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Simple Steps for WMV to MP4 Converter Online

Upload the WMV Video
First, launch the WMV to MP4 converter on your device's browser or utilize the downloaded version. Upload the WMV video you intend to convert afterward. To begin, select "Choose File."

Choose the Conversion Format
Choose MP4 as your preferred format next to start using this WMV to MP4 online converter. The converter provides various options if you decide to use a different file format in the future.

Convert WMV to MP4
Once you click the Convert button, the WMV video will be converted. You now have access to your MP4 file after the process finishes. Then, you can convert WMV file to MP4 again using the tool anytime and as many as you like.

A brief introduction of WMV and MP4 file extensions

File WMV MP4
Information WMV, or Windows Media Player, is an open-source file video file format that Microsoft developed. This file format contains three multiple varieties of video codec. It can be used for online video streaming and sharing through HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs. Moreover, this file format is usually used to store videos in Windows, which is ideal for being utilized by many third-party programs for short animations. MP4 or MPEG 4 file is a video format that supports video encoding used to store audio, video, images, and subtitles. It is a multimedia container in which files are commonly more compressed and thus smaller than other video file types. MP4 can produce much, likely DVD video quality. It is compatible with any computer OS such as Windows, Linux, or macOS, to make it suitable for many users.
Developer Microsoft Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG)
Supported Applications VLC Media Player, PotPlayer, Media Player Classic, ACG Player, MPV, and 5K Player. VLC Media Player, KMPlayer, QuickTime Player, Media Player Classic, RealPlayer, GOM Player, PotPlayer, Elmedia, Cisdem MP4 Video Player, DivX Player, Emby Premiere, Tune-Up.
Media Type Video Video
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FAQS About MP4 to WAV Converter

Is MP4 better than WMV?

Both video file formats are unique in their attributes. WMV is famous for supporting quality while offering an excellent transmission rate over a network. However, an MP4 provides high-quality video while maintaining relatively small file sizes. You can convert windows media files to MP4 using the Converter tool online and likewise to get the video format you need.

What application is best for playing WMV files?

You can play WMV video files using various media plates, especially Windows. It is ideal for Windows users that usually play videos with Windows Media Player and Microsoft Movies & TV players. You can also play the tool using the third-party application supporting WMV files. Additionally, you can windows media video to MP4 using the online converter to try playing video in another application.

Is converting MP4 TO WAV online safe?

This video converter is a popular tool that can turn WMV to MP4 smoothly. This reliable tool of AceThinker ensures a 100% safe file conversion process. It has the highest standard of file conversion, with data protection and security for online processes.

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