6 Best Tools to Convert PDF to Docx Without Losing Format

Be an expert and convert your PDFs to Word without format issue!

  • Download AcePDF and launch it to familiarize its main interface.
  • Next, drop a PDF and tick the "Tools" button to see various options.
  • Lastly, hit the "PDF to Word" and click "Convert" to process the PDF.
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Users who need to edit or extract material from PDF documents may find converting PDF files to Word format useful while keeping the original formatting. The seamless switching between the two file formats made possible by this technique gives you more freedom and convenience. Portable Document Format (PDF) files are renowned for maintaining formatting across various systems and devices, making them perfect for sharing and viewing content consistently. However, PDFs can be difficult to alter or extract material from because of their strict structure. Thankfully, numerous online converters and software solutions can convert PDF to Word without losing formatting. These converters accurately translate the layout, fonts, photos, and other components of the original PDF using sophisticated algorithms, resulting in a Word document that closely resembles the original. You may quickly edit the text, change the layout, add or remove material, and apply formatting styles in a comfortable and familiar environment. Furthermore, this technique saves time and effort by avoiding the need to manually redo the document's structure and formatting from the start. Find the details below to learn more about this process!

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Understanding PDF Format

Adobe Systems created the widely used PDF (Portable Document type) file type in the early 1990s. It is a popular option for document exchange because of its many benefits. One of PDF's main advantages is platform and device independence. This enables files to be viewed and printed uniformly across various platforms and devices without requiring specialized software or fonts. Also, it ensures the document keeps its original formatting and appearance regardless of the operating system or device used. The original page's layout, fonts, graphics, and other formatting components can all be preserved in PDF files, guaranteeing a consistent appearance across all platforms.

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However, due to differences in font availability, formatting options, or program compatibility, Word documents (such as.doc or.docx files) may appear differently on different devices or software versions. In contrast to Word documents, PDFs are frequently read-only. This makes them possible to transmit documents in a way that prevents alteration and guarantees the integrity of the content. Advanced features like encryption, password protection, and digital signatures are also available in PDF files.

Common Issues in PDF to Word Conversion

Several problems can occur if you convert PDF to editable Word without changing format, which could compromise the document's correctness and integrity. These problems consist of the following:

  • Loss of formatting elements. Maintaining the original formatting is one of the biggest issues in the PDF-to-Word conversion process. There could be inaccuracies in the transfer of fonts, font sizes, colors, and styles, which would destroy the document's visual coherence.
  • Misalignment of text and images. Text and graphics may occasionally be out of alignment after a PDF to Word conversion. There may be overlaps or gaps in the layout due to text shifting or wrapping differently. Additionally, images can be wrongly resized or positioned, affecting the document's appearance.
  • Challenges with tables and graphs. Complex tables, charts, and graphs in PDFs can make conversion challenging. These items' complex formatting and structure might not transition correctly into Word format. This will lead to distorted or unorganized tables, blank or missing data, or skewed graphs.

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The Best PDF to Word Converter

AcePDF is a first-class software that can convert PDF to Word without changing format. It has a robust conversion feature that makes it easier to transform PDF documents to Word, PPT, Excel, TXT, HTML, and more. In addition, it supports batch conversion to process a huge number of PDF files to Word in one click. Even if your PDF files have many complex graphics, tables, and other details, the layout and formatting will not be compromised during the process. What is more, you can launch the converted file to different versions of Microsoft Word. That includes MS Word 2013, 2016, 2019, and 2021.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • You can optimize the PDF before conversion by reducing its size with the tool’s “Compress PDF” feature for convenient storage.
  • The tool allows you to edit the PDF file to remove or add details before converting it to Word.
  • It can merge different PDF documents to make one huge file for easy conversion and organizing of files.

acepdf main interface

Preparing for Conversion

You may take various measures to ensure a clear and error-free PDF when getting ready for conversion. Additionally, there are specific methods you may use to handle issues with OCR, locked or protected PDFs, and other concerns. Here is a guide to assist you:

  • Ensure a clean and error-free PDF. Remove any unnecessary pages, blank spaces, or material from the PDF. Check the PDF to see if the fonts, spacing, and formatting are all consistent. Ensure the document's headers, footers, and page numbers are consistent. After that, correct any text alignment problems, font problems, or broken links in the PDF.
  • Check for locked or protected PDFs. If prompted, enter the password for a protected PDF if you know it. On the contrary, if you don't know the password, try contacting the document's owner or source and asking them for it. Besides, if you can access a printer, you can print the locked PDF and scan it again. The original password protection may not apply to the copy that was ultimately scanned.
  • Resolve OCR-related issues. Another tip you can do before you convert PDF to Word without losing formatting is to resolve OCR-related issues. Ensure the OCR quality is high if you've attempted to perform OCR on the PDF but have encountered problems. Your OCR software's settings should be adjusted accordingly. OCR software may occasionally produce errors, particularly with complex or damaged text. So, confirm if the text accurately portrays the original content by carefully reviewing the OCR results and manually fixing any mistakes. Also, you can extend your reading on this website to better understand what is OCR and its details.

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How to Convert PDF to Docx Without Losing Format

After having an understanding of the best software you can use for the process and the tips you need to consider, you can now begin converting. Follow all the detailed instructions below to easily catch up in using the best text scanner apps to convert your files without formatting issues.

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Step 1 Install Software and Import PDF

For the first step, tick the “Download” icon above to launch AcePDF’s installer. Afterward, come after the prompt to acquire the software successfully. Once done, open the tool and hit the “+” icon on the uppermost-left section to import your PDF. Alternatively, you can instantly drop the file into the app, depending on your liking. Then, the file will appear alongside different features.

import file in acepdf

Step 2 Modify the PDF Document

Next, move to the “Edit” tab to modify the PDF and preserve the formatting. You can arrange the text layout, like position, spacing, size, and more. Besides, you can insert images, arrange pages, and more. Also, you can move to the “Protect” tab to add your handwritten or digital signature.

acepdf edit texts

Step 3 Begin Converting PDF to Word

After editing the PDF file, you can head to the “Tools” tab to launch the different tools and features. You can hit the “Compress PDF” if you want to optimize the file if it is too large. On the other hand, you can tick the “PDF to Office” button and select “PDF to Word” from the option. Once done, modify the output folder on the bottom and hit the “Convert” button from the pop-out window that will appear to start.

hit tools, select pdf to office and word, hit convert

Step 4 Open the New Word File

Finally, move to the specified destination folder on your file menu and search for the Word file. It has the same filename as the PDF version but in Word format. Then, right-click the Word document and choose “Open with” to launch the available apps. Select the “Word” app to launch and check the converted file.

locate file, hit poems and click open with and word app

Advanced Techniques for Maintaining Formatting

There are certain advanced approaches you can use when it comes to converting PDF to Word without formatting changes. That includes retaining hyperlinks and bookmarks in a PDF and handling complex tables or employing OCR technology. Here is a guide to assist you with this particular technique in detail:

  • Using OCR technology effectively. To streamline the OCR procedure, explore the feature of your OCR program. Look for conversion options that allow you to keep formatting, font styles, and layout features. Running OCR on smaller segments of a large or complex text may be helpful rather than the entire thing. The accuracy and consistency of formatting are preserved in this way.
  • Handling complex tables and graphics. Check the extracted tables' alignment. Adjust the table's layout to ensure the columns and rows are correctly aligned. Also, consider manually generating the table in a word processing or spreadsheet program if OCR needs help with complex tables. Rebuild the table structure after copying the table's contents from the OCR text.
  • Preserving hyperlinks and bookmarks. Ensure that the software you employ to convert PDFs allows for preserving bookmarks and hyperlinks. This is especially crucial if you convert the PDF to a different format, like Word or HTML. Then, check that hyperlinks are still working properly after converting the PDF. Click on the hyperlinks to ensure they open the intended web pages or resources.

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Other Five Best PDF to Word Converters

1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a well-known PDF to Word converter without changing format that you can utilize. The tool’s PDF-to-Word converter makes it very simple for users to convert PDF files into editable Microsoft Word documents. In addition, the software accurately recognizes and converts text, photos, and other content from PDF to Word using cutting-edge OCR technology. Throughout the conversion process, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC assists users in maintaining the integrity and consistency of their documents. That is by retaining the original formatting, fonts, and layout to the greatest extent possible. Also, you can use it to remove footer from PDF, and add a watermark, background, and other elements before the process.

adobe acrobat pro dc interface


  • You can merge numerous files, make annotations, create forms, apply images to PDF, and more before the process.
  • It upholds the document's overall structure, including the headings, paragraphs, lists, and tables. This aids in keeping the text organized and flowing logically.

  • Its affordability may be a significant consideration for some users. It has subscription options starting at $199.99 per month, which might be expensive for users needing basic PDF functionality.

2. iLovePDF

Another tool you can utilize for the process is a web-based tool like iLovePDF. This tool allows you to convert PDF to Word online free without losing formatting and other layout issues. Furthermore, this is particularly useful when you need to make edits to a PDF document that you don't have the original Word file. Then the converted Word documents retain the original formatting, graphics, tables, and images as closely as possible, ensuring the accuracy of the content. It's a simple and efficient way to convert PDFs to Word documents, and it's all available for free on iLovePDF.

ilovepdf interface


  • The platform supports batch conversion, allowing multiple files to be converted simultaneously.
  • ILovePDF is designed to provide fast conversion times, allowing users to obtain the converted Word documents promptly.

  • While iLovePDF offers simplicity and ease of use, it may have limited customization options, like quality for conversion settings.

3. Nitro PDF Pro

Nitro PDF Pro is feature-rich software that can edit and handle PDF files. Also, the tool's PDF-to-Word converter enables you to quickly and precisely turn PDF files into editable Microsoft Word documents. Its advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology is used to recognize, extract, and convert text, images, and other content from the PDF format into Word format. This ensures that the converted file closely resembles the original content and allows for easy editing and collaboration in Word. Also, the tool has extensive editing features that you can operate before converting. For instance, you can modify existing texts, images, links, and other elements.

nitro pdf pro interface


  • It allows you to integrate Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to convert PDFs in no time easily.
  • You can use it to combine multiple PDFs for a quick and convenient converting process.

  • Users who are unfamiliar with the software may need to spend some time learning its features and streamlining their process.

4. PDFSimpli

As its name suggests, managing PDF documents with this tool is simple and convenient. PDFSimpli is another online tool that can help you convert PDF to Word and other formats like Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG, and others. When it comes to the conversion result, the tool will preserve the source layout and formatting. This is helpful to minimize your editing time when reviewing the converted document. You can import your PDF document if you want to use this tool. Then, edit the details to ensure you have included all the necessary elements. After that, you can click the “Convert” button to transform your PDF to Word.

pdfsimpli imterface


  • It has extensive editing tools, like replacing or adding text, highlighting, adding annotation, and signatures to PDF.
  • The tool has zero to no learning curve because of its sleek interface and easy-to-use converting features.

  • For the converting process, PDFfiller uses its servers. The converter's accessibility or operation may be impacted if the servers have problems or downtime.

5. Expert PDF

The last tool that can convert PDF to Word without changing format is Expert PDF. It is a professional app that can work on Windows and Mac computers. Moreover, the app keeps the identical formatting and content of your document. Its file conversion offers an extremely precise process. That means the structure of the converted file remains exactly the same as the source, including the text and images. On the other hand, the tool has different conversion features. You have options to convert all PDF pages, current, first, or last page. Also, you can personalize a page range you want to convert.

expert pdf interface


  • The tool has an OCR feature to accurately read and convert scanned PDFs to Word.
  • It can convert PDF to other formats such as PNG and JPEG formats, Excel, and PPT.

  • Expert PDF may consume significant system resources, especially when working with larger or more complex PDF documents.

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