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7 Best Websites to Download Anime Music Effortlessly

download anime musicAnime OST (Original Soundtracks) always have a good melody and lyrics that can play with our emotions. They also add a more intense feeling to the scene, which somehow connects us to the characters - and sometimes, we are much more emotional than them. Most of the time, I get hooked to watch Anime series based on their opening soundtracks, especially if it unconsciously makes me groove and sing along with it. It excites me just upon hearing them. And to play it anytime I want, I opt to download them and save them in my music library. With that, let me share with you the best sites to download Anime music online.

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7 Amazing Websites to Download Anime Music

1. Gendou

One best site to download Anime songs in MP3 is Gendou. This downloading site is popular with Anime lovers who are obsessed with Anime's beautiful OST. From here, you can download hundreds of your favorite tracks and save them on your device.

The good news about this tool is that this is donation-generated, which means it's free from pop-up ads. And aside from music, you can also play games here. Meanwhile, if the OST you want to download is not yet on the list, you can request it from the site's admin. One more thing, you can also share your views and opinions about Anime by joining their forum and chat. Lastly, you can upload music on your own here too.

gendou interface


  • You can download MP3 for free.
  • Direct downloading of Anime music from the site with no third-party app needed nor a converter.

  • You have to create an account first before you can start downloading Anime OST.

2. YumeOST

For Anime MP3 download sites to visit, you should not miss YumeOST. It has a variety of Anime OST - even the newly released ones that you can enjoy. Its user-friendly interface gives you the most convenient music download experience.

This website also allows you to download Anime music from famous Anime series and movies like Naruto: Shippuuden and Kimi no Na Wa and even the OSTs from ongoing Anime. You can also discuss your Anime experience in their online community. Aside from music, you can also get the lyrics of those songs on this site. Amazingly, it has a built-in player, wherein you can play music while browsing and downloading MP3s on their site.

yumeost interface


  • MP3 download is free.
  • No signing-up nor registration is needed to download Anime soundtrack.

  • It directs you to disturbing ads that are not suitable for young viewers when downloading.

3. Khinsider

If you are looking for an Anime music download site where you can download music easily, add Khinsider to your list. This site lets you browse and download over 800,000 music with no ads interrupting you. And on its homepage, you can already see the vast collection of available Anime OST that are up for grab.

Although we mostly watch Anime on-screen, there are also Anime games with remarkable OST that we also want to hear again. And if you are missing the in-game soundtrack of Super Mario, well, start reminiscing his adventures by downloading its music on this site. Not yet satisfied? You can then request Anime music you want to hear or even upload yours here personally.

khinsider interface


  • It's a free downloading site for Anime music.
  • You can download multiple Anime tracks simultaneously.

  • This site is limited to Anime games only.

4. Mp3 Anime

MP3 Anime is one of the biggest music sites for Anime OST download. It has both the opening and ending tracks of your all-time fave Anime. All you have to do is type the title of the Anime on the "search" bar that has the best soundtracks for you, download them, and in a minute, you can already listen to them offline.

Moreover, to maximize your music streaming experience well, you can randomly play music or create a playlist. But if you want to save more storage, you can directly listen to hundreds of songs available on this site. Lastly, you can suggest new songs to upload or remove the soundtrack on the site, given that you have valid reasons.

mp3 anime interface


  • Download music at zero cost.
  • You can download tracks even if you don't sign up or register an account.

  • Creating account is needed to use more of its features.

5. 8tracks

If you want to add Anime music to your playlist, then start browsing and downloading here at 8tracks. Be ready for the overwhelming list of OSTs it can offer. It is the perfect platform with an Anime playlist that is ready for download and play anytime and anywhere.

Moreso, you can play Japanese and Korean pop songs here as well. Besides, this site also contains non-Anime music from your favorite artists worldwide and genre. And with its playlist categorized by Happy Songs, Sad Songs, and Sleepy Songs, you can easily complement the vibes with your moods. Lastly, for a safe browsing experience, you can turn on its settings for that.

8tracks interface


  • You don't have to pay to download Anime OST here.

  • You have to create an account first before you can use more of its features.

6. The Hylia Anime

For a more straightforward Anime mp3 download site, The Hylia Anime is the perfect tool for you. You can access over 2,000 series with 30,000 episodes here. This website mainly focuses on introducing undiscovered gems in Anime land, which means this site is the right platform to explore more Anime.

Moreover, this downloading site is another donation-generated website, whereas you can enjoy its every corner because no advertisements are surfacing from time to time. Besides MP3, you can also grab videos of your favorite Anime here as easy as how you download its soundtracks. And to avoid false hope, you can instantly see the unavailable Anime right away on their blacklist tab.

the hylia interface


  • No payment is needed to download music from this site.

  • Anime is not well-organized and sorted.

7. Sukidesuost

Sukidesuost is one more useful site for anime soundtrack download. For sure, you can find whatever Anime music you want to listen to with its long list of music collections. Meanwhile, you will see several popular Anime highlighted on its homepage like Black Cover, Naruto, and Detective Conan.

Additionally, you can download high-quality MP3 from your favorite Japanese Anime here. Not only that, because it also offers Korean Anime, which is also available for download. Plus, this site also allows you to get the soundtrack of game Anime. Aside from downloading or streaming music, you can again watch TV drama, live-action, tokusatsu, and more.

sukidesuost interface


  • Anime music downloading is free.

  • This site is directing you to multiple site before downloading.

Comparison of Websites to Download Anime Music

Gendou YumeOST Khinsider MP3 Anime 8track The Hylia Anime Sukidesuost
Mobile App No No No No Yes No No
Premium Account No No No No Yes, with 14-day free trial No No
Pop-up ads No ads Too many No ads Tolerable Tolerable(No ads for Premium) No ads Too many
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Last updated on November 6, 2020

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