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Best Ways to Download Jamendo Music to MP3

jamendo music downloader The word “Jamendo” is derived from a fusion of two musical terms “jam” and “crescendo,” which means it is all about music. Jamendo Music is an open online community of music enthusiasts and independent artists. An economic model gives free music download and streaming for netizens. At the same time, artists sell commercial licenses of their music for commercial use. However, first, you need to avail of its premium account before you download music from the said website. That is why we wrote this article to unravel the best methods to download music from Jamendo quickly. Please continue reading below.

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How to Download Free Music with Jamendo

To download music from Jamendo, you need to visit the official Jamendo website and search for your favorite music. Then, to start downloading, you need to create a Facebook account or other account and sign it in and select the favorite song from the top 100 tracks of the week. Lastly, you will see two options to download. The first option is a download button for personal use, and the second option is to download music from Jamendo with a license purchase.


Best Way to Record Jamendo Music to MP3

To record Jamendo music and save it to an MP3 file, AceThinker Music Recorder can help you with that task. It is a reliable audio recorder that can capture any sound from your computer in lossless quality. It also allows you to choose its default format to MP3, WMA, M4A, and AAC. Besides, you can also use an external mic whenever you need to record your voice for projects or product demo. To understand how to use this tool, you can follow the simple steps below.

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Step 1 Hit the download button

You can find the “Download” buttons of this tool above for Windows or Mac computers. Just click one of them, run it, and completely follow the steps for installing it. For starters, open the app and click the “System sound” to make it your default audio recording mode.

record jamendo mr record mode

Step 2 Begin recording Jamendo music

Now, let’s start recording Jamendo music. Play any song from Jamendo, and click the “REC” button from Music Recorder to start recording it. From the floating toolbar, you can adjust the volume of the recording or pause it. Just in case you want to include your voice while singing, you can easily plug your microphone to your computer, and the tool will automatically detect it.

record jamendo mr start recording

Step 3 Stop button once done

When the music ends, you can also complete the recording process by clicking the “Stop” button at the leftmost part of the recording toolbar. It will automatically open a playback window for you to listen to the recorded video.

record jamendo mr complete recording


Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium is the best tool to record audio and download music from Jamendo. Original quality sound with desired significant formats like MP3. With Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium, you don't have to worry about your Jamendo music downloader. If you have suggestions, please comment below.

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