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PDF documents have become an essential feature of our professional and personal lives. They offer a secure and reliable way to share and store information. However, we often need to add further information or comments to the PDF. This is where adding text boxes comes into play. Text boxes in PDFs allow us to insert text, comments and even forms in a specific location within the document. The significance of adding text boxes to PDF documents cannot be overstated. They offer an organized and visually appealing way to add information to the document, making it easier to read and understand. So, let us explore different methods to add text box to PDF files in this guide. Whether you are a student, a professional, or someone who frequently works with PDFs, this guide will help you learn how to add text boxes to PDFs using different tools and techniques. So, let's get started and discover how to enhance the functionality of your PDF documents by adding text boxes to them.

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How to Add Text Box to PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader

When it comes to the process of how to add text boxes to PDF, Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the most widely used programs. Its robust feature set makes it a viable choice for editing and annotating PDF documents. It offers an intuitive tool for adding text boxes to PDF files that can be done with ease. This tool allows users to insert text boxes in a specific location. It gives them the ability to provide additional information or comments directly on the PDF document. Additionally, it also offers the option to customize the appearance of the text box, such as font size, color, and alignment. This valuable feature makes Adobe PDF reader a popular choice for adding text boxes to PDF documents. Adding a text box to a PDF file using this program is a straightforward process. By following these three easy steps on how to add text box to PDF, you can easily add new text to your PDF files and customize it according to your preferences.

Step 1 Import the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader

To insert a text box to your PDF document, you must first open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Simply launch Adobe Acrobat Reader and select the "File" menu. From the dropdown menu, click "Open" and browse for the PDF file you want to edit. Once you've located the file, click "Open" to open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

import the pdf file in adobe acrobat reader

Step 2 Select the Add Text Box Tool

Once the PDF file is open, click on the "Tools" menu on the screen's right side. Select the "Add Text Box" tool from the list of available tools. This tool is represented by the text box icon with an "A" inside it to add text field to PDF.

select the add text box tool

Step 3 Create and Customize the Text Box

After selecting the "Add Text Box" tool, tick and drag the mouse pointer to create a text box where you want to add new text. Then, type in the text and customize the font, size, and color by selecting the options from the formatting toolbar at the top of the tools interface.

create and customize the text box tool

Best Way to Insert Text Box in PDF for Windows and Mac

If you need to edit and add editable text box to PDF, we recommend using AcePDF on Windows or Mac.This reliable software offers full PDF editing capabilities than other programs. With its "Add text" option, you can easily insert a text box on your preferred page and add the necessary information. Additionally, you can replace existing text by using the "Replace" feature and adding a new text box to replace it. The text box can contain a single word or an entire paragraph, and you can use the annotation feature to highlight text or add comments to the document. You can also format the text within the text box with underline, bold, or italic formatting for emphasis. Besides adding text boxes, AcePDF can help you to add background to PDF, images, hyperlinks, and even merge multiple PDF files into one. For more information on how to insert text boxes in PDF files with ease, refer to the detailed guide below.

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Step 1 Launch the Software on your Available OS

Download the appropriate installer for your computer. Choose either the Windows or Mac version of the program and run it until the wizard prompt appears. Follow the on-screen commands to save AcePDF on your device. Once completed, open the software and familiarize yourself with its features.

acepdf main interface

Step 2 Import the PDF file to the Add Text Box

Now, access your PDF document with AcePDF by selecting the "Open" icon on the tool's left-hand panel. The software will launch your file menu, allowing you to choose your desired PDF file and add it to the editor. Alternatively, you can easily import your PDF document by dragging and dropping it into the middle interface of the tool.

acepdf read mode options

Step 3 Insert Text Box in the PDF File

Go to the "Home" tab at the top of the tools interface and click on the "Add Text" button in the toolbar. This will enable the textbox insertion mode. Within this more, click anywhere on thee to insert a text box and start typing. Otherwise, you can paste previously copied text by right-clicking inside the text box and selecting "Paste."

add text box

Step 4 Apply Formatting and Annotations

Once you have inserted the text box, you can edit the text to your liking. You can modify the text from the popup formatting option window or use the built-in toolbar options. Choose either underline, bold, or italic formatting for emphasis. You can also apply different font styles and sizes to the text. Finalize all your desired changes and ensure that the text box in the PDF file looks exactly how you want it to appear.

apply formatting and annotations

Step 5 Save the Added Text Box in the PDF File

Lastly, save your added text box in the PDF file by clicking the "Save" button. Move to the "File" tab in the top menu, then select "Save" or "Save As" to save the edited PDF file with the text box included. You can use the software again if you have to add additional text boxes or information to your PDF document.

save the added text box in the pdf file

Add Text Box in PDF with Popular PDF Editor Online

Online PDF Editors are widely available and offer a convenient alternative for adding text boxes to your PDF file. With the availability of online PDF editors, you can edit your PDFs without the need to download any software. This can be your go-to option if you prefer the free and basic editing features of a PDF document. So, continue reading below to discover the popular PDF editor you may use.

1. SmallPDF

One popular online PDF editor that allows you to add text boxes to your PDF files easily is SmallPDF. This tool is a web-based program that can make changes to your PDF documents. Its user-friendly interface enables users to navigate the editing process, including adding text boxes. Smallpdf is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can quickly add text to your PDF by importing it from your Google Drive or Dropbox. This application also allows you to merge, split, and convert files into PDF format with its drag-and-drop feature. Additionally, it supports various file formats to export your PDF, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. However, it is important to note that SmallPDF does not allow you to change or format the existing text in your PDF file. You can only add more text to the pre-existing file.

  • Visit SmallPDF's website and choose the "Edit PDF" option from the menu. Then, hit the "Choose File" button to upload your PDF document. You can also drop the PDF file directly into the designated area or import the file from your Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Once your PDF document is uploaded, you scroll through the document and find the areas where you want to add a text box. Select the "Add text box" option from the above toolbar. Then, move your cursor over the desired area and click to start typing in the text box.
  • After typing your text, the tool will let you place the text box in your preferred position within the PDF. You can also modify the text appearance and add underlining, bold, or italics using the formatting options provided. Once done, hit the "Export" button to keep your edited PDF document.

smallpdf interface

2. PDF Escape

Another popular online PDF editor on how to add a fillable text box in PDF is PDFescape. The tool offers a free online PDF editing platform that can be accessed from any web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and more. It provides the ability to upload and edit PDF files without popup ads. One of its noteworthy features is the ability to add text box annotation and form filling to PDF documents. The tool also allows users to underline or highlight text within the PDF, as well as draw shapes, add bookmarks to PDF for free . There is also an option to add password protection to PDF files for added security. Additionally, this cloud-based PDF editor supports online sharing of PDF documents, allowing for easy collaboration and sharing with others. Also, its free version has the view PDF file feature, enabling you to view and navigate through the PDF without making any edits or additions.

  • Go to PDFescape's website and select the "Upload PDF to PDFescape" option. From the "Upload File" section, drop the PDF file you want from your computer or tick the "Choose file" option to add your PDF document. The process of uploading may be completed in a few seconds, based on the PDF size.
  • After uploading your PDF document, go to the "Insert" tab and select the "Text" option. Next, point your cursor to the area where you need to add the text box and click to create a text box. Make sure to place your text box in your preferred position, as it cannot be moved once created.
  • Repeat the process for adding additional text boxes as needed to complete your edit on your PDF document. Then, click the "Download" button at the screen's bottom left corner to download your edited document offline. Check your file on your local device from the "Download" folder to ensure that the text boxes have been successfully added.

pdfescape interface

3. Sejda

Sejda is a renowned online PDF editor offering its users various features. One of its most valuable features is the ability to add a text box to PDF files. Sejda's text box feature allows users to easily and efficiently add text to PDF documents. This feature is particularly useful for those who need to add additional information or annotations to their PDF files. Along with this feature, Sejda provides other useful functions such as merging, splitting, compressing, and converting PDF files. What makes Sejda stand out from other online PDF editors is its user-friendly interface that makes editing PDF files a breeze. Additionally, Adding a text box in a PDF document using Sejda is a simple process that involves uploading the document, selecting the text box tool, and adding the box to the desired location. This can be useful for adding annotations or highlighting important information in the document. With Sejda, you can also customize the font, color, and size of the text box to match your preferences.

  • First, you need to open Sejda on your web browser. Then, upload the PDF document where you want to add the text box. You can directly drag-and-drop the PDF file into the Sejda workspace or click the "Upload PDF files" button to import the PDF document from your device.
  • After uploading the PDF document, click the "Add Text" button in the top menu bar. This will open a dropdown menu where you must select the "Text Box" option. You can also use the "T" icon in the toolbar to select the Text Box tool to start on how to add a text box to PDF.
  • Now, click on the location in the PDF document where you want to add the text box. A text box will appear where you want to enter the desired text. You can also resize and place the text box to your desired location. Once you are done, save the PDF document by clicking the "Save" button in the top menu bar.

sejda interface


To sum up, adding text boxes to PDFs will surely enhance the functionality and usability of your PDF documents. By enabling users to add comments, annotations, and other important information, text boxes can make it easier to collaborate and share information with others. Whether you are using PDFs for business, education, or personal use, incorporating text boxes can help you streamline your workflow and make your documents more effective. Additionally, it can help to make your files more accessible and user-friendly for those who may be viewing them. This not only saves time but also improves the overall quality of the document by ensuring that all information is clear and concise. So, if you haven't already started using text boxes in your PDF workflow and want to learn more on how to replace text in PDF, read more here.

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