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download music videoUsing our mobile devices and computers, we always want to watch music videos on the internet. Watching videos online enables us to spend our leisure time at home. These videos we accidentally bump into on various social media platforms can cause us peace of mind. Many video genres can be watched online, like inspirational talk, funny videos, and many more. Although most music videos can be seen on YouTube, there is still no way to download them. However, watching MP4 format files offline is more convenient than streaming them online. We have searched the most effective and currently working sites where users can download music videos for free. Continue to scroll down below to utilize the ten best music video sites.

How to Download Music Videos to Watch Offline

Aqua Tune is free to download and install but offers a premium subscription such as personal-lifetime for $35.95. This tool doesn’t only allow you to download MP3 files; it can be also used to save music videos for offline streaming. It enables you to download music from a variety of music streaming sites, including YouTube. Furthermore, this desktop program enables us to stream songs in up to 320Kbps MP3 quality and a resolution of up to 1080 for music videos. Aqua Tune has a well-organized interface that allows you to download videos without dealing with annoying ads, viruses, or plugins. The detailed steps to download MP4 files using this desktop program are listed below.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Download and install the Music Video Downloader

To install the Aqua Tune, first, download it by clicking the download button above and follow the configuration wizards. Get to familiarize the tool's interface as it will appear after the downloading process is complete.

main interface

Step 2 Copy the Music Video's URL or Enter its Title

Next, go to the online streaming site, search for the music video you want to download on your device and copy its URL from the address bar. Then, paste it into the search bar of our song downloader. You can also type the music video’s title into the search bar and hit enter to have this desktop app find it for you.

copy url

Step 3 Choose the Video Format

After that, choose the MP4 format of the music video you want to download by clicking the "More" button. You can choose from 240p up to 1080p MP4 resolution.

download url

Step 4 Download the MP4 File

Once done, click the “Download” button at the bottom of the desktop program. The system will then redirect your file to the downloading section. After that, wait for your music video file to be available to stream offline.

download url

Step 5 Watch the Downloaded Music Video

Once done, the music video can then be found in the Downloaded section. Choose Open File Location to locate the music video you downloaded on your computer. You can then watch it offline.

play music

Best 10 Free Music Video Download Sites

1. Vidownloader

Distinctive Feature: On the download page of this site, users can change the file name.
Output Quality: 480p, 128k

Vidownloader is a completely free website that can download video songs. On the other side, it also allows you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files, Download YT music, and download videos from hundreds of websites. However, it requires another application for video quality higher than 480p. The download task begins after you enter the URL into the search bar and hit "Start," and you can monitor it on the Downloading page. Because this site is free of viruses and plugins, downloading videos from it is risk-free.

download music video vidownlaoder

Extra Tip: You may select the video's format and quality.

2. Paste Download

Distinctive Feature: This site's download options provide a fairly detailed description.
Output Quality: 720p, 160k

Another free music videos download sites for video downloads is Paste Download. The search bar is at the most prime spot. Paste Download will begin analyzing the URL as soon as you paste it into the search bar. Following that, you'll get a list of all the download options available for you. However, this site doesn’t support download quality higher than 720p, and it has malicious ads. Users will preview the video after clicking the download button, which is located at the bottom right of the video window. Although the download procedure is a little sneaky, Paste Download provides the download instructions after selecting the format and quality options.

download music video pastedownload

Extra Tip: You can find the Paste Download download instruction and update history by scrolling down the webpage.

3. 1qvid

Distinctive Feature: Different colors are used to distinguish the format from the quality options.
Output Quality: 720p

1qvid is most known for being a browser add-on. It does, however, have a reliable video download site. The website will parse and generate the download site if you include "1q" before the video URL's domain name. This free music video downloads site has a clear and straightforward interface as it is well-organized and easy to understand. 1qvid will save the video to your device by selecting the down arrow symbol. The download speed on this website is quite excellent, making it perfect for video downloading. However, the format and quality options are limited.

download music video 1qvid

Extra Tip: The online downloader can also be used by copying and pasting the video's URL.

4. Catch.Tube

Distinctive Feature: This website offers Chinese video platforms such as Tencent Video.
Output Quality: 1080p, no sounds

Another best sites to download music videos is Catch.Tube. You can get free downloads of your favorite videos from popular sites by using this site. It features a fantastic website that includes an online video download site, a browser extension, and a desktop program all in one. Also, this site works with the best video services to download new and popular videos from all around the internet. The free video download service, on the other hand, does not offer HD video with audio.

download music video catchtube

Extra Tip: To utilize the video download site, just copy the URL of the video you want to download and enter it into the search bar on Catch.Tube.


Distinctive Feature: This website’s download queue has a download button as well as a preview watch/listen button.
Output Quality: 720p, 192k

Included on the list of reliable music video download websites is X2convert. This site works in any desktop browser like Chrome. It is a completely free video download website that does not require any kind of installation. To download a video, all you have to do is type in the video's URL. The good thing about this site is that it allows you to download videos and music from YouTube without the need for additional applications, simply put "x2" after "YouTube" and before ".com" in the URL then you can easily access the video or song. This website can do batch videos in HD/4K quality.

download music video x2convert

Extra Tip: Users can choose from a variety of languages while using X2convert.

6. KEEPVid

Distinctive Feature: It comes with a free web app and encourages users to bookmark it for easy access.
Output Quality: 720p, 320k

Another video downloading website is KEEPVid. It is a free music video downloader site that also offers various additional services for your online video collection. It can, for example, acquire playlists in bulk, obtain video from Facebook, send it to Instagram, and convert Instagram to MP3. Users may do keyword searches, with YouTube search results as a result. However, when hitting the download link, the page will then redirect you to another ad page. KEEPVid is free from the inconveniences and hassles that many prominent websites try to impose.

download music video keepvid

Extra Tip: It also comes with a quick start guide that can be found next to the download button.


Distinctive Feature: This site enables users to cut, merge, and split videos.
Output Quality: 1080p

One of the best sites that we want to introduce to you is ddownr. It aims to satisfy all users by providing a free, easy, quick, and secure way to Download YT videos and playlists. By using this site to download videos, users could keep their favorite films without installing software that will slow down their computer after only one use. Also, encourages users to make a "deeplink" for future usage in addition to the website downloader. A "deeplink" will lead you to the download page of this site directly.

download music video ddownr

Extra Tip: will present you with various video formats and quality options when you click the "Download" button. After the video has been parsed, you can save it to your device.

8. Y2Mate YouTube Converter

Distinctive Feature: It has a quick loading speed, and each video only takes a few seconds to download.
Output Quality: 480p, 129k

Y2Mate is a YouTube converter that you can use online. About the fact that it's considered a "converter," Y2Mate can also download videos. It's also one of the biggest websites for video downloads for free. Y2Mate can help you save the video or music if you search by keywords or paste the video source. This website is a video downloader that has no advertising, needs no sign-up, and is virus-free. You can also search the keyword of the videos you want to download. On the other hand, you can copy the URL of the video from a streaming site and paste it to Y2mate's search bar.

download music video y2mate

Extra Tip: Under the download button, there is a conversion option.

9. 9Convert

Distinctive Feature: It has a feature wherein you can switch a tab for MP3 and MP4 downloads.
Output Quality: 360p, 720p, 1080p

The last music video download sites that we will introduce is the 9convert. It is a free YouTube video downloader wherein you can easily download thousands of high-quality YouTube videos. This website enables us to search for the video or paste the URL of it from YouTube for fast downloading. This website will not only let you Download YT videos, it also allows you to Download YT songs. Like the video downloader sites introduced above, this one is also simple to use as it only requires a few clicks to Download YT videos.

download music video 9convert

Extra Tip: There are four sections at the lower part of this site’s homepage; click each section to know the detailed step on how to utilize this tool.

Comparison Chart

Sites OS Supported Preview Videos Browser Extension
Aqua Tune Windows 10/8.1/8/7, macOS 10.14 or later Yes No
Vidownloader Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista Yes No
Paste Download Mac OS X and Linux No No
1qvid Windows only Yes Yes
Catch.Tube XP,Vista,Windows7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Yes Yes
X2convert Windows only Yes Yes
KEEPVid Mac OS X and Linux No Yes
ddownr Windows and Mac No No
Y2Mate Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, iPhone Yes No
9convert Windows, Mac, Mobile Devices No No
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