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How To Fix iPad Volume Button Stuck

iPad volume button not workingiPads can be great for getting work done, editing documents, and playing games. Nevertheless, the volume button sometimes will not work when you need it most. It seems like you are having trouble adjusting the volume on your iPad. Alternatively, in simple words, the volume button on the iPad is not working. Either something is wrong, or the buttons might need to be replaced. For starters, try pressing & holding down the volume switch so you can adjust the volume from there. In this article, we" ll discuss how to fix the iPad volume button not working.

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How To Fix iPad Sound Button Stuck

1. iPad Volume Button Jammed

The iPad volume button is not working correctly. One of the most common reasons for this issue is a damaged volume button. The perfect way to fix this issue is by replacing the defective volume button with a new one. This is a pervasive problem with the iPad as it is a delicate device and can be easily damaged. The iPad volume button jammed or iPad volume button struck are the same issues. There are significant steps that you can take to fix these issues.

check iPad volume button

2. Use The Volume Slider From Setting Of iPad

If you have any issues with the volume button on your iPad, it is recommended that you try resetting the sound setting by going to Settings -> Sounds. You can also adjust the sound by dragging the slider that appears in the options pane to your desired volume level. The further you drag it right, the louder your iPad will play sounds. It is one of the prominent solutions to the volume button stuck on the iPad.

iPad slider

3. Using Assistive Touch Button On iPad

You can increase or decrease the volume using Assistive Touch on your iPad. To turn it on, go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> Assistive Touch button. It can be done by turning on the Assistive Touch button under General & Accessibility settings on the iPad. A virtual button will appear once the setting is active. In this way, you can adjust the iPad volume if the volume button on the iPad is not working. It is the quick fix for the issue of the iPad volume Button not clicking.

iPad assistive touch

How to Permanently Fixing iPad Volume Button Fix Problem

If you want to figure out the real cause of the issue of the iPad volume button not working, these four solutions can be much helpful in this regard. If you are unable to reduce or increase the sound even by pressing the button for a long time, try the solutions below:

1. Restarting Your iPad

Sometimes, the iPad forces a restart without you doing anything. The main way to fix the issue is to "force" restart your iPad. This usually takes care of the problem, but you should also contact Apple for any extra assistance! The iPad power button is different from the Home button, but for the best chance of getting your device to reset, it is essential to press both buttons simultaneously. After pressing them, you will see an Apple logo, and then it will restart itself. If your iPad does not have a home button, follow these directions to restart it. So, you can try this fix if it does not help: Press the Volume Up button, then you should press the volume down button, then quickly press the Power button before your device gets restarted.

restart iPad

2. Putting Your iPad In DFU Mode

When you put your iPad in DFU mode, it will reboot into a bootable recovery mode similar to when you first got your iPad. DFU stands for Device Firmware Update and refers to updating the firmware on iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) through iTunes. A DFU restore is similar to a standard restore in how it is done. The difference between them is how the device's hardware is updated. A DFU restores updates the firmware, whereas a regular restore does not, so it is crucial to choose a DFU to restore if you have an iPad with buggy software. It will help you solve the volume button issue if the iPad volume button is not working.

iPad in DFU mode

3. Using AceThinker To Fix iOS Glitches like iPad Volume Button Stuck

AceThinker Fone Keeper-iOS System Recovery is a powerful software that can fix iOS glitches. It works by analyzing the device, the software, and the settings to identify any glitches that might be causing problems with your iPhone or iPad. It helps you troubleshoot and fix problems as the volume button is stuck, the phone will not turn on, or Wi-Fi is not connecting. If you have various issues or glitches with your iPhone like a white Apple logo, a black/blue/frozen/disabled screen, an update that will not take, or battery problems, you might want to try this tool first to fix all of these issues in no time quickly. AceThinker is a system recovery software for iOS that can fix 50 different problems related to iOS and your iPhone. You could also use it for data retrieval, regardless of whether you have backups or not. Just connect your device, and it will be fixed soon. If you are struggling a lot in fixing the iPad volume button stuck issue, this software can be a great solution in this regard.

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Step 1 Install iOS System Recovery Tool

AceThinker Fone Keeper is compatible with both Windows and macOS. You can pick any of the buttons above to install it. Wait till the downloading is done, then you can run the installation package and finish all the prompts. Once done, the tool's interface is going to show.

acethinker fone keeper step 1

Step 2 Connect and Choose the Repair Mode

Connect your iPad to your computer using your USB cord and see if the tool recognizes your device. Then, click on the iOS System Recovery, then you will be moved to another page. Then choose the mode you want to use.

select mode

Step 3 Download the Firmware and Repair your Device

After choosing the mode you want, this iOS System Recovery tool will prompt you to download compatible firmware for your device. Hit the "Download" button to save the firmware to your computer and start repairing your iPad.

Repair iPad

Final Thoughts

The iPad's volume button is a prevalent feature, and it allows users to change the overall sound of their device. Some users may experience issues with the volume button that make it either too quiet or not work at all. This article has provided some solutions for these problems and troubleshooting tips to help you resolve the issues like the iPad volume button not working.

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Last updated on February 23, 2022

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