12 Ideal Royalty Free Music Websites with no Copyright

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feature best royalty free music sites Do you love listening to royalty-free music? If so, you'll love the Royalty Free Music Download site we've put together for you. Royalty-free music is available on the most popular websites on the internet. Millions of users every month look at and visit music sites for personal and business purposes. They provide a huge selection of music that is available for free, making them an excellent resource for composers and musicians. It could be difficult to select the best website for your particular needs, given the variety of competitors. For this reason, we have created this list of the top 12 best Royalty free music sites on the web. Each one offers a unique collection of music that will be useful to a wide variety of users. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Top 12 Free Sites to Download Royalty Music with no Copyright


Verdict: It is the best website for discovering amazing background music, suitable for vlog material and sound excursions.

Price: Its initial subscription package costs $8 per month.

SoundCloud is the top music streaming service for keeping up with new artists. SoundCloud, one of the most well-known music streaming services online. It offers a wide variety of original works and exciting music. Users from around the world who want to contribute their own audio files and songs for you to listen to for free are welcome. Users can post, stream, share, and advertise music. Additionally, it can share podcasts on this online audio streaming and distribution platform. It is a user-friendly music application that works on PCs, iOS, and Android devices. It is one of the best sources for Royalty free music websites as it contains a ton of songs by both well-known and new artists. The tool's free basic version is available to use, or you can pay a monthly membership fee to access all of its advanced features.


  • It has an affordable monthly subscription plan
  • This site enables users to listen to free songs without ads

  • It is deficient in new and original musical discoveries


Verdict: Making your own playlist is the simplest way to store favorite songs and listen to music nonstop.

Price: Its base monthly price plan is $9.99.

If there were an award for the best copyright free music sites, Soundstripe would grab the title. However, the website is more than simply a clever name. Compared to some of the other websites we've previously discussed, SoundStripe is intended to provide production music solutions. Still, it differs because it's a membership service rather than a place to acquire single license tracks. It is a service that offers you the legal authority to license excellent songs from their collection lawfully. SoundStripe collaborates with musicians. It record labels that control their copyrights and uphold the highest industry standards for quality control. They provide many tracks across all genres, and more are being added daily. It is appropriate for people looking for an open-source music streaming platform where they may make and distribute their songs globally. Additionally, there are no access issues, making it among the most significant websites for royalty-free music.

soundstripe user interface


  • It contains a wide variety of filtering and curated music playlist
  • The subscription fee is affordable for unlimited personal use

  • It doesn't offer a free plan


Verdict: It has a great diversity of collections of music that is ideal for a soundtrack.

Price: Get 5 tracks per month for $12.99

This music streaming service PremiumBeat offers a massive selection of new and classic records, artist interviews, live performances, and more. It is a no copyright music website and includes a music library with over 21,000 tracks, which is fantastic for folks who appreciate a vast collection. This website offers original, excellent tracks and sound effects for use in both modern and classic media projects, such as movies, television shows, apps, games, and videos. It leads the industry in high-quality royalty-free music. It has one of the most significant and most varied lists of websites where you can download music without paying royalties. They have selected over 10,000 recordings, which you may categorize by genre, mood, performers, instruments, beats per minute, and duration, with the aid of their own in-house music industry specialists.

premium beat user interface


  • It offers a vast list of music genres and moods
  • Unlimited Music Stream

  • It doesn't have free music to download


Verdict: It is ideal for searching for exclusive royalty-free music for personal purposes.

Price: The premium version for individual licenses costs $14.99 per month

On the HookSounds website, there are a huge number of tunes that are free to use for some purposes. It is one of the easy-to-use best Royalty free music websites with a straightforward interface, a huge selection of music, and a good search engine. It is suited for users who have already browsed the library using artists, tags, moods, and other criteria, making navigating easy and seamless. It features a huge selection of songs, albums, and playlists that are entirely free to use without breaching copyright or paying royalties. The advantages of using hook sounds include their reasonable prices for high-quality audio clips, the simplicity of their service, and the unlimited use of the same clip throughout the campaign. Additionally, it can produce sound effects, which is helpful for video artists who often look for quality sound effects.

hook sounds user interface


  • It provides a huge collection of music and sound effects
  • Offers free sign up

  • There is no free download music available


Verdict: It is ideal for creating a personal music playlist using its music kit feature.

Price: You have unlimited downloads for $33 per month

AudioJungle offers 3D materials, stock videos, images, and the possibility to compose unique music in addition to music and sound effects. AudioJungle is one of the most flexible sites for Royalty free music that has options for finding royalty-free content because it offers both a monthly subscription through the Envato Market and the choice to purchase individual tracks. There are about a million audio clips and music files on there. There are many choices, from vocal portions to loop tracks, from pop music to strong metal beats. Anyone looking for the best royalty-free music should check out AudioJungle. It offers a variety of freebies in addition to background music and sound effects, such as royalty-free images, video, 3D assets, and more.

audiojungle user interface


  • It has a simple and straightforward interface
  • It offers free music to download

  • It only consists of a limited music collection

6.YouTube Audio Library

Verdict: It is a perfect music library that offers helpful music filters like genre, instruments, vocals, and more.

Price: Free

YouTube Audio Library is definitely one of the most significant Royalty free music download sites for finding the top websites to download royalty-free music online. There is a ton of music available on this website that you can listen to without ever leaving. You don't have to pay fees to use the music at the library because it is free to use. This website is ideal for those who enjoy listening to trending and popular music online. The YouTube Audio Library's extensive selection of free music clips can be sorted by genre, instrument, mood, duration, and license type. Along with free music clips, the YouTube Audio Library offers a wide variety of free sound effects for your films. It is a library of free, copyright-safe production music and sound effects for video artists.

youtube audio library user interface


  • Searching for music by lyric is possible with the site
  • Offers complete categories of music tracks and sound effects

  • It doesn't offer offline music downloads


Verdict: It can use and add for daily music discovery

Price: The starting price plan starts at $29.99 monthly

Artlist is a website where you can license music and sound effects. It offers several monthly and yearly membership packages to download lossless music it offers. On the free music website Artlist, you can find a significant selection of tracks and sound effects that are available for licensing for various kinds of video productions. Through Artlist, creators of all skill levels may listen to top-notch music. They aimed to bridge the gap between expensive, top-tier licensing providers and inexpensive, low-grade music websites. Users can use various search filters to view the whole collection of music on Artlist. Additionally, they can provide personalized music recommendations based on your tastes and have curated collections of music based on themes, film or television scores, or other inspirations.

artlist user interface


  • Music licensing is very simple to access worldwide music tracks
  • It provides the functions to filter music tracks according to the instrument used

  • A subscription is required to download music


Verdict: It is perfect for finding a great collection of cinematic, acoustic, ambient, and more relaxing music.

Price: The standard license starts at $12

Another best website to download Royalty free music is Bensound. They constantly have the newest releases accessible and offer a vast selection of music. They also make it easier to find new music by promoting new musicians every week and releasing a new album every day. To find new music and artists that you might not have otherwise encountered, the playlists are a terrific way to listen to music that is similar to one another in genre. This website is excellent if you want to make websites, films, and other types of media projects or if you want some fantastic background music for your house or place of business.

bensound user interface


  • It offers free tracks to download
  • The search bar is functional to find a genre, mood, and more filters easily

  • There are only a few music collections than the other

9.Music Vine

Verdict: It is best to listening to free streaming music and download

Price: Its pro version costs $19.99 per month

Music Vine is a royalty-free music streaming site that offers its users a fantastic selection of songs and videos. The site is easy to navigate and provides a great listening experience. Their library, with over 2 500 tracks, is constantly being updated and expanded, so there is always something new to check out. It has a membership fee of $9 to $36 for a wide range of music libraries allowing users to pick a mood. Song genre, energy levels, duration, and more. This best site for copyright free music offers the feature of having an online connection and collaboration with its artists, making it unique from others. It has an artist bios and catalog that is designed throughout the site. It is perfect for users who have individual artists they follow and support with their great music.

music vine user interface


  • Offers latest and curated music tracks
  • It includes all necessary music category for making videos and films

  • Music licensing is a bit pricey

10.Purple Planet

Verdict: It is ideal for using royalty-free music since copyright remains

Price: The standard version of the tool costs $8

You can easily recognize Purple Planet royalty free music site with its purple interface design. This music streaming platform is a collection of music that was written and performed by Chris Martyn and Geoff Harvey. Twenty categories of royalty-free music are intended for commercial purposes and individual desires. Some of the files and songs offered are accessible with a small amount of charge fee. It also comes with a built-in search bar that enables users to search for the mood of the song they are looking for. It offers free download songs that automatically save with 192 kbps MP3 audio output. However, supporting this site requires a fee, and you get all your favorite music in high-quality WAVs. For all users who are looking for an accessible and convenient music site for background music, this site is recommended.

purple planet user interface


  • It offers unlimited free downloads
  • Downloading music is quick and straightforward to do

  • There are a few options to filter music tracks


Verdict: It is perfect for discovering trendy new artists and the newest music.

Price: The starting price plan starts at $29.99 monthly

As Audiomack provides limitless, free hosting for musicians, fans can discover excellent music anywhere. The music's excellent classification into Trending, Top Songs, and Top Albums make it easy to find great music. A subscription is also required to access all of the exciting music and unlimited download in high quality. It is one of the copyright-free music sites promoting original tracks for awesome music listening. With Audiomack, the hottest playlists, mixtapes, albums, and songs can be downloaded and enjoyed offline. Anyone can locate the hottest new songs, and you may follow your favorite musicians to receive updates on their new music.

audiomack user interface


  • There is better audio resolution available
  • Users and creators both enjoy free automatic playlist production

  • It only supports Apple users

12.Jamendo Music

Verdict: It is ideal for collaborating with independent song artists and making unending soundtracks.

Price: The standard license price plan starts at $99

Jamendo Music is one of the best sites for copyright-free music that helps create commercial videos. The search engine of this website makes it great for collecting music efficiently. The results commonly appear in various genres, music styles, moods, and more. It is developed to help aspiring music artists share their pieces of music online. All of the given music genres are provided on this website. It is ideally interesting to quickly find your best music choice from the Best of, Trending, and Latest list of music. The site allows online sharing of music and adding music from your personal playlist. Downloading for free is possible with an mp3 file, and high-quality output is provided after getting a license. Great music listening and unlimited music downloads are offered on the subscription version.

jamendo user interface

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are royalty-free music sites supporting free downloads?

Various Royalty free music websites offer free download music. However, even though it is called free, there are subscription requirements for royalty-free and copyright-free music. Free download music is commonly limited. You must pay a membership fee to acquire all the music you need to download.

faqs about royalty music without copyright

Is royalty-free music copyright free?

Not most royalty-free music is a copyright fee. There is a type of licensing in which music is sold at once, and it's not free. It means you have to pay for songs requiring license payment and acquire only music that is free to download and copyright free.

faqs about royalty music without copyright

Can I download unlimited music from royalty-free sites?

Yes, royalty-free music sites offer free downloads under royalty-free site subscriptions. You can download all the recent and latest songs of your choice you want. With this website, you can purchase their original music and easily make unlimited downloads.

faqs about royalty music without copyright


It is now generally accepted that Royalty free music websites can be beneficial for both musicians and listeners alike. There are numerous sites out there that offer quality music without any copyright restrictions, making it easier for artists to make some money and for people to listen to and enjoy their music without having to worry about breaking the law. With the mentioned royalty-free music sites, you can easily listen to the best music available and download them quickly if it's free or pay a license subscription. If you haven't discovered the best downloader, then you have to acquire Acethinker Aqua Tune. It is a complete-package music downloader that offers numerous features to save your fave music offline for free. You can visit this article to find out more about this reliable software.

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