Top 10 Music Streaming Sites to Download Albums Free Online

feature download albums free It has been said that music is contemplated as life's soundtrack. Although it comes in various genres, it is undeniable that listening to music has become an integral part of everyone's life. Music is just one of the countless things people consume day today. Along with movie soundtracks to albums of best-loved artists, people have developed the habit of tracking new album releases that feature their favored figures. Bringing into this line, all other things, including music, evolve. Along with these changes, the way people gain access to music has evolved. Luckily, with technological advancements, many digital platforms allow you to acquire free album download music in just one click. With that said, we outlined 10 of the best sites where you can stream and download your favorite music albums. We also have provided walkthroughs on downloading a playlist in bulk.

10 Best Music Streaming Sites to Download Albums

1. Free Music Archive

Distinctive Features: It allows you to access and download music freely under its Creative Common Licensing. It also provides timely music time charts for further information about the durations of top released music.
Supported Browsers: Chrome and Internet Explorer
Price: Free or $5 per month for premium content

Free Music Archive, popularly known as FMA, is one of the reliable music streaming sites that will let you download albums for free MP3. It is one of the best websites to consider if you are into Blues, Old Times, Jazz, Evergreens, and more. It has a wide range of music classifications. Free Music Archive was founded by numerous community radio stations that aim to provide free music that can be downloaded. In addition, this website assures a well-organized list of music genres, allowing users to navigate their favorite songs easily. All you have to do is move your mouse cursor over the tab for the genre and explore its content. To listen to FMA tracks, click the round play button. Songs will be downloaded individually by clicking the download button beside each track. However, if you prefer to save the entire album, tap the larger downward-pointing arrow below the music album.

download music albums with free music archive

2. Soundclick

Distinctive Features: The site boasts a tremendous unconventional music website that compiles prompt charts for numerous genres.
Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari 8
Price: Free or $8-$15 per month for a Pro account

Soundclick was launched on the thirteenth of August, 1997. It initially worked in partnership with RealAudio until it shifted into what we now know as the prevailing streaming site that integrates audio streams and downloads. Aside from offering free music services, Soundclick has several features you can explore, including its optional fee-based services that permit artists to design their sites and freely upload high sound quality. It also has a vast social network where users can customize their profile page and interact with their online friends through networks. Its modern interface allows users to find the songs they want quickly. Additionally, many music albums are present on this site that are available for free downloads. As you click on the album covers, you will see a download icon next to them. To save the selected music album, tap the download icon.

download music albums with soundclick

3. BeeMP3

Distinctive Features: It provides a fast download and can download an entire set of 200 songs even with a moderate internet connection.
Supported Browsers: Chrome
Price: Free

If you are looking for a music streaming site that does not require registration for song downloads, BeeMP3 will set foot in your criteria. BeeMP3 is one of the most reliable sources and has a great search engine that will help you find and download entire albums of any genre at no cost. As you explore its intuitive interface, the first page will present you with a compilation of the most recent top 20 songs and artists visited, making it easy for you to choose timely songs and have them downloaded. Furthermore, it also offers an A-Z search option to help you find your specially handpicked music taste. Whether short or lengthy musical song files, BeeMP3'sBeeMP3's search engine allows you to download your music preferences. You have to enter your taste in songs in its steadfast search fields. It will then provide you with a list of sites containing the requested song. The downloading process will begin immediately as soon as you go to the download tab. Some pop-ups might appear after clicking the download tab, but you must ignore them as they will open a suspicious tab.

download music albums with beemp3

4. MP3Juices

Distinctive Features: Aside from offering free downloads and streaming services, it also distinctly provides audio conversion from video into an MP3 file.
Supported Browsers: Chrome
Price: Free

Similar to BeeMP3, MP3Juices also offers a free MP3 search engine that allows you to listen to your favorite songs. One of the advantages of utilizing this site is that it works at speed when getting music and video keywords. It will immediately show you relevant results as soon as you enter the name of the albums or artists on its search box. Even though some reports have been unwanted pop-ups, MP3Juices could compromise the disturbance with constructive solutions. If you aim to download music from MP3Juices, click the enter button as you enter the name of your preferred albums and artists; the conversion process will begin right away. Thus, MP3Juices is an absolute option for downloading MP3 albums.

download music albums with mp3juices

5. Bandcamp

Distinctive Features: This site enables musicians to create their online store, allowing fans to purchase music albums from their favorite artists directly.
Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari 8
Price:Free or $10 for Bandcamp Pro

Another popular music site among music fans is Bandcamp. It is a well-known site where artists can advertise and sell their albums. It enabled artists to produce and upload their songs to determine their prices. However, Bandcamp takes 15% of all sales for compensation. Anyone can have a shot when creating an appealing online store and express one's skills simultaneously. Align with that, Bandcamp is considered one of the ultimate sites that offer an artist-friendly service. Songs can be uploaded freely, and albums can be purchased. Aside from music, users can also purchase merchandise through this convenient platform. Bandcamp'sBandcamp's mentioned assistance, its primary focus is on album downloads. Downloading songs from your Bandcamp collection will require you to log in to your Bandcamp account. As you scroll, you'll see how friendly its interface was. Once you have decided which album you want to save on your device, select a file format you want your music to be saved before clicking the "Download" button.

download music albums with bandcamp

6. Audionautix

Distinctive Features: It enables you to download and use music for personal uses. It also allows you to use music for commercial purposes as long as you provide credits.
Supported Browsers: Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
Price: Free

Audionautix is also a well-known music streaming site that offers a huge range of music that will surely suit your mood. If you find a website with a wide range of music and the most up-to-date information, Audionautix is an excellent option. However, it only allows users to download their favorite songs according to their genre. Meanwhile, it expands your search options by offering categories for mood and tempo. This site allows you to listen to your favorite music selection at any speed, whether you want slow, medium, or fast-paced. On top of that, this site is best known for its well-classified moods and genres. There is an available MP3 format for immediate download. To download music from Audionautix, you'll have to select your preferred mood first, genre, enter a title or keyword, and select your desired tempo. After that, you can tap "Find Music," and the site will show you relevant results. You can either select the blue play button icon to listen to it first or click the green Download button to download the song in MP3 format.

download music albums with audionautix

7. Audio Archive

Distinctive Features: Aside from music, Audio Archive also offers vintage-time radio shows, poetry and book readings, thanksgiving music, and more.
Supported Browsers: Chrome and Internet Explorer
Price: Free

If you search for a convenient way to listen to, buy, and sell albums and beats, along with an extensive database of songs, tracks, and artists, you might want to come across Audio Archive. Its clean and modern interface provides excellent help for users to classify genres and quickly find songs of their tastes easily. It enables users to sight music via a type of media, subjects, topics, categories, and year. Furthermore, Audio Archive has many accessible albums available for free downloads. The music items have a download icon next to them, and you have to click the icon to save the full music album to your device.

download music albums with audio archive

8. Songs Lover

Distinctive Features: It releases the latest best-of-the-month tracks. Aside from that, it also offers numerous downloadable albums of karaoke songs.
Supported Browsers: Chrome only
Price: Free

Songs is one of the best sites to visit if you acquire full album downloads for free. It has various features that will surely help users save music and albums for free. It allows users to download the most popular songs from each month and year in bulk, saving you time and hassle. For music fans who enjoy a free download of free albums, Songs can also save exciting albums such as wedding songs and other types of songs. Its interface comprises 12 tabs: Africa, List, Latest Albums, Mixtapes, Latest Tracks, Best of Month, Top 100, Top Albums, Download Video, Lyrics, 3d Songs, and A-Z songs. Its straightforward interface helps every user easily navigate the songs they love the most.

download music albums with songs lover

9. Jamendo

Distinctive Features: It produces tracks in various formats that are entirely free to stream and legal to download. It also enables new artists to publish their pieces under Creative Common License.
Supported Browsers: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer
Price: Free or $9.99 for Personal License

Jamendo provides free royalty music, enabling users to download whole music albums. However, it is limited to personal use only. If you aim to use music resources for commercial and other purposes, it is a requirement that you purchase a commercial license to use each piece of music. Jamendo is known for its timely and popular songs, making itself competitive in the music industry. This site is an excellent option if you are looking for popular tunes to download. Additionally, this site also offers radio stations classified with their distinctive themes. Once you are done scrolling through the site, you can easily download the entire album you want to listen to by tapping the purple pointing downward arrow icon on the right side of the Jamendo player to download the album you want.

download music albums with jamendo

10. YouTube

Distinctive Features: It has a filter feature that allows users to explore various music channels and playlists.
Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari 8
Price: Free or $11.99 for YouTube Premium

Last but not least, Youtube is a go-to source for finding movies, videos, songs, and other entertainment pieces. Furthermore, this media-sharing platform has become one of the most prominent instruments for discovering different forms of music that range from the previous up to the current primary releases. It is not an understatement that you can find any music you want to listen to on YouTube. Users can also download an entire music album from YouTube using a playlist downloader that will allow you to save music albums to your device in bulk simultaneously.

download music albums with youtube

How to Download Music Albums From Youtube Using Aqua Tune?

Suppose you are wondering how you could download music albums from YouTube playlist to mp3. Here, we have featured an effective tool you can use to download playlists in bulk. Aqua Tune is probably one of the most excellent playlist downloaders. You can download music albums from YouTube. Aside from YouTube, Aqua Tune lets its users download songs from other popular media streaming platforms such as Jamendo, Mixcloud, Bandcamp, Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook, and more.

Distinctive Features: It enables users to download high-quality MP3 files by supporting 128K to 320K audio quality for a more refined listening experience. Its built-in player lets users directly play their downloaded audio files without using a third-party audio player.
Supported Browsers: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer
Price: Free or $35.95 for Lifetime

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Install Aqua Tune

To start downloading YouTube playlists, install Aqua Tune. You can have an easy installation by clicking the download button above. Click the left download option if you are a Windows user, but click the right one if you are into Mac.

main interface

Step 2 Copy the playlist URL

After you have installed and launched Aqua Tune, you will see how intuitive its interface is. Click the ''Search'' tab from the left panel and search for the keyword, artist, or title of the album that you want. From there, you can configure its filter settings.

copy the playlist url

Step 3 Click the Batch Download

As soon as you have configured the software's filter settings, select the songs you want to include in the batch download. Choose your desired streaming audio format. Once you have configured all the settings, you can now tap on the ''Download'' button.

click the batch download

Step 4 Visit the Downloading Tab

After choosing the songs you want to include in the batch download, you can go to the downloading tab. From there, you can see the progress of the downloading process. The process won't take too long as the internet connection is stable.

visit the downloading tab

Step 5 Play the Downloaded Playlist

Finally, you can see the songs you have downloaded in the ''Downloaded'' tab after the downloading process. Right-click and click the ''Play'' button from the option box. The music will then be played in the built-in player of the software. You can now enjoy listening to the music album you have saved.

play the downloaded playlist

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I download album from other music streaming sites?
If you are wondering if you can download music albums from other music streaming sites, the answer is yes. There are music streaming services that enable their users to do batch downloads.
2. What is the best website to download music albums?
Some of the best and trusted websites to download music albums are Free Music Archive, Soundclick, BeeMP3, MP3Juices, Bandcamp, Audionautix, Audio Archive,, Jamendo, and YouTube. The mentioned sites will surely enable you to download playlists in bulk without hassle.
3. What is the best tool to download playlists?
The most recommended tool to download playlists is the Aqua Tune. This tool is one of the influential music downloads that enables its users to save music albums from numerous internet sources. Additionally, it provides its users with a hassle-free batch downloading process.

Conclusion and Comparison Chart

This article presented you with 10 of the best site to download music album. You can have both of the best worlds as these sites enable you to stream and download your favorite playlists. Align with that; you also have been guided on how you could download playlists using Aqua Tune. Lastly, we have answered 3 of the most frequent music download albums. Below is the chart for you to compare each site.

Music Streaming Sites Streaming Audio Formats Year Launched Login Required
Free Music Archive MP3, AIFF, DSD, WAV, and more 2009 No
Soundclick MP3 only 1997 Yes
MP3Juices MP3 only 1997 No
Bandcamp MP3, FLAC, AAC, ALAC, WAV, and AIFF 2007 Yes
Music Streaming Sites Streaming Audio Formats Year Launched Login Required
Audionautix MP3 only 2004 No
Audio Archive MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, and DSD 2006 Yes
SongsLover. MP3 only 2017 Yes
Jamendo MP3, FLAC, M4AM WAV, AACM M4B 2009 Yes
YouTube MP3, AAC, WAV, AND FLAC 2005 No
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