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How to Use AceThinker Video Master and Video Master Premium

The best video converter you can ever use on your device is AceThinker Video Master. With this video converting software, you can convert videos, including 4K, to formats like M4V, MKV, MOV, and MP4. Another exciting feature of this software is the speed at which it converts video; it's swift. Besides using this app to convert videos, you will be amazed at the editing features if offers. You can use this edit feature to add watermarks, external audio tracks, trim, rotate, and crop videos. The latest version of the app also offers new features, GIF Maker, Video Compressor, and Media Metadata Editor. To know how you can use this tool's fantastic features, make sure you read this post thoroughly.

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Convert Audio/Video to Different Formats

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Step 1 Download and Install

Click any of the "Download" buttons provided above according to your operating system. Install AceThinker Video Master on your PC and launch it. Use the email address and registration code we sent you to register.

Step 2 Upload the File

Click on Add file on the interface and select Add Folders or Add file to import the file you want to edit. Or, you can drag the videos and audio files directly to the software. You will see the file information (time length, screen size, and original format) on the interface when you add them to the program. You can choose any of these options as well from the interface:

vmaster add files

  1. See video information
  2. Rename files
  3. Compress the file
  4. Edit Metadata
  5. Add audio file if you want to
  6. Add subtitle if you want
  7. Place video on the first or last

You can also play the video from the interface, take screenshots, and edit the footage. Click on the Edit icon or Cut icon if you want to edit clips or cut them. Click here to see what if offers.

Step 3 Select the Desired Format

You will see a format icon of the right side of the video, click on it to reveal the available presets. Select a preset of choice and modify the profile settings based on your taste. Click on the Gear icon located right of the custom profile if you wish to change the format settings. You can adjust the settings in the pop-up window as follows: you can change the Bitrate, Frame Rate, Resolution, Encoder, and Quality for Videos, and you can also change the Sample Rate, Bitrate, Channel and Encoder for Audio.

vmpremium choose format

Step 4 Convert the File

Choose the location you want to save the converted files on your device from the bottom bar. Click on the button “Convert All” on the interface to initiate the conversion process on your PC.

vmaster convert

Close to the Convert All button, you will see an option that says merge into one file, use this option If you wish to merge all the files into a single file.

Trim and Split Video

Step 1 Choose the Video

Select the video you want to trim/split, then tap on the Cut icon.

vmaster cut

Step 2 Set the Time Span

You can enter the start time and end time straight from the duration bar at the bottom, or you can drag the clipper on the progress bar to cut parts you do not want in the video. Any part you select will not be untouched. Click on Add Segment if you wish to add more segments; this will create a new clip. You can select the parts you want in the same manner.

vmpremium set timespan

Step 3 Save the Changes

Click Save after selecting the parts you want to be included in the clip. On the left of the Cut window, you can click on Merge into one if you wish to merge all files into a single file.

vmpremium merge save

Step 4 Check the Video

You can preview the video on the main interface when you click the thumbnail. If you are okay with what you see, hit Convert All. You can click on the Cut icon if you still want to modify the footage, the video segments are still available.

vmpremium save cut

Rotate and Crop Video

Step 1 Access Rotate and Crop Function

The Rotate and Crop option will pop up on the app’s interface when you click the Edit icon. This will also show some editing features.

vmaster rotate crop

Step 2 Rotate the Clip

Now, you can rotate the video at 90°, 180°, 270°, or flip the video horizontally and vertically. You can check the outcome of anything you choose in the preview.

vmpremium flip

Step 3 Crop the Video

The Crop option is below the Rotate option. It offers different Aspect Ratio (1:1. 4:3, 9:16, and 16:9) you can select from to get the size you desire quickly. You can input the number to set the video size in the Crop Area if you are not satisfied with the default available size. You can also drag the frame on the left screen to achieve this. Click on the Cross icon to center the screen once you have selected the size you want.

vmpremium crop

Aside from adjusting the ratio, you can use this program to choose the best Zoom Mode for amazing effects.

  • Full Mode: Stretch the screen by selecting this mode to get the biggest size.
  • Letter Box: This option will add black edges (up and down) to the clip
  • Pan and Scan: Transforms the size of the screen to 16:9. However, it will not show right and left edges in this ratio or down and up in other sizes.

You can make adjustments based on what you want.

Step 4 Save the Video

Save changes made by clicking on OK.

vmpremium save rotate

Effect and Filter

Step 1 Access Effect and Filter Mode

You will find Effect and Filter in the Edit interface. Here, you can change the contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, and so on. You also get to apply any of the available filters to make your video beautiful.

vmpremium effect filter

Step 2 Save Changes

To save changes, click OK.

vmpremium save filter


Step 1 Access the Watermark Function

You can get the watermark feature from the edit interface or window. You can add an image or text to your clip as a watermark. All you need to do is click on Text (then input the text you want) or Image (and select the picture you want to use). Once you are done, you can modify the size of the text or image to your taste, rotate it, and also modify the opacity.

vmpremium watermark

Step 2 Save the Watermark

When you are done, select OK to save changes.

vmpremium save watermark


Step 1 Launch the Edit Window

The edit window also has an audio tab where you can edit audio. Choose the audio track you wish to play or tap the + icon close to the Audio Trackbar. You can change the volume of the audio and modify the time of delay to choose when to play the audio.

vmpremium audio

Step 2 Save Changes

When done, click OK to save.

vmpremium save audio


Step 1 Add Subtitle

This option is available in the Edit interface. To import subtitle files on your device, click on the plus icon. You can also adjust the opacity, color, font, outline, position, and delay time of the subtitle you imported.

vmpremium subtitle

Step 2 Save the Subtitle

Save adjustments by clicking OK.

vmpremium save subtitle

Media Metadata Editor

Step 1 Access Metadata Editor

To access Media Metadata Editor, click on Toolbox on the top Menu. In this window, you will also find GIF Maker and Video Compressor.

vmpremium metadata editor

Step 2 Choose the File

Select a file in any of the supported formats, like AVI, WMV, ASF, WMA, MPC, MP4, MOV, M4P, 3G2, M4R, and M4A. After this, you can edit the file name, artist, cover, album, year, track, genre, comments, and composer.

vmpremium edit metadata

Step 3 Save all the Changes

Click Save once you are done editing.

vmpremium save metadata

Video Compressor

Step 1 Launch the Video Compressor

The Video Compressor is available in the Toolbox window. Choose a video you want to compress, then select the size, format, resolution, name, and bitrate of the selected file.

vmpremium compress

Step 2 Compress the File

Click Compress after choosing the location you want to save the file.

vmpremium compress file

GIF Maker

Step 1 Access the GIF Maker

You can access the GIF Maker in the Toolbox window. It offers different features like Effect & Filter, Rotate & crop, Audio, Subtitle, and Watermark that you can use to edit your video. You can also cut the part you want to create a GIF, set the frame rate as well as the output screen size.

vmpremium access gif

Step 2 Generate the GIF

To create GIF, click Generate GIF.

vmpremium generate gif

Choose Preferences based on what you want

When using the ripper or converter feature, you can tap on the Gear icon located at the bottom of the interface. This is also the Preference button. It has 4 options.

1. General

In this option, you can choose the Audio Language, Subtitle Language, update settings, and GPU Acceleration.

vmaster general

2. Convert

In this option, users can select convert tasks, snapshot folder, output folder, and so on.

vmaster convert

3. Toolbox

You can set the location to save GIF files and compressed files in the Toolbox option.

vmaster toolbox

4. Task Schedule

This option allows you to choose an action after completing a task.

vmaster task schedule

Additional preference settings for Video Master

What you have read so far in this post is a guide on how to use this software to edit videos, convert videos, and add audio or subtitles. Besides these features, it also offers some other exciting features.


To get the latest update for this program, you need to modify your settings to receive notifications for available updates. Click on Menu, go to Preferences, click on Check Update, then select Automatically.

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Last updated on March 3, 2021

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