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How to Use AceThinker Video Converter Online

There are times when devices like Television and smartphone are not able to play videos. Most of the time, the reason is that the video is in a format that this device does not support. To watch the video, you must select one with a format that your device supports. To do this, one must download a new video all over again, or record a new one. However, to save time and effort, you can just use a video converter like Acethinker Video Converter Online. This way, you can change the file format without affecting the quality of the video. Here are the steps to use Video Converter Online.

Step 1 Launch the app

Launch the application by opening a web browser and type in and then select the video that you want to convert.

online video converter main page

Step 2 Start editing

Once the video is uploaded to the tool, launch the video editor by clicking the "Edit" button on the left side of the tool.

start editing

Step 3Enhance the video

Select which enhancement to do to the video from the options available then click "OK" to apply them.

enhance the file

Step 4Choose the format preferred

Select the format that is supported by your device from the list of formats available.

Choose format

Step 5Convert the file

Save the changes that you applied earlier by clicking the "Convert" button, and selecting where to save the video to start applying the changes.

Start the convert

Step 6 Check the file converted

Once the conversion is done, a notification will appear. To locate the video, click the "Open" button and the folder where the video is saved will appear. You can watch the video directly using a media player.

Check the file

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