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The ideal tool for conducting basic PDF alterations is PDFfiller. Besides, the tool is integrated into websites and apps using API by the developers. However, the most reasonable action could be to start looking for alternatives because of the pricing, which is not always affordable for most users. If you're seeking a more efficient and user-friendly solution, it's time to explore alternatives that streamline your document management experience. Embrace a fresh approach with other options that offer enhanced features and a more intuitive interface. Furthermore, when selecting the best tool for your company comparable to pdfFiller, you must consider some essential elements. That includes the features of each solution, the user interface's usability, cost, and value for money, for example. We curated the five best tools to help you easily find the best pdfFiller alternative! Join the satisfied users who've upgraded their workflow with these alternatives. Don't let pdfFiller hold you back any longer. Make the smart choice today and harness the efficiency and power of our suggested options below.

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What to Look For in Choosing the Best pdfFiller Alternatives?

When choosing the best alternative to pdfFiller, it's important to consider several general standards that will guide you toward a more suitable solution. Considering these standards will help you narrow your options and choose an alternative to pdfFiller that aligns with your needs and preferences. Below are some key aspects to look out for:

  • Functionality and Features. Evaluate the alternative's capabilities. Does it provide all your document creation, editing, and management features? Look for advanced features to enhance your workflow, such as e-signature integration, collaboration tools, and secure sharing options.
  • User-Friendly Interface. A user-friendly interface can significantly impact your experience. Opt for an alternative with an intuitive layout and navigation. A clean and organized interface will save you time and reduce the learning curve, making you more productive.
  • Compatibility. Ensure that the alternative solution is compatible with your devices and operating systems. Whether desktop, mobile, or web-based, compatibility is crucial for seamless access and editing across different platforms.
  • Pricing. Consider your budget and the value you'll receive. Compare pricing plans, subscription models, and any hidden costs of the alternative solution. Opt for an alternative that aligns with your financial resources while delivering the necessary features.

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AcePDF: The Best Alternative to pdfFiller

Pricing Plan: You can get the lifetime license of the app for $199.95 for a discounted price of $59.95. Also, you can get its one-year license for only $39.95 from its original price of $99.95. But if you want to try it first, get the monthly charge of $9.95 from $29.95.
Distinctive Feature: The app allows you to utilize the “Compress” feature to optimize and shrink the PDF file size for simple sharing and storing.
Limitations: MacOS 10.3 (Panther), earlier versions, and Windows versions 6 and below do not support the app.

AcePDF is known as one of the best pdfFiller competitors in the market. It is an all-around software that can make your PDF workflow more seamless. Unlike pdfFiller, this tool can work purely offline, allowing you to finish your work without an internet connection and delays. Furthermore, its OCR features consist of the “Standard” and “Enhanced” modes, which pdfFiller is locking off. If you want to convert scanned PDFs easily, you can use the “Standard” mode, but if you need a more accurate result, “Enhanced” mode is recommended. Meanwhile, AcePDF has a Word-like interface to navigate all its features easily, which is more convenient than pdfFiller, which has complex navigation. Besides, the tool’s editor allows you to white out PDF, add or remove texts and images, replace background color, and more.

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4 Other Alternative to pdfFiller Review

1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Pricing Plan: Select from options like Acrobat Standard at $12.99 per month and Acrobat Pro at $19.99 monthly to gain entry to its toolkit.
Distinctive Feature: It has an OCR feature which is particularly useful for transforming non-editable content, like printed text, into digital text that can be modified and searched.
Limitations: While the tool boasts intuitiveness, its extensive array of functions does entail a period of familiarization that may overwhelm new users.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC presents a compelling alternative to pdfFiller for multiple reasons. It is a well-established and reputable software that boasts years of recognition. This longevity fosters a substantial user community, ripe for assisting and insights into its usage. Moreover, the software comes equipped with various features encompassing PDF viewing, editing, and white out PDF. Utilizing it helps you to effortlessly sign documents with the assurance that their integrity remains intact, impervious to human interference and software alterations. Also, this software facilitates the aggregation of signatures, digital progress tracking, and the automatic archival of all signed documents, streamlining the entire process. If you are looking for a pdfFiller safe alternative tool, try Adobe Acrobat Pro DC!

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2. Foxit PDF

Pricing Plan: Its PDF Editor Suite Pro for individuals costs $10.4 per month, while the pro version for teams costs $11.40 per month.
Distinctive Feature: It has robust collaboration tools that facilitate real-time commenting and annotation to help multiple users work together on a single PDF file.
Limitations: A limitation of Foxit PDF is that certain advanced features, such as advanced form creation or extensive document automation, are not available on the 14-day free trial.

Foxit PDF offers solutions tailored to business professionals, providing a versatile approach to working with PDFs and forms. With an extensive suite of features like viewing, creation, editing, collaboration, organization, and file exporting, it emerges as one of the top alternatives to PDFFiller. The platform's interface has also been thoughtfully translated into numerous languages, including Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Norwegian, and Swedish, enhancing user convenience. A key advantage is its seamless integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Microsoft SharePoint. What makes it outstanding than pdfFiller is its validators for complying with PDF/UA and PDF/VT standards, along with PDF document analysis to ensure compliance with specific PDF version requirements.

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You can check this link on how to use this tool in detailed guide.

3. DocuSign

Pricing Plan: The Business Pro version costs $40 per month, and the Standard version costs $25 per month. If you want the tool for personal use, you can use the Personal version for $10 per month.
Distinctive Feature: It has premade templates of contracts and proposals, allowing you to select one and customize it depending on your requirements.
Limitations: Pricing plans are a bit high for small businesses.

Another pdfFiller alternative you can use is DocuSign. Renowned as an industry leader in electronic signature solutions, DocuSign stands out for its secure and legally compliant platform, instilling trust in crucial document signing processes. The tool’s user-friendly interface and intuitive features ensure effortless navigation and document completion, translating to time saved and enhanced productivity. Furthermore, DocuSign integrates with other widely used software and platforms, delivering a seamless and streamlined workflow adaptable for businesses of varying sizes. You can integrate Salesforce, Zoom, Slack, SAP, and others. With its formidable features and established reputation, DocuSign stands as a dependable and efficient choice for those seeking an electronic signature solution they can rely on.

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4. iLovePDF

Pricing Plan: A premium subscription costs $7 per month, but you can be billed for one payment of $48, depending on your preference.
Distinctive Feature: It allows you to save your completed PDFs directly to cloud services, like Google Drive and Dropbox, for easy management.
Limitations: Its OCR feature sometimes results in inaccurate output, which needs editing to correct the errors.

If you want to be practical in terms of storage space, you can use a web-based site like pdfFiller. You can utilize iLovePDF, a straightforward online PDF management solution offering different PDF editing functions. This online solution allows you to make 2 pages into 1 file, split, compress, add a watermark and signature to PDFs, and more. What is more, the tool allows you to convert a PDF file to several formats, including JPG, HTML, Excel, PPT, and others. Unlike pdfFiller, you can edit and convert PDFs at the same time in different tabs with this tool. Also, you can protect your PDFs by adding a password to limit or prevent unauthorized access.

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Extra Tips on Selecting the Best Alternative to pdfFiller

Listed below are some additional tips to consider when choosing the best alternative to pdfFiller. By thoroughly evaluating them, you'll be better equipped to decide when to select the pdfFiller that suits your specific needs and preferences.

  • Feature Comparison. Beyond the general standards, delve deeper into the specific features offered by each alternative. Assess if the option provides functionalities that directly address your needs, such as e-signature capabilities, advanced form editing, collaboration tools, or OCR. You can extend your reading on this link to learn more about PDF OCR.
  • Trial Period. Utilize trial periods or free versions offered by alternative solutions. This hands-on experience can help you assess the user interface, ease of use, and compatibility with your workflow before committing to a subscription or purchase.
  • Cost Analysis. Besides the base subscription price, consider any additional costs that might come with certain features, usage limits, or premium plans. Compare the overall value you'll receive for the price you're paying.
  • Security Measures. If dealing with sensitive documents, prioritize alternatives that adhere to strong security practices, such as data encryption, compliance with industry standards, and secure sharing options.

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FAQs About PDFFiller Alternative

What is AcePDF?

AcePDF is a versatile PDF editing and management app that empowers users to create, view, edit, convert, and collaborate on PDF documents. It offers a range of features such as text editing, annotation, form filling, page manipulation, and secure sharing. With an intuitive user interface, AcePDF aims to streamline various tasks related to working with PDF files.

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How does it compare to PDF Filler?

AcePDF and PDF Filler are solutions designed for PDF document management but differ in several aspects. While both offer features like form filling and annotation, AcePDF tends to focus more on a comprehensive set of tools for PDF manipulation, including text editing and page organization. PDF Filler, on the other hand, emphasizes form creation and electronic signatures. The comparison between AcePDF and PDF Filler depends on individual needs. It's recommended to assess your specific requirements and consider factors like features, user interface, and pricing when determining which solution aligns best with your needs.

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In document management, the array of alternatives to pdfFiller provides a diverse landscape of choices tailored to individual needs. From comprehensive toolkits and intuitive interfaces to robust collaboration features, these alternatives empower users with enhanced functionalities. As you venture beyond the confines of pdfFiller, remember to align your requirements with the specific strengths of each choice. Be it the industry-leading electronic signatures of DocuSign, the versatile PDF manipulation tools of iLovePDF, or the scalable capabilities of AcePDF, the options are abundant. With careful consideration of features, pricing, integration, and usability, you can seamlessly transition to an alternative that elevates your document workflow and efficiency.

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