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Best 5 Screen Recorder Without Lag for Windows and Mac

screen recorder no lag As video talks much more than static images, now recording videos has been a trend either to create a video tutorial, file an online video chat, capture gameplay, etc. If you're one of those who need to record computer screen frequently, you may look for a screen recorder no lag that allows you to record anything happening on your computer screen quickly and smoothly with no lags. Here some of the best screen recording programs and apps that let you record screen without lag are reviewed with detailed instructional steps. Just check and get the one that most fits your needs and capture your computer screen smoothly.

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Top 5 Screen Recorder No Lag for Windows/Mac

1. AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium (Windows and Mac)

AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium is recommended as the best no lag screen recorder that can record videos online, capture live meetings, save video chats for both high and low-end PC. This screen recorder allows you to record videos and audios simultaneously. Different capture modes are provided for efficient recording like full-screen, region mode, webcam, around the mouse, follow the mouse and more. This tool can also be used to take screenshots while recording. To know more about this lag-free recorder, see the steps below.

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Step 1. Download and install the program. You can get the tool by clicking one of the "Download" buttons above. Next, launch the installer and follow the setup wizard app to complete the installation. Then, open the software, and select if you will screen record, audio record, or take a screenshot.

record no lag sgpremium interface

Step 2. Initiate the recording process. Next, you can select if you will record in full-screen, region, or webcam by referring to the video modes at the leftmost part of the tool. For region mode, you can select a specific area like 1920x1080, 1280x720, and 854x480 by clicking the "Custom" button and selecting the "Fixed region." Once done, click the "REC" button on the right side of the tool to start recording.

record no lag sgpremium start recording

Once downloaded and installed, open up the program's interface, where you can choose from multiple panels. Before you start the recording, firstly select the audio input by enabling or disabling the System sound or Microphone. In case you wish to record your screen with your comments, make sure to include the microphone audio. In contrast, if you want to record only the ongoing music, select the system sound to be recorded.

Step 3. Preview the recorded video. Once finished, you can click the "Stop" button at the floating toolbar's left side to end the recording. It will show you a video playback where you can check the recorded video. You can keep the video by clicking the "Save" button. You can also choose the Re-Record button to start over again.

record no lag sgpremium watch video


  • It records the screen for up to 4K quality.
  • It has a mini interface that can minimize the program.

  • Audio trimming is not available on its trial version.

2. Gecata Game Recorder (Windows)

The developers of the Gecata Game Recorder claim that it is the best screen recorder for gaming with no lag. Why? It lets you stream and record a game at the same time. With this feature, you can easily share the recording with other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch quickly. Gecata Game Recorder ensures that the recording will have no lag since it uses a Hardware Acceleration technology. Here, it uses your graphic card and processor in its full capacity to accelerate the video encoding process.

gecata interface


  • It can save the game audio in a separate file which is perfect for editing.
  • Record gameplay for up to 120 fps.

  • It only allows you to record for 10 minutes per session if you're using its trial version.

3. BB FlashBack Express (Windows)

Another recommended lag-free screen recorder is BB Flashback Express, which is entirely free. Though it's free, it offers almost all the essential features you may need in a screen capture. This screencast software allows you to record in full screen, capture a window a just a particular area. As for audio, you can record along with the sound from the computer system or Microphone. If you want to crop and trim the recorded video, you will have to upgrade to the paid version to get those functions available. After the video has been recorded, you can share it with YouTube, Revver, Viddler, and more instantly. However, you can only record in AVI and Flash for that tit's only available for Windows. To proceed with this program, refer to the steps below.

BB FlashBack Express settings


  • It has an editing function that lets you add arrows, shapes, and others into the recording.
  • You can record your webcam.

  • Editing features are only available on its premium version.

4. liteCam HD (Windows)

The next game recorder, no lag software on this list, is liteCam HD. This recorder also boasts a Hardware Accelerator function that utilizes your computer's processor in its maximum capacity. Aside from that, it has an intuitive user interface that minimizes CPU usage. Furthermore, it can record your screen and gameplay for up to 1080p HD quality. Moreover, it offers several recording modes that can capture an app window, a custom region of the screen, a full screen, etc.

litecam record


  • The recorded files are available to upload to YouTube directly.
  • It can compress the file size without losing the HD quality.

  • A watermark is present in the recording if you're only on its trial version.

5. ScreenFlow (Mac)

If you want to record the screen without lag on Mac, then ScreenFlow might be one of the best choices. ScreenFlow is a robust screen recording and video editing tool that allows users to record any part of the computer screen along with audio and webcam. With the powerful editing tools, you can freely trim and readjust the recordings with annotations, graphics, music, captions, etc. This Mac screen recorder is best for professionals who need to create high quality tutorials, presentations, demos, etc.

screenflow page


  • High-quality screen recording
  • Rich and powerful video editing tools

  • Mac only
  • A little expensive

Comparison of No Lag Screen Recorders

As can be seen, there are several options available on the market for ultimately fulfilling your various recording needs. It is just up to your preferences which one would be the most suitable for your need to go with as they operate with a different interface and in a different way. At the same time, some offer more flexibility and more robust features than the other. Although it can sometimes be hard to know all the exact differences between the available solutions on the market and know which would be the most suitable for your needs, you can look at our comparison table for the mentioned no lag screen video recorder tools above.

Supported OS Select Region Record Webcam Take Screenshots Ease of Use
Screen Grabber Premium Windows and Mac Yes Yes Yes 9/10
Gecata Game Recorder Windows No Yes No 8/10
BB FlashBack Express Windows No Yes Yes 8/10
liteCam HD Windows Yes Yes No 8/10
ScreenFlow Mac Yes Yes No 8/10

FAQs About No Lag Screen Recording

1. What causes the screen recording lag?

A lot of things must be considered for this. First, your device capability. If you have a low capacity system unit, expect that your screen recording will lag if you have several apps open at the same time. To avoid this, make sure you close any unnecessary apps opened.

2. How to reduce lags during screen recording?

Aside from closing any unwanted applications, you may use minimalist software. One good example is the AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium. The recorder has a Mini interface that it lets you record the screen quickly.

Wrap Up

These are 5 of the no lag recording software that you can use to record videos on your computer without any lag. Whichever software you are interested in applying, they will all deliver excellent and responsive output. However, as we know, if you are a game player or create a tutorial, it is better to have a high hardware computer specification. It is to maximize the capabilities of the screen recording software while enjoying your gameplay or any activity on your PC at the same time.

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