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Solutions to Remove and Fix Lines on iPhone Screen

feature lines on iphone screenOne of the difficult things to solve on your iPhone is when green lines appear on the screen. Since it is so risky to fix it without a piece of proper knowledge on it, the data on your device might lose if done improperly. You must first know the causes why your iPhone has green lines on the screen. We have researched and summarized the perfect examples of what causes the green horizontal and vertical lines on the screen of your iPhone. Furthermore, we have also created solutions to fix those circumstances and opportunities. These solutions are the most effective ones you could find on the internet. Follow the given steps and guidelines below to solve this stressful problem on your iPhone.

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Causes of Horizontal Lines on iPhone Screen

Cause 1. Damaged Screen

There are a lot of possibilities that cause damaged screens. One of those is accidental falls. When not just horizontal but also vertical lines on iPhone screen appear, you must immediately fix it. Or else, it might cause a severe problem, and worst you might lose it forever.

Cause 2. Hardware Problem

Another thing that could cause lines on iPhone screen is an issue with the hardware. There are different problems with hardware that could happen on your device. Damaged IC is one of those. When this happens, the only thing you could do is replace the logic board, or the IC Chips need to be re-mend back onto the logic board. Another one is a broken battery. It would be best if you also fixed this as soon as possible to avoid severe consequences.

Cause 3. System Failure

The last potential reason your iPhone screen has horizontal and vertical lines is a failure in the system. It might be a poor connection, interruption of complex applications, outdated versions, etc. Whatever it is from the list, you must also have to fix it quickly.

what is green line on iphone

Solutions to Fix Lines on iPhone Screen

Whatever the reasons it may be, you should give it the quickest solution as soon as possible. Please do not ignore it or procrastinate because you might lose everything necessary on your iPhone instantly. We will give you the best solutions to fix the horizontal lines on iPhone screen with ease and comfort.

Solution 1. Reset your iPhone

Resetting is the safest and practical solution you could do because you are secure that all of your data will be safe. There are different ways on how to restart an iPhone. It depends on the model of it. You can refer to the guidelines below and choose the way to reboot depending on the model of your iPhone.

iPhone 6 and Old Versions

Press and hold both the On/Off and Home buttons at the same time. And wait for the logo of Apple to appear on the screen.

lines on iphone screen method 1 model 1

iPhone 7 and 7+

Concurrently long-press the Power and Volume Down buttons and wait for the Apple icon to pop up on your iPhone's screen.

lines on iphone screen method 1 model 2

iPhone 8 and Newer Versions

  • Quickly press the "Volume Up" button.
  • Then, promptly press the "Volume down" button.
  • Lastly, press and hold the Power button and wait for the Apple logo to appear.

lines on iphone screen method 1 model 3

Solution 2. Fix Vertical Lines on iPhone Screen with DFU Restore

DFU or Device Firmware Update restore is considered the best way to repair your iPhone in critical situations. However, before doing this, ensure that all of your data has been backed up because this procedure will delete all the data on your phone and restore it to factory settings. Follow the steps below to DFU restore your iPhone and fix green lines.

  • Launch iTunes on your computer. Using a USB cord, connect your device to the desktop.
  • Squeeze both the Home/Volume down and On/Off buttons altogether for 10 seconds.
  • Then, release the On/Off button, but keep pressing the Home/Volume down button until "iTunes has discovered an iPhone in Restore Mode" appears in the interface of iTunes.
  • When the screen turns into the Recovery Mode, follow the on-screen command to fix the lines on your iPhone.

lines on iphone screen method 2

Solution 3. Fix Lines on iPhone Screen using iOS System Recovery

Installation Package: 140.14 MB

If resetting and iTunes did not work, you might find an application fixing this kind of problem. One of the suggested tools that you can see on the internet is AceThinker Fone Keeper. This program is a professional tool known for its capability to fix iOS system problems. It allows users to fix iphone screen glitch, vertical and horizontal lines, and more screen issues with ease. And because of its two distinctive modes (Standard and Advanced Mode), you can quickly fix different system problems that occur on your iPhone device. To explain it further, the Standard Mode is the primary mode that will fix your device without deleting any of your data. However, the Advanced Mode will delete all of your data, but the result is guaranteed. Follow the given guidelines below and go back and enjoy your iPhone as a brand new one. Download and Install the application on your desktop and see its features.

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Key Features

  • Available to both Windows and Mac OS computers.
  • It allows subscribers to fix more than 50 iOS System problems without data loss.
  • Applicable to iOS devices like iPhone, iPod, and iPad.
  • It can fix problems like the iphone x green light of death, being stuck on the Apple logo, updating, and many more.

line on iphone screen interface

Step 1 Commence the Procedure

To begin fixing the green lines on the screen, connect your iPhone to the desktop using an original USB-type cord. When your phone is already linked, go to the "iOS System Recovery" menu that you can see on the main interface of AceThinker Fone Keeper. After that, click the "Start" to begin the process.

lines on iphohe screen step 1

Step 2 Check the Phone's Details

The next phase that will appear after you have started the process is confirming your device's information. There is another option that you can see in that window; the "Free Quick Fix." This option will fix your problem in no more than 60 seconds. However, the result is not perfectly guaranteed. Click the "Fix" button for a better and spotless result.

lines on iphohe screen step 2

Step 3 Choose Mode to Repair Horizontal Lines on iPhone Screen

After confirming your device details and clicking the "Fix" button, you must choose the mode to fix the lines on iPhone screen. There are two distinct modes: the Standard and Advanced Mode. Since we are not trying to reset the whole iPhone. You can go to the Standard Mode and fix the “Confirm” button to continue.

lines on iphohe screen step 3

Step 4 Download the Firmware and Finish Repairing Lines on iPhone Screen

For the final part, you must download firmware. There are firmware options you need to choose from; choose the latest version and click "Next" to continue. After the downloading process finishes, the program will automatically fix the lines on the iPhone screen without data loss.

lines on iphohe screen step 4

Additional Information: Please do not unlink or disconnect your iPhone during the process of fixing. Otherwise, your phone will get stuck in recovery mode and might cause more concerning problems. The result would be best if you waited for a while. Have patience, and your phone will be fixed and would be good as a brand new iPhone.

lines on iphohe screen result

Solution 4. Get the LCD Fix or Buy a New iPhone

If the screen is not working and you cannot touch it anymore, it's time to change the phone, because you cannot do anything about it. And if you don’t want to let it go off your phone because the memory and the data on it are so sentimental to you. Do not worry; you can use AceThinker Fone Keeper to recover data from your dead iPhone. Or you can go to the nearest cellphone repair shop near you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Fix the Lines on iPhone Screen?

You can restart it or force reset if the problem is in the system. But, if you want a better result, you can use AceThinker iOS System Recovery. This tool will help you fix different problems on your iPhone, such as frozen screens, iPhone stuck on loading screen, green lines, glitches on iPhone, and many more.

2. What Causes Horizontal Lines on iPhone Screen?

There are a lot of circumstances why your iPhone has green lines on its screen. But the leading causes are system default, broken battery, other hardware parts, broken screen or LCD, etc. Whatever the primary cause is, you can always have an effective way to fix it. You can use different applications like AceThinker Fone Keeper, etc.

3. How Can I Fix vertical lines on iPhone Screen?

You can find different solutions on the internet. But the best solution is AceThinker iOS System Recovery. It is a tool that fixes various iPhone issues like glitches and lines without data loss. You can also back up the files you have on the iPhone if you haven't yet.

4. What is the safest way to do; if green lines appear on my iPhone Screen?

The safest solution to fix green line problems is to force reboot your phone. It is a safe and hands-on way because your data will be secured. It is the same with AceThinker Fone Keeper. A tool that allows users to fix more than 50 iOS system problems with or without any backup. You can try it for better results.

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Fix various iOS system errors back to normal status.
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