movies download featureMovies are there to entertain us, especially in this pandemic where you cannot leave the house and watch a movie in a theater. Despite this pandemic, movie makers always make sure that you are entertained even if you are just in your house or working in the house. But you need to have the best and free MP4 movies download site for you to enjoy while having your popcorn in bed with your family. However, the net is so broad that you do not know the best site to download a movie on your device. So today, we got you covered with our best ten sites where you can download movies and a fantastic tool to download them easier.

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Top 10 Free MP4 Movie Download Sites

1. My Download Tube

Supported Formats: MP4

First on our list is the My Download Tube, letting you watch and download the latest movies in high quality. This website has a lot of movies to offer for free. There is no need to register or log in to any of your accounts; you can start watching movies as you access the site. This is one of the popular sites that have free mp4 movies for all. It is legal to watch movies with this kind of site on the net, just like the other movie sites below.

free mp4 movies download tube

2. Download Free Full Movies

Supported Formats: MP4

Another top movie download sites that you can have on any of your browsers is Download Free Full Movies. This site will let you search for your movie to watch; its interface may be looking complicated, but it is worth having when you want to watch movies anytime. You can watch the movie online, or you can also download it on your device. This site has a collection of different types of movies, TV series, and movie trailers.

free mp4 movies download free full movies

3. The Private Bay

Supported Formats: MP4

Although this movie site has a simple interface, it has a great search engine that will help you find any of the movies included in your movie lists. You have to input a keyword, and a queue of related videos will be shown, including full movies, music videos, TV shows, and audio music. Their movies are produced in high quality so that you can enjoy the movie alone or with your loved ones even if you are in your house.

free mp4 movies download the private bay

4. Worldfree4u

Supported Formats: MP4

The fourth of the top movie download sites is the Worldfree4u that offers incredible movie collections from Bollywood movies to Hollywood movies and many more that you can watch. This movie site also offers Hindi TV shows. When it comes to the downloading process, you can choose between downloading the movie directly on their site or using the download links and another tool to download it on your device.

free mp4 movies download worldfree4u

5. The Internet Archive

Supported Formats: You have then downloaded using another tool with your preferred type of format.

This site is more on the educational side, where you can find books and movies about history. With the Internet Archive, you can watch any movie with different topics and subjects. It also has a feature where you can share your thought or review about the movie you have watched on their site. This site has many old video clips and movies to offer, so if you are looking for old and classic movies, The Interner Archive is the perfect site you can look for.

free mp4 movies download the internet archive

6. YouTube

Supported Formats: It will let you have a folder for downloaded movies within the YouTube site itself.

YouTube offers popular movies that you can buy or rent. Indeed those movies are hits and popular internationally. You can watch a lot of movies on YouTube. YouTube is functional in many ways. You can upload videos, create your channel, and make money if you have reached many people regularly watching your videos. You can make and upload any video, including vlogs, tutorials or song covers, and many more.

free mp4 movies download youtube

7. Ant Movies

Supported Formats: It will let you watch a movie via another tool.

If you want smooth streaming of movies, you have to go to the following movie site, the Ant Movies that have mp4 movies free download they have movies in high definition and even TV series from international channels. Ant Movies' movies aren't initially from them, but they are only hosting websites links from other platforms to provide you the service efficiently.

free mp4 movies download antmovies

8. Top Documentary Films

Supported Formats: You can freely access their films but doesn’t have download button.

This site has mp4 movies free download with their 20+ categories of movies to watch; you can enjoy your rest days with their movies. Like the site itself, it has documentary films that you can refer to, especially if you are a student. You can learn a lot since it is designed as compilations of documentary films from the last scene and iconic moments from history. As a collection of documentary films, you must expect that this site is broad with fantastic visual effects and expressions.

free mp4 movies download topdocumentaryfilm


Supported Formats: The movies are also uploaded to YouTube so you can freely choose a format when you download it.

Also, one of the free mp4 movie download sites is the Movies Found Online, with the name itself talks about movies to stream or watch online. Their available films have English subtitles so that you can fully understand and enjoy the movie as expected. It provides quality and good service for their specialized function, which is to give you a movie streaming platform with a good movie.

free mp4 movies download moviesfoundonline

10. Netflix

Supported Formats: Netflix has a room for the movies you want to download you can access them also on Netflix only.

As we all know, Netflix offers a broad type of award-winning movies, documentaries, TV shows, and many more of the different types and categories of videos. Since Netflix is the world’s leading streaming entertainment in over 190 countries, Netflix is the trend for movies and series. Netflix has over 150 million subscribers worldwide. With this kind of demand from the public, Netflix always makes sure that it also make sure that their movies are of ultra-high definition quality.

free mp4 movies download netflix

How to Download MP4 Movies in HD Quality

AceThinker Video Keeper

Supported Formats: WMV, AVI, FLV, MP4, MOV, MKV, VOB, MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, OGG, etc.
Price: $39.95 Personal Lifetime

AceThinker Video Keeper is one of the most noticeable video downloaders that will help you how to download MP4 movies from the wide range of sources that Video Keepers offer. This tool is functional because you can use it for video and audio downloading and conversion, and audio recording. Video Keeper also offers a feature where the tool will detect the video automatically by inputting the movie site in the tool's main interface. Then, the tool will download the movie, and then you can finally stream it offline. We prepared detailed steps to guide you to download free mp4 movies or other vidoes like BBC videos.

Step 1 Install AceThinker Video Keeper

You can simply use the download button below to install the AceThinker Video Keeper on your device. It is available both for Windows and Mac users. With the paid version, you have the chance to download movies like cartoons for children without limitations.

Try it for Free.

Step 2 Download Movies

To start the downloading, you can easily copy the video link and paste it to the input bar. After that, it will direct you to the download button. But you have to choose first your preferred size, quality, and format. To finally download the movie, you have to click the “Download” button.

vk paste url

Step 3 Play Movie

When the movie is finished, you can check it out in the “Completed” tab on the left side of the Video Keeper interface. Right-click on the movie, then click “Play Video” to watch it.

vk step3 completed tab 1

Comparison Chart

Features Ads Movie Genres Subscription
My Download Tube Yes Romance, Drama, Action, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Animation, Musical Free
Download Free Full Movies Yes Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Bollywood, Crime, Drama and more. Free
The Private Bay None All types of movie genres. Free
Worldfree4u Yes Action, Drama, Romance, Fantasy and many more. Free
The Internet Archive None History, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy and more. Free
Features Ads Movie Genres Subscription
YouTube None All types of movie genres. $11.99 monthly
Ant Movies None All types of movie genres. Free
Top Documentary Films Yes History, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy and more. Free Yes Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Bollywood, Crime, Drama and more. Free
Netflix None All types of movie genres. $10.76 monthly
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Last updated on October 22, 2021

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