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How to Find Hidden Messages on iPhone

feature find hidden messages on iphone Everyone places a high value on the security of personal information such as photos, messages, and contacts. It is crucial to protect messages, whether they are text messages or iMessages. Messages contain a lot of information and are one of the most sensitive data. That's why people may prefer to hide messages or the name of contacts on the iPhone screen. You can simply do this by going to settings of your device. People prefer to keep their messages secret from others. It can protect sensitive information from being leaked to a certain extent. Sometimes, however, people might accidentally block contacts or label text as spam messages. The text messages from these people will get automatically hidden, causing you to miss out on some important information.

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Why Hide Messages on iPhone?

Many people have a reason to hide their text messages. Not all of them are criminal masterminds or cheating partners. Imagine someone is celebrating their birthday. You plan to throw a big party bash for your friend and keep it a secret. It can be difficult enough to keep everything secret if you don't live with your partner, but it can be even more problematic if you do. A simple mistake of leaving your phone on the kitchen table can lead to a big disaster. The surprise of the birthday boy/girl being seated at the table is destroyed by one revealing text message. It is not difficult for anyone at the party to find hidden messages on the iPhone. Although everyone celebrates one birthday each year, you will likely be asked by a friend, colleague, or child to borrow your phone more often. It's not uncommon to feel embarrassed when your personal photos, conversations, and embarrassing apps are all just a few clicks away. What if your phone accidentally gets lost or stolen? Your sensitive messages can easily fall into the wrong hands. People now can easily hack information and even sell them for high prices. You don't have to hide sensitive text messages in order to protect your privacy. Continue reading to learn how to hide text messages from your iPhone if you prefer to keep your personal information private.

find hidden messages on iphone why hide messages on iphone

How to Find Hidden Messages on iPhone?

You can hide iMessages on your iPhone in two ways. You can hide alerts to prevent message preview and stop receiving notifications from Settings. Another option is to delete from your contact lists and make them an unidentified sender. The iPhone doesn't have hidden text messages. Hidden text messages are usually those that we cannot see on our iPhones. These hidden text messages will still appear in your Messages app. If you wish to see the hidden text messages on your iPhone, access your iPhone and open the messaging app. You'll be able to see all the messages. The only difference is that messages from unknown senders will not appear in your Message app. For that, you have to switch to the Unknown Sender List.

find hidden messages on iphone find hidden messages

You can locate hidden text messages by following the guide below:

  1. First of all, you'll need to open the Message app on your iPhone.
  2. To find hidden text messages, access the Unknown Senders list to see the hidden messages.

Find Hidden Messages on Facebook

Facebook is another app where millions of people exchange messages, sometimes even more than iMessages. Many users are curious about how to find hidden messages within the Facebook Messenger app. The same problem of hidden messages is faced on the app as well due to numerous reasons. It filters messages from strangers even though it proves beneficial in many cases. It can also hinder people from contacting you with critical information. These messages can be very important to you in certain cases. Let's now see how to locate these hidden Facebook messages from your iPhone.

find hidden messages on iphone find hidden messages on facebook

Quick Guide to Follow:

  1. Open your iPhone and launch the Messenger app.
  2. In the bottom right corner of your iPhone screen, tap the Me icon.
  3. Then, tap People and head over to Message Requests.
  4. You'll also see unread Message requests. You will also see a blue link that says, "See Filtered Requests." Click on this to bring up the filter request screen. Here you can find all the filtered messages. To move the message to your Inbox, tap the message and select Accept.

How to Unhide Text Messages on iPhone?

We have already covered how to locate hidden messages on the iPhone. However, you may need to make your text messages visible to yourself for previewing for some reasons, like transfer messages between two iOS devices. Down below is a guide you need to follow to reveal hidden text messages on your iPhone.

find hidden messages on iphone why unhide messages on iphone

Quick Guide to Follow:

  1. Start your iPhone and go to your settings. Please scroll down the list to discover the Notifications option and Tap it.
  2. A pop-up menu will appear; scroll down to locate Messages and tap on it.
  3. To receive preview messages and notifications on your iPhone screen, tap on the Allow Notifications option.
  4. From Lock Screen, Notification Center, and Banners, you can unhide the alters or can even Select All to show the messages.
  5. Scroll down the menu and select Options, and from there, Tap in Show Previews, and Always choose from your iPhone to unhide text messages.

In Summary

We hope that this page has provided adequate information regarding how to find hidden messages on the iPhone? As you can see, the hidden message can be very useful in some instances. You also know that messages can get lost every day for many reasons. If you lost your valuable messages by accident, you could follow this guide to retrieve lost messages on iPhone, iMessage, or WhatsApp messages, even without any backup. The solutions mentioned in this guide are applicable to all the latest iPhone 7/8/X/11/12 and earlier models of iPhone. The article also covers how to see hidden messages on an iPhone, which is needed in some circumstances.

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Last updated on September 22, 2021

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