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Better Ways How to Apple Music Randomly Skipping Songs

feature apple music skipping songsMusic is a set of harmonies, tone, rhythms, and tempos that provides a relaxing sensation to listeners. This form of art became one of the most influential aspects of the development of our society and culture. It soothes and pacifies our ears and makes us forget the hustle and bustle of the city. For some of us, music becomes our primary source of income. Aspiring musicians always want to break through the thick wall of the entertainment and music industry. Many musicians always share their works of art on different platforms to get well known. One of these platforms is Apple Music. It is a dedicated music application for Apple devices. With its function, it curates different music, songs, and instrumental rhythms for its users. In addition, users can get access to their favorite playlists, songs, music genre, and more. However, with the vast number of features it has, fallacy always lingers with it. Many users reported that their Apple Music randomly skipping songs. Although this error is simple to fix, knowing its reason and solution will surely give you ease. Read the following guides beneath on how to fix this error.

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Reasons Why Apple Music Keeps Skipping Songs

Before we can tackle the possible solutions to fix Apple Music skipping music error, you can try to assess your device with these scenarios and check if these reasons may be the causes why the error persists. You can quickly determine and fix the issues as soon as possible.

  • Poor internet access.
  • Outdated applications.
  • Cache problems.
  • Corrupted music files.
  • Apple Music application issues.
  • Connectivity issues, including Bluetooth.

Fix Songs Skipping On Apple Music With WIFI

We all know that most of the common reasons why Apple Music tends to skip songs are due to some poor connectivity issues. Take a look online; you will not take long browsing to see multiple complaints about skipping songs. Although some solutions are not immediately apparent, few tactics can get the application to start working like usual. One of these is by looking for a WIFI connection. Suppose you listen to your iPad, iPhone, or any Apple device; check your internet connection if it is weak or strong. If the connection bar is lower or fewer, there will not be enough data to stream and listen to a song resulting in skipping errors. In this case, connecting and disconnecting to WIFI connections is an initial thing to do. For users of iPhone X and the latest version, follow the listed instructions below to restart the WiFi connectivity of your device.

  • Access the Settings app from your device screen and go to the WIFI option below your Apple ID. Click its menu to open and turn on the WIFI access.
  • Suppose you are connected to a WIFI network, and still songs keep skipping on Apple Music, disconnect and reconnect the network. Try to forget the network and refresh the WIFI option. After a few seconds, reconnect on the same network by tapping its name and inserting its corresponding password. Go back to Apple Music if the error persists.

solve apple music skipping songs using wifi connection

Solve Apple Music Skipping Songs By Updating iOS Version

Another possible reason why Apple Music keeps skipping its songs is due to the not updated iOS version. This reason is possible due to some apparent instances. For example, the latest update on the iOS version is to fix bugs that caused Lossless Audio and Dolby Atmos songs to randomly stop playing. Therefore, if you did not update your iOS version, the update can’t fix some software glitches that may cause your Apple Music won’t function in its standard process. So, it is a must to continually update your iOS version. Follow the listed guide below to get and install the latest version of your device. Lastly, this solution can fix minor software issues related to the Apple Music; find out here.

  • To check for an update for your device, open the Settings app from the list of your applications and make way to the General option. Scroll up to look for the Software Update menu to access if there is an available update.
  • You will know if there is an update for your device. A notice will prompt what the update is all about and its version on your screen. Then, tick the download and install option to acquire the iOS update. Wait until the update is fully established on your device. If the update is installed, your device will restart.

 resolve apple music skipping songs using ios update

Use Computer Program to Fix Apple Music Skipping Songs

Distinctive Feature: It enables users to repair iOS systems with two repairing modes. These options are Advanced and Standard modes.
Supported iPhone Models: It can repair iPhone devices, including the latest release of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a full-featured iOS recovery software. It enables users to numerous recoverable issues for iPad, iPod, and iPhone devices. Over 50+ iOS-related issues can be resolved on this computer software. These errors include iPad stuck at Apple logo, iPhone pink screen, iPhone stuck on restore screen. In addition, its process is faster and better than other recovery tools due to its advanced multiprocessor. Everything related to recovery and repair will be done in a matter of seconds. It consists of two repairing modes which include the Standard and Advanced mode. The standard mode provided users an option to fix iOS-related issues while retaining its files and data. On the contrary, the Advanced mode is preferable for repair methods that need to wipe out all the iPhone data. Read the complete guide below to know how Apple Music keeps skipping songs.

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Step 1 Install The Recovery Tool

To begin with, the process of fixing Apple Music install the AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your PC. Download its installer by ticking the download option presented above. Afterward, run the file on your PC to fully install it. Read and pass through its installation prompt, and launch the tool once installed.

isr interface

Step 2 Link Your Device

Next, connect or link your iPhone to your PC to scan its entire data and information. Once the iPhone is connected to the app, you will see if the Fix button is presented on its interface. Hit the button to push through on the selection of different recovery modes.

isr connect iphone

Step 3 Fix Apple Music Skipping Songs

After that, select your preferred mode to fix the iPhone issues. For this walkthrough, we will use the Standard mode. Then, hit the Confirm mode to push through on the firmware buttons.

isr select mode

Step 4 Finalized the Process

Lastly, download the preferred firmware to import it to your device. Hit the Next button to finalize the process. With that said, a new window prompt indicates the progress of the process.

isr finalize process


There are many reasons why Apple Music randomly skips songs while playing. Troubleshooting can be annoying and frustrating if you can't be sure about the cause and the best solution. This is why it is best to use AceThinker iOS System Recovery since it can fix all the possible problems in one go.

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