[Top 6 Ways] How to Get Rid of iPhone Pink Line on Screen?

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How to Remove the Pink Line on iPhone Screen?
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Millions of people rely on their iPhones daily to stay connected, be productive, and more. However, sometimes they encounter an issue that leaves them puzzled and worried - a pink line on their iPhone screen. This pink line on the iPhone screen is an annoyance and could indicate a severe underlying problem. It is important to fix this issue as soon as possible to avoid further damage and ensure uninterrupted use of the device. Fortunately, viable solutions are available to rectify the pink line issue on iPhones. Keep reading this post to know the causes, methods, and how to prevent the pink line on iPhone screen.

Possible Causes of the Pink Line on iPhone Screen

Before we start trying to fix the pink line iPhone screen issue, we need to know first what are the causes of this problem. We summarized the possible reasons why iPhone users encounter this kind of error.

  • Physical Damage to the iPhone - Physical damage to the iPhone is one the most common causes of a pink line on the iPhone screen. If the device is accidentally dropped or bumped hard against a surface, it can cause both external and internal damage to the display, causing the issue.
  • Software-related issues - In some cases, a pink line on the iPhone screen can also be caused by software-related issues. These issues include failed software updates, buggy apps, or corrupted system files.
  • Malfunctioning hardware components - A pink line on the iPhone screen can also be caused by malfunctioning hardware components, such as a damaged display cable or worn-out connectors.

why pink line appear on my iphone screen

Troubleshooting Solutions For Fixing the Issue

Now you know the causes of why you are experiencing this issue. Numerous methods can help you resolve it. Luckily, this post has provided you with six troubleshooting methods to fix the iPhone display pink line problem. See them below.

Solution 1: Use a System Recovery Software

The first solution we provide to solve the iPhone display pink line issue is an iOS system recovery tool like AceThinker iOS System Recovery. This software is the most recommended and trending on the internet. This iPhone system repair tool can fix any iOS system problems like being stuck in recovery mode, your device screen having blue/black/ color, etc. Moreover, it has 2 recovery modes, the Standard and Advanced Mode, that the users love because they can choose their desired mode according to their scenario. In addition, the fixing process will be done in a few minutes. You only need to download and install the latest firmware to your device. You can check the steps below.

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Step 1 Connect Your Device to the Computer

Before fixing the issue, you must download AceThinker iOS System Recovery by clicking the button above. Then, proceed to the installation process by passing through all the prompts. Afterward, launch the recovery tool and connect your iPhone using a lightning wire.

repair with ios system recovery step2

Step 2 Select Desired Mode

Once your device is connected, you can see your device information on its interface. Then, on the lower part of it, click on the "Fix" button. Clicking on the fix button will go through to the two recovery modes. Choose the Standard Mode, so all your data will not be lost. Next, hit the "Confirm" button.

standard advanced mode

Step 3 Install the Downloaded Firmware

Here, the softer presents you with the downloadable firmware with the iOS versions/size/ and status. Select the latest firmware with the latest iOS version and click the "Download" button beside it. Next, hit the "Next" button to install the firmware and fix the pink line down iPhone screen issue. Lastly, kindly restart your device and see if the pink line disappear.

fk-isr download firmware

Solution 2: Press Firmly the Screen

If the pink line appears on your screen after dropping your phone accidentally, it’s likely because the LCD wire is disconnected from the logic board. To solve this problem, you can firmly press your device screen where the pink line is located. By doing this, the LCD may reconnect to the logic board. You can push several in different locations until the pink line disappears.

firmly press the screen where the pink line located

Solution 3: Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes, restarting your device can solve the problem. Push and hold the power button until the "slide to power off" option appears. Slide the bar to turn off your iPhone and then turn it back on again. Then, see if the pink line is already gone.

restart your iphone

Solution 4: Update Your Software

Outdated software can sometimes cause glitches on your iPhone. That's why updating your iPhone iOS software can possibly help resolve any bugs or glitches that may be causing the problem. Check for updates by going to:

  • Go to the Settings app and click General from the list.
  • Next, tap the Software Update option to locate the download page of your new iOS update.
  • If there is an available update, click the download button and install it afterward.

check if there is an ios update version available

Solution 5: Check Your Display Settings

In every smartphone, there is a feature called "Color Filters." This feature can differentiate colors for users who have difficulty seeing. But sometimes, it can inadvertently be turned on, which may result in a pink line on the iPhone screen. To check the display settings:

  • Open Settings and scroll down on your iPhone screen to locate the General option.
  • Under the General option, tap Accessibility tp access the list of accessibility files.
  • Click the Display Accommodations and find the Color Filters and turn it off if it's turned on.

turn off the color filters feature

Solution 6: Contact Apple Support

If none of the above solutions works to eliminate the iPhone pink line on screen, the last solution we recommend is to call Apple support. We think that there is severe damage to the motherboard of your iPhone. They may suggest a repair or replacement of your iPhone screen.

call for help of the apple technician

Tips to Prevent Pink Line on iPhone Screen

Now you know the possible causes and the ways to resolve the issue. You can do a few things to prevent the pink line from appearing on your iPhone screen. By following these tips, you can help keep your iPhone screen looking great and free from unwanted pink lines.

  • Use a Protective Case and Screen Protector
    One of the best ways to prevent any damage to your iPhone screen is by using a protective case and screen protector. Ensure you are using a thick protective case or a high-quality case and screen protector. It will help to shield your phone from bumps, scratches, and other potential damage that could cause the pink line to appear.
  • Avoid dropping or mishandling the iPhone
    Another important tip to prevent the appearance of a pink line on your iPhone screen is to hold it carefully and avoid dropping it. If you drop your iPhone frequently or mishandle it, there is a higher chance that the LCD panel or the display could get damaged, leading to a pink line appearing on the screen. Even a minor drop can cause damage to the screen and potentially lead to the appearance of the pink line.
  • Update the iPhone regularly
    Be sure to keep your iPhone updated with the latest software. This helps address potential bugs or issues causing the pink line to appear. In conclusion, taking proper care of your iPhone is crucial if you want it to function properly and stay in good condition.

prevention tips to avoid pink line


Every iPhone user experiences different colors appearing on the screen, like pink lines, vertical lines on iPhone, etc. This article discussed how to fix the pink line on the iPhone screen. As we have seen, a pink line appears because of physical damage, manufacturing defects, or software issues. After knowing the reasons, we listed some of the best ways to fix the pink line issue, such as using a system recovery tool, restarting your device, pressing the screen firmly, etc. However, it is important to remember that prevention is always better than cure.

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