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How to Delete Background in Photopea and Other Software

remove background in photopeaCreating graphics and other digital visual presentations became more accessible as technology advanced. Nowadays, even nonprofessional graphic artists can make their designs using design software or online editing tools. One example is Photopea. Photopea is an online web-based editing platform that users can utilize to manipulate their images. But one of the most used features of the tool is its background removal. Removing the background from images is necessary to create graphics out of images with unwanted backdrops. It is also easier to blend multiple elements from different pictures if their background is transparent. You can learn how to easily remove background in Photopea by reading this article's guides and other alternatives. Alternatives that will make it even easier to remove your unwanted backgrounds.

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How to Use Photopea to Remove the Background

Distinctive Feature: The tool is available in 41 Languages, making it easier to use the Photopea background eraser no matter your language.

User-group:: Proficient users of editing softwares that don’t want to download an editor.

Price: Free

As mentioned above, Photopea is editing software that can remove background from images and more. It can run on any browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. Photopea has a lot of photo manipulation tools, and there are also lots of ways to remove the background using Photopea. However, all the tools need proficiency to use effectively when removing the background. Furthermore, Photopea, being an online tool, has its pros and cons. It is great that users will no longer have to download the tool to use it, relieving their hard disk space from heavy photo editors. However, one of the most frustrating disadvantages of the web-based tool is that it has no autosave feature. If you suddenly lose the work while removing the background, you will have to start over if you haven’t saved the photo. But if you still want to learn how to use Photopea, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Open the Tool and Upload Your Image

First, you will visit the Photopea website to use the editor. Then, you will click one of the options marked below or drag your image to the drop box to upload your image. The tools will also appear once you have already uploaded your image.

open the tool and upload the image

Step 2 Use the Magic Wand Tool

After uploading your image, select the Magic Wand tool, which you will use to make a selection. The Magic Wand Tool can be found on the left side of the website, labeled with a Magic Wand symbol.

select the magic wand tool

Step 3 Select the Background

For the third step, click the background of the image you want to remove. A broken line outline will appear in the background, marking your selection. The selection will show everything that will be removed. You can adjust it by clicking on the background to adjust the outline.

select your background

Step 4 Remove the Background

The final step for Photopea make background transparent is to click the Ctrl + X keys. This will cut out your background and leave your image without a backdrop. After the process, you can now save and download your image.

remove your photo background

Other Tools to Remove Backgrounds

Aside from using Photopea, there are also other tools you can use to remove background from logo and other images. Here is the list of the software you can use as an alternative to the web-based editor, Photopea.

1. PicWish

Distinctive Feature: The desktop version of the tool can process 100 images at once.

User-group:: Users who want to remove the background from images but can’t use complicated editors.

Price: $0.03 per photo.

The first alternative is AceThinker PicWish, a precise automatic background cutter that may be used as a substitute for Photopea to remove backgrounds. The software can effectively remove the backdrop of photographs because of its excellent processing. AceThinker Picwish produces sharply cut outlines from the picture's objects and removes the backdrop as though professional photo editors did it. This program removes the background from hairs and furs better than other automated background removers. Although the tool is not free, it is far easier to use than Photopea. Because of its automatic processing, the proficiency of users is not necessary. Purchase a subscription for 1000 image credits for just $29.99 to receive the best bargain and begin automatically eliminating the backgrounds from your photos.

Step 1 Download the Installer

First, you will acquire the installer of AceThinker PicWish by clicking one of the download buttons below based on your OS. After downloading, you can begin installing PicWish, which is an alternative for Photopea cut out image.

Try it for Free

Step 2 Open the Tool and RemoveBG Feature

After the installation of the application, you can launch the tool’s client to start removing the background. You will use your mouse pointer to select the Remove BG feature, and you will click it to open the mode.

choose remove bg option

Step 3 Choose Your Upload Option

Step three of the process is to choose how you will upload your Images. There are options to use the Upload Image button to select the photos one by one or the Upload Folder option for bulk uploading all images in one folder.

choose how to add images

Step 4 Hit the Start Button

The second to last step is to look at the preview of your images to be processed. Since the process of removing the backgrounds is paid per photo, ensure that there is no duplicate or unwanted image on the selection. After checking, Start the process by clicking the Start button.

preview the image and select start

Step 5 Save Your Image with a Transparent Background

For the final step, you can fine-tune and edit your images without a background using the tools you can find on the right side of the tool. Once you are happy with your edits, you can click the Save All option to save your image without a background.

customize the background then save the image

2. Super PhotoCut

Distinctive Feature: The tool can handle the automatic removal of slightly complicated backgrounds.

User-group:: Mac users that are beginners in using photo editing softwares.

Price: $14.99 is the full version, but the in-app purchases are not included.

Super PhotoCut is the next background-erasing tool alternative to Photopea how to remove background. The tool can distinguish a thorough background from the subject of photographs, but it is relatively pricey compared to other tools. The clever logic of the tool helps to make it feasible. The subject must only be marked using a rectangle for the program to recognize its shape. Your backdrop will disappear and be replaced with a translucent one in a short amount of time. The final and original images will also be compared in a live preview to check the changes. However, despite its exciting features, Super PhotoCut is only available for Mac users. It is an excellent alternative, though when removing the backgrounds and you only have to purchase the app, not pay for photo credits.

removing background in mac with super photocut

3. Adobe Photoshop

Distinctive Feature: The tool contains the most tools that users can use for more than background removal.

User-group:: Proficient users of editing softwares.

Price: $20.99 monthly subscription.

One of the alternatives if you're wondering how to delete background in Photopea is Adobe Photoshop. The most commonly used design program makes it possible to save photographs with a translucent background in addition to editing them. But the problem is that Photoshop doesn't include an AI that provides automatic background removal, in contrast to the abovementioned alternatives. Users must utilize the product's lasso tool, bucket tool, or other selection tools to find the object. Even though Adobe Photoshop involves more work than other background removal applications, its results are of higher quality. Photoshop also supports saving the images into many different file extensions, making your images without a background flexible.

adobe photoshop background removal

4. PhotoScissors

Distinctive Feature: The tool can run on mobile devices running on iOS.

User-group:: Beginners of editing, mostly recommended for iOS users.

Price: $0.03 per photo.

PhotoScissors is the following tool as a substitute to remove background in Photopea. The most incredible option for people is this if they need something quick to use, portable, but with few features and low quality. PhotoScissors is another automatic background remover. However, it performs less effectively than AceThinker PicWish due to the compression. However, if the background isn't too intricate, it can still produce great cut-out subjects for photographs. Moreover, the ability for users to compare the original and edited photos side by side makes the software even better. If users are unhappy with the product's elimination of the backdrop, they could manually change the cut created by the Artificial Intelligence.

remove background with photoscissors

5. RemoveBG

Distinctive Feature: The application has both a desktop and web version.

User-group:: Novice users of editing platforms.

Price: $0.33 per photo.

RemoveBG is another option for removing backgrounds instead of Photopea. Although the program offers a desktop version, individuals in a hurry will find the web version more useful. Like Photopea, RemoveBG has a web version, but its web tool still supports automated background erasing. Users merely need to upload their photographs to the application's site, where it will automatically remove the backdrop. Additionally, in addition to removing the background from images, the online website also polishes photos for use on websites like e-commerce. Nevertheless, similar to PhotoScissors, the online tool only generates product photographs in a limited range of sizes and resolutions. Before downloading and saving the photographs without the backgrounds, the tool still permits minor adjustments.

removebg preview of result

6. Removal.AI

Distinctive Feature: Features an unlimited preview of removing background from images.

User-group:: Amateur users of software editors.

Price: $0.32 per photo.

The following utility automatically removes the background from images for users who do not want to or cannot utilize complex software such as Photopea. The backdrop of any photo uploaded to the software can be removed using the licensed version of Removal.AI. It can save pictures without a background in a maximum resolution of 12 megapixels. The tool is user-friendly for trials since, in addition to the limitless preview, customers receive a 14-day cash-back guarantee if they are dissatisfied with the quality. For users looking for a Photopea background eraser alternative, this is a competent backdrop remover that allows changing the background images to solid colors and adding additional effects.

removal ai background remover

Tips to Remember

1. Save More Time By Going Automatic

To save time when removing the backgrounds of images, you can utilize automatic background removers, such as AceThinker PicWish and PhotoScissors. You will spend less time with the process, and you can do something productive while the process is ongoing.

2. Process in Bulk

If you have a lot of images that you want to process, choosing a bulk image background remover is better since you can process all of your images at once. You can avoid wasting time and effort by removing the background of images one by one.

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