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Convert FLV Files Into Various Formats For Free In Three Easy Steps
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Convert all regular video and audio formats, including MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, WMV, AVI, MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG and more.

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How to Convert Any FLV Video to Your Desired Format

Upload FLV File
Click the "Upload" button and select a file through your file explorer using the browse functionality. You also have the drag-and-drop functionality with this application. So, you can drag the FLV file in this FLV converter and upload it with an easy experience. Here you can upload FLV files with a maximum limit of 500MB.
Select Desired Format
After uploading your file, you must select your desired format from the dropdown menu at the right. Select any format of choice and click on "Convert" at the bottom right. The website will start processing your video.
Convert and Download
Track the conversion progress through the progress bar present below, and once it completes the conversion, you will get a download button. Click on it and specify the download destination location. If you have a default download location set for your browser, you will not need to do anything, and pressing the download button will begin your download.

About Free Online FLV Converter

The Free Online FLV Converter is your best FLV to MP4 and other formats converter. If you ever face a situation where your device won't support this file, you can convert the file into your desired format quickly and easily. All this while using the intuitive features of the Flash Video converter. Here are some of its top features.

use for freeFree Online Video Conversion

It is your free FLV converter that you can use online without needing any additional tools or software. It works on all browsers, all computers, and all operating systems. So, you can convert FLV files to your desired files for free here.

advanced converterConvert Videos Up To 500MB

With this FLV converter, you can convert almost every FLV video you have. It has a huge maximum limit of 500MB, which will be more than enough for the maximum of your video conversion requirements. While you convert your FLV files here, there will be a lot of formats to choose from for different devices.

high quality outputNo Compromise On Video Quality

FLV video conversion experience is exceptional here, with no compromise on your video quality. It has a straightforward process to convert and download your files, and there are no issues like waiting time, queues, or ads. Thus, it offers a better overall conversion experience. .

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FAQs About FLV Converter

What is the usage of FLV files?

The FLV files use Adobe Flash Player to provide audio and video content on the internet.

Are FLV files useful today?

Yes, it is still among the most used file format for video and audio files across the web.

Which is better, FLV or MP4?

No, it depends on the requirement, as both formats have pros and cons. FLV is a better option for online media, while MP4 provides better offline features.

What to do if the device does not play FLV file?

If your device does not support the FLV, you may need to convert it. You can use the free FLV converter to convert all your FLV files to your desired file format for an improved experience.

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