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iPhone Contacts Icon Missing: Best Ways to Fix Contacts Icon from iPhone

feature iphone contacts icon missing You're trying to find someone's number but not able to navigate to the Contacts app because it's not visible on the iPhone Home screen. You aren't alone, as it happens with many users whose contacts icon disappeared from iPhone. Maybe you're unsure or don't know what is wrong with your contact icons that make them disappear from your iPhone. Whatever the reason is, this article will provide you with options to recover your lost contacts Icon on your iPhone. But before discussing that, let's look at some possible scenarios that can lead to the contacts icon missing on iPhone.

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Contacts Icon Disappeared from iPhone: The Possible Reason

One of the features available with iOS 10 and above is the ability to delete some of the built-in apps, such as Messages, Contacts, Photos, or Notes. Due to this feature, people mistakenly delete the native app they use on the iPhone.For instance, many users have erased the most frequently used Contacts application. While they can still access contacts using the Phone app, restoring the contacts icon missing on iPhone is essential.

How to Recover Missing Contacts Icon from iPhone?

Method 1 – Try Resetting Home Screen Layout

Resetting the layout of your home screen means that the position of icons you've modified will be reset to their defaults in the factory. Be assured that it won't affect files stored within the applications. But, this approach is practical only if the Contacts application isn't removed from your iPhone. If that's the case, retrieving the missing icons for contacts is possible by resetting your home screen.


  • Click on the Settings application on the iPhone. Within the Settings screen, scroll down to locate "General" and tap it.
  • Scroll down towards the bottom. You'll be able to see "Reset Tap." on it.
  • On the page for reset On the Reset page, click "Reset the Home Screen Layout" and then click "Reset the Home Screen" for confirmation. This will restore your home screen to its factory default settings. In a few seconds, you can return to the iPhone home screen and see the Contacts icon is back.

resetting homescreen layout

Method 2 – Download the Contacts App Again

If you cannot locate the Contacts app or are sure you've deleted it on your iPhone, downloading it through the App Store is the best option. You can follow these instructions to proceed:


  • Open the App Store on your iPhone and tap "Search" in the lower right-hand corner.
  • Enter "Contacts" in the search bar.
  • You will see the cloud icon beside "Contacts ."Click on the cloud icon to download the app onto the iPhone's desktop. If you can find it in the contacts application on your home screen, you've restored the contact icons that were missing on your iPhone.

download contacts app

Method 3 – Factory Reset iPhone [Not Recommended]

Suppose you notice the contacts icon disappearing on your iPhone, one of the methods listed above can assist you in getting the missing contacts back. Resetting your factory settings on settings on your iPhone is the final option that isn't mandatory. It's the option you're unwilling to attempt because it it will delete all photos from your iPhone and erases the entire iPhone's data. We want to share this information with you as it's an answer to the iPhone missing icons for contacts.

Here's how you can do this:

  • On the Settings app in the Settings app, click "General">> "Reset".
  • After that then, click "Reset all settings ."When you're asked for your Passcode then, type in your Passcode, then press "Reset ALL Settings" to verify.
  • The factory reset is turned on. After a short time, you'll see the Apple icon, which means that the iPhone is starting to restart. After that, you must adjust your device and restore your backup data.
  • After you have finished, you'll be able to see the Contacts icon appear located on your home screen.

factory reset

Bonus: Recover Lost Contacts on Your iPhone

Suppose, instead of the contacts icon disappearing from your iPhone, you have lost your phone contacts and don't have any backups. Then what to do? Don't worry. We'll tell you about an excellent data recovery program that can help you retrieve your lost contacts without backup. AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery is a universal tool that can make iOS data recovery with different options. It has three different choices, and you can pick the one best suited to your needs to recover all of your data, even if you've not backed up one of the devices. It is the most effective software to assist you in recovering any information that you have lost from an iOS device quickly and easily.

AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery

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  • The tool can utilize its iTunes backup feature without possessing the device or requiring internet access
  • It also allows you to scan lost or deleted iPhone/iPad/iPod touch files and preview the information before launching the recovery process

To Sum Up

After reading this article, now you can recover the missing contacts Icon on your iPhone. In any case, if you do not have Apple backups, or you're just looking to recover your lost iPhone contacts. But you can also click here if you want to learn how to backup your contacts to google for it’s safety. The most effective option is to use AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery to retrieve any deleted data from your iPhone.

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iPhone Data Recovery
Recover any lost or deleted data from iOS devices.
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