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How to Get Rid of Activation Lock Without Previous Owner

feature remove activation lock without previous owner If you've purchased an old or used iPhone or iPad from someone else, most likely it's because the iPhone or iPad comes with an activation lock on it. This lock stops people from using the device until the former owner has logged into their iCloud account to unblock the activation Lock. If you cannot contact your previous owners, the best option is to search for ways to remove the Activation Lock without a previous owner. How do I remove the previous owner's apple id from an iPad without a password? There are ways to get around the locking feature of your iOS device. We will tackle most of them in this article, so stay tuned.

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Activation Lock – An Introduction

Activation Lock is part of the iPhones Find My Device feature. The activation lock comes on automatically when the Find My device feature has been activated. Hence, activation locks will ensure that your device's information and files are protected at all times and stop anyone who steals your device from reactivating it after having it erased. If an iPhone is deleted without entering the correct Apple ID and password, the screen for activation lock will display.

Pros of Turning On Activation Lock

  • When your phone is insured under the Applecare Theft & Loss package, you're legally required to Find My Device disabled in your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch when it was stolen or lost.
  • You'll be capable of tracking the exact location of your device, having the device sound, or turning on Lost Mode via Find My iPhone.
  • The ability to change your iPhone password using iCloud when your activation lock has been on.

pros of turning on activation lock

Remove Activation Lock without Previous Owner using Specialized iCloud Activation Unlocker (Easy & Safe)

First of all, we strongly suggest removing Activation Lock without having a previous owner on a MacBook or Windows using a professional tool. AceThinker iPhone Unlocker was created to assist iPhone and iPad users get rid of the activation lock and all types of screen locks without the need for any password or other information. In addition, if you want to look up an Apple ID or check if the activation lock is in place or other information about your device, the tool is available to assist you.

Key Features

  • Unlock the activation screen and remove any previous owner's passwords within a few minutes.
  • Unlock all kinds of screen locks on Apple devices.
  • Access easily to your iOS device by using an Apple ID after unlocking.
  • Reduce the chance of previous owners tracking your device.
  • The device won't be deleted and/or blocked from the prior account's iCloud account.

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Step 1 Launch iPhone Unlocker

Open AceThinker iPhone Unlocker, and choose the remove your Apple ID option. Connect your device to the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch using a USB cable.

Step 2 Start the Removing Process

Once your device is identified and you are prompted to start, click Start to begin to remove Apple ID and iCloud account from your device. If the Find My iPhone function is disabled on your device, the uninstall process will begin immediately after you press the button to start. In the event that you have enabled the Find My iPhone function is activated, you will be required to reset all settings prior to proceeding. Navigate to Settings General > Reset. Then, your device will reboot, and the Account for Apple ID or iCloud will be deleted.

Step 3 Verify Two-factor Authentication

If your device runs iOS 11.4, verify Two-factor Authentication is on or not. Go into Settings > Personal Information > Apple ID > Password & Security > Two-factor Authentication. Verify if the Two-factor Authentication function is turned on or off. Ensure that it's enabled and then enter "0000" to confirm that you have been granted access.

Use DNS Bypass to Remove Activation Lock without Previous Owner

While most iPhones today have the most recent version of iOS, if yours has an older version of the operating system, you could use a DNS method to get around the activation lock that your device is locked. This part shares how to remove the activation lock without the previous owner of your iOS device.

User Guide:

  1. Set up your iPhone as a brand new device. Wait until you are on the page for WiFi configurations.
  2. Once you're at the WiFi screen, Connect to a WiFi network, and then click on the icon "i".
  3. On the screen that appears, click to select Configure DNS.
  4. Select the manual option at the top and use the following DNS values.

remove activation lock using dns bypass

Use iCloud Web to Remove Activation Lock without Previous Owner

The only thing the previous owner has to do is erase the data on your iPhone and delete their iPhone off their online account. After this is done your activation key will be removed off your device. Then, you can create your phone as a brand new phone without any problems.

The following steps will explain how to get rid of the activation lock without the previous owner:

  • Open a browser and go on to the iCloud website. Log in to the account you currently use for your lock-free iPhone.
  • Once you are registered, select the option that reads Find iPhone. It will allow you to do things on your phone remotely.
  • Select All Devices on the next screen, and then select your iPhone.
  • Click on erase iPhone, and then Remove from Account.

remove activation lock using icloud web

Contact Apple Support to Remove Activation Lock

Suppose there aren't any alternatives for you to reach an owner who was the original owner of your iPhone or iPad. In that case, you may contact Apple support to assist you in removing the activation lock on your device. It might be a complex process; however, Apple support can assist you if you've got the necessary documents. One method to get rid of Find My iPhone activation lock from your iPhone without the previous owner's knowledge is to show a document for purchase to the Apple Support team. If you provide the document to Apple, they can confirm that the owner was the original one of the phone, and will assist you in unlocking the phone. Alongside proof that you purchased the device, Apple might request additional documents like an identity card.

remove activation lock using apple support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can you able to bypass Apple Activation Lock?

Apple Activation Lock can indeed be unlocked if you utilize the right tools or services.

2. What can I do to remove the previous owner of my Apple ID?

You can delete the previous owner by going to Settings > General > Reset > Remove all content and settings. Enter Apple ID and password, and then remove the previous owner.

3. Is there a Cost-Free Way to Unlock the iPhone Activation Lock?

Because of the incompatibility inherent in the activation lock mechanism, it is difficult to find a way to get rid of the activated lock without using a professional program. However, you can download AceThinker at no cost and check whether it will work on your device.

4. Is there a method to get rid of Apple ID without having a password?

Apple ID has been linked to hardware in your iPhone via Apple Server and is removed only if you enter the proper Apple ID and password. According to our study, some tools will disable Find My Device and then erase the device in order to get rid of Apple ID without a password. If you require this kind of device, look it up on Google and test it.

In Summary

We hope you now know how to remove my iPhone's activation lock without the previous owner. Utilizing professional tools such as AceThinker is far superior to using any other software that is available online. It is simple to use and comes with a comprehensive tutorial available to ensure you don't end up in the middle of the process.

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Last updated on April 1, 2022

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