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feature youtube vs dailymotionMusic and entertainment have influenced our lives greatly. YouTube and Dailymotion are the two most likely top search results when searching for online platforms. These sites enable users to view videos and upload videos. Some people prefer using both platforms, while some battle to choose a better video hosting website. Although YouTube is very popular and used by different people from different parts of the world. Dailymotion is a strong competitor and is gaining more popularity. In this battle on Dailymotion Vs. YouTube, you will want to know the difference between both platforms and which is better. This article offers a detailed comparison of the two platforms to help you decide the best platform for your needs. Before we check into the details, you can have a quick look at this YouTube Dailymotion comparison chart.

Comparison of YouTube and Dailymotion:

YouTube Dailymotion
Monthly Visitors 7.2 Billion (Largest) 122.7 Million (Second-largest)
Content Best for entertainment Best for entertainment, sports and lifestyle.
Price Free, $9.99/month for YouTube Red Free
Video Limitations No upload limit. Video length can't be more than 60 mins and video size can't exceed 2GB.
Analytics YouTube offers a large amount of free analytics data for all users to monitor the video performance. Dailymotion only offers limited analytics for users who have paid for video promotion and advertising.
Privacy Options Public, Private, and Unlisted Public, Private, and Password Protected videos

Quantity / Quality

The winner in terms of quantity is YouTube.

The time limit for video uploads is the first criterion for YouTube Vs. Dailymotion. There is no limit to the video length you can upload when using YouTube. But, Dailymotion does not allow the video length to be more than 60 minutes. According to estimates, nearly 72 hours' worth of videos is uploaded on YouTube every minute. This gives YouTube an upper hand as it gives users access to fresh content anytime, any day. YouTube tends to have more visitors on its site than Dailymotion. YouTube has about one billion visits each month, while Dailymotion has about 112 million visits per month. Thus, YouTube emerges the victor based on the different videos categorized favorably.

dailymotion vs youtube

YouTube is superior to Dailymotion in the overall quantity of videos and spectators.

Dailymotion Wins in Quality

Granted, it is much of a loss for Dailymotion so far, but not to be outshone in YouTube vs. Dailymotion war. Dailymotion makes it up to its viewers in its quality of videos. Yet, it is accepted that watching a popular event just minutes after it happened is higher on YouTube than Dailymotion. The chances of viewing it with a better picture quality are higher on Dailymotion. This is because the interface of Dailymotion is slick, thus giving a better viewing experience than YouTube. The downside, however, is that Dailymotion uploads only on a 500kbps average speed.

video quality

Dailymotion stands out by providing unique and qualified video content.

Categories / Flexibility

YouTube Wins in Categories

Several other reasons account for the higher number of visitors. Firstly, there is so much variety to see on YouTube as against to Dailymotion. With its video content, YouTube has several categories of video content that Dailymotion doesn't. These include Cooking, Health, Science, and Education. Secondly, there is the issue of monetization. While YouTube allows users to get a major share of profits from their respective uploaded videos, Dailymotion does not.

YouTube wins in terms of the variety of videos categorized fairly.

When it comes to flexibility, Dailymotion is better

There are copyright issues on YouTube when you upload a video with a copyrighted clip or music. If you have adopted a movie or TV show clip, it will cause the whole video to be deleted or suspended. But, sharing videos on Dailymotion can be a good option. As the producers are more tolerant, giving much fewer claims on copyright issues.

Dailymotion emerges as the winner when it comes to policy, as they are more tolerant of content uploaded on the platform.

Innovation / Tolerance

YouTube Wins in Innovation

Sometimes, uploading on YouTube triggers copyright issues as you may use a background sound unconsciously for your video without checking carefully to know who owns the music. Your video can also be deleted or suspended if you adopt a clip from a TV show or movie. But, you will enjoy sharing videos on Dailymotion as the producers are more tolerant and give fewer claims on copyright issues.

Sometimes, uploading on YouTube triggers copyright issues. You may unconsciously use a background sound for your video without carefully checking who owns the music. Your video can also be deleted or suspended if you adopt a clip from a TV show or movie. But, you will enjoy sharing videos on Dailymotion as the producers are more tolerant and give fewer claims on copyright issues.

If you need to track the visitors who viewed your videos, you will find YouTube more accurate statistics. Another positive difference for YouTube can be attributed to its owner. Google made it possible to access analytics tools like YouTube Insight. These tools are useful to people or groups who wish to monitor their videos. It provides information about how long and how often these videos are watched. It also gives insight on how to adjust such videos for optimal content. Unfortunately, Dailymotion does not offer this feature. Furthermore, if you prefer, you also can utilize the YouTube download manager tool to download videos from YouTube. You can keep the clips on your hard drive to enjoy them offline later.

YouTube has many innovative features, such as 3D videos, premium traffic analytics, and more.

Dailymotion Wins in Tolerance

Dailymotion and YouTube have policies restricting what can be uploaded on their site. Yet, some of the restricted content still finds its way onto these sites. Both sites use filters to sort out some restricted content, especially sexually explicit material. YouTube generally forbids such content on the platform. Yet, Dailymotion allows them by setting an Age Gate, so people can still access these contents by turning off the gate. Also, since Dailymotion has a less rigorous policy than YouTube, it has come under scrutiny from content providers. This function provides more abundant content for its viewers.

dailymotion screenshot

Last but not least, while YouTube is the first option for many people to run video ads, Dailymotion has a special offer – the "Motionmaker" program. This enables users to compete for visibility and funding on the Dailymotion's ss home page. This platform has a meager $50,000 for distributing between 5-10 projects.

Dailymotion has the possibilities of attracting more content providers and also friendlier ad policy.

Audience Numbers/Analytics

YouTube Wins in Audience Numbers

YouTube proves its popularity over a billion users worldwide, making it the largest global video platform. YouTube visits tallying 1 billion visitors monthly, it outstands Dailymotion when it comes to audience. Besides, internet users watch YouTube video content for millions of hours each day. But, Dailymotion has a much smaller audience, and it has about 112 site visits per month. Thus, many artists use YouTube to promote as there are so many visitors on this site.

YouTube Wins in Analytics

As well all know, YouTube is owned by Google, one of the most popular search engines around the globe. It's quite obvious that YouTube also offers a wide array of data analytics. YouTube incorporated analytic tools to help users improve their content. And one of the helpful analytic tools YouTube offers is YouTube Insight. This function helps uploaders monitor their viewers, whether local or international audiences. They will also be able to see how long viewers are watching their content and their viewing frequency. Unfortunately, Dailymotion does not exploit such analytic tools.

Tips for Downloading YouTube and Dailymotion Videos

Aqua Clip is a tool that can download videos from Dailymotion or YouTube and other popular video sharing sites. This video downloader can save videos from 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, and even 8K quality. Besides, it can download multiple videos at once because of its "Batch Downloading" feature. Another good thing about this tool is saving online videos in MP3 quality. You can download the subtitles of a movie or TV series that you downloaded. That said, you can try and enjoy watching YouTube and Dailymotion videos on offline mode. Here is the guideline on how to utilize this tool.

Try it for Free

Free DownloadWindows 8/10/11

Secure/Safe Download

Step 1 Download and Install the tool on your Computer

First of all, get the software on your PC by hitting any of the "Download" icons above. Launch the installation wizard and follow the guidelines to completely install it on your device. Then open it to acquaint yourself with the tool.

aqua clip main interface

Step 2 Download a Video

Next, go to YouTube or Dailymotion and look for the video you wish to download. Then, copy its URL and paste it on the search bar of Aqua Clip to analyze the video. Once done, click the "More" drop-down, choose your preferred quality. Then, click the "Download" button to download the Dailymotion video or YouTube video.

youtube vs dailymotion vk step 2

Step 3 Play the Downloaded Video

Once done, go to the “Downloaded” section to find the video that you downloaded. Right-click on the video and choose “Play Video” to preview it. You can also go to its download folder by selecting the “Open File Location.”

youtube vs dailymotion vk step3


As you see, both YouTube and Dailymotion have their advantages and disadvantages. Which platform should you use then? It depends on your video's needs, like advertising, categories, price, and more. This article illustrates the best way to download videos from YouTube and other video-sharing websites. Now you can enjoy the video online or offline as you prefer! If you need to check different alternatives for these website; read and vist this page to access the list.

If you have more ideas about comparing YouTube and Dailymotion, please drop them in the comment. Any opinion will be highly appreciated!

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