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How to Fix iPad Lock Button Not Working

ipad power button issueYou cannot use your iPad efficiently if your iPad on/off button does not work correctly. To learn how to fix your iPad lock button, continue reading this article. I will assist you in finding out why your iPad power button is stuck and what steps applied can help you get your iPad power button back to work. There are several ways to get your job done. Often, there are no significant issues with the iPad; a glitch may affect your iPad's performance. The minor fault in the iPad can be causing touch disability which eventually leads the iPad on-off button not working correctly.

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Remove the iPad Cover

Even with Apple support, the most recommended method is to remove your case on the iPad. The case is made from a rubber material that can block iPad buttons from performing well, and it can be blocking or trapping dust particles that can be causing the iPad power off button not working correctly. Try using the button after removing the case; if the button is still not performing, move on to the next fixing step suggested below.

remove iPad cover

Clean the Dirt of the iPad

One of the most ignored things that we do with our devices is not clean them, as mentioned above if you still haven't cleaned your iPad. The minor gaps or holes in our devices can trap dirt, and this also causes them not to function properly. So try cleaning the iPad from outside, especially near the button, and see if that changes the performance.

clean iPad button

Turn on Assistive Touch

Apple comes with valuable features that come in handy in such situations of difficulty. Just like the assistive touch. By going to the setting and hitting the accessibility button, you can enable the assertive touch, and this will turn it on. This feature helps you use the iPad top button not working.

turn on Assistive touch

Try to Restart the Device

Another standard method that, if you haven't tried yet, also works at times is restarting your device. Due to heavy use, iPad devices can sometimes get stuck and stop working. In this case, just restarting the iPad can make the iPad function better. This is one of the most manageable steps that even kids prefer applying when facing "iPad power button stuck" issues. Just follow the three basic steps. Firstly hold the iPad power button long enough to see the slide to power off on the iPad screen; from there, leave the button and push the iPad home button down and finally press the home button again until the screen appears back.

restart iPad

Get the iPad Repaired via AceThinker Fone Keeper

These steps were easy and simple, but there are always other ways to get your device repaired if they still don't work. There is a software especially for iOS devices that help in repairing iPad, iPhone, iPod products. One of the most recommend out of that software is AceThinker. Use AceThinker Fone Keeper-iOS System Recovery . It will make your life easier. It provides a three-step easy process that guarantees to fix the system and more than fifty issues that can take place in your iOS device like iPad. AceThinker is said to bring back your device to its normal mode after its recovery through the software. It fixes any problem like the charging issue with the battery when the device doesn't turn on, frozen or disabled screen, etc. The software can fix more than fifty problems of iOS systems and devices. All you have to do is connect your iPad to the software, and within a few simple clicks, your iPad will start getting fixed.

Try it for Free.

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The software also provides:

  • Can fix any abnormal situation your iPad is in.
  • It doesn’t leak your data and info.
  • The process is quick and easy.
  • Take a few minutes to complete the recovery process.
  • Fixes iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

Final Verdict

You have probably got your iPad working back or started the repair process by now. This information will also be useful for next time. In case an iPad on off button stuck issue comes again, you'll be ready to sort it out quickly and easily. If you tried the iOS software repair AceThinker Fone Keeper. Do let us know in the comments below about your experience with the software. What did you like about the software, and how useful did you find it for your device repair?. There is always something that works out. Any recommended step suggested above can be the one to help you fix your iPad power button. Try and let us know what worked for you. Share the steps with your friends and family if they also face similar issues on their devices. These methods usually work, so you can get your problem solved via these methods. If they still don't work, you need to see a professional get your Phone checked.

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Last updated on February 21, 2022

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