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Friendly interface

It's easy to use, friendly interface and it's cheap compared to what it can do.
by Roman | 2021-11-24 07:46:14

Downloads galore

I used it to also save 1080P MP4 music videos and they are of very nice quality. So you can download a lot of stuff with this.
by Katelyn | 2021-11-16 01:31:46

Cool downloader

This combined with the mp3 player make a great duo. I download music using this downloader and then I listen to it when I workout or go on a run.
by Malachi | 2021-11-13 09:45:20

Downloads from many sites

They weren't kidding when they said you can download from 1000+ sites. I didn't believe them at first but now, after downloading from at least 100 of them, I can believe it.
by M. White | 2021-11-10 02:12:54

Very easy to download

Downloading music is as easy and quick as counting 1, 2, 3. It's that easy.
by Alan | 2021-11-06 13:21:25

Well worth it

A very good music downloader and well worth the asking price.
by Angelina Harris | 2021-11-01 06:09:00


Just a few clicks and I can easily download mp3 among other formats. Nice!
by Lilly | 2021-10-31 05:05:33



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