How to Remove Apple Activation Lock Without Previous Owner

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How to remove activation lock without previous owner?
  • Launch the AceThinker iPhone Unlocker tool on your computer and connect your iOS device.
  • Once connected, confirm your device and enter the 0000 code on the next screen.
  • Wait to finish downloading the firmware package, and afterward, click the Unlock button to start removing the activation lock.

Activation Lock is an important safety feature in Apple devices that prevents unauthorized access to your device. However, if the used iPhone or iPad you purchased still has the old owner's iCloud account linked to it, it can be quite frustrating. In such cases, you must remove the activation lock to use your device without restrictions. But what if you can't access the previous owner's iCloud account or their password? Can the Activation Lock still be removed? The good news is that some methods can bypass the activation lock without the previous owner's help. However, it is worth noting that Apple does not officially support these methods and may violate their terms and conditions. This article will explore possible ways to remove activation lock without previous owner's assistance.

Importance of the Activation Lock on iOS Devices

The activation lock is a safety feature that protects your iOS devices and personal data from unauthorized access. It is an anti-theft feature on all Apple devices running iOS 7 or later. When the activation lock is enabled, the user's Apple ID and password or iCloud account are required to activate the device after it has been erased or restored. If your device is lost or stolen, no one can access your data without your Apple ID and password.

Suppose you are purchasing a used Apple device. In that case, removing the iCloud account or activation lock of the previous owner is important. The previous owner's Apple ID and password tied the activation lock. You cannot activate and use the device if you do not remove the activation lock. Can you remove activation lock without previous owner? Fortunately, there are ways to remove the iCloud activation lock without the previous owner's involvement. Keep reading further to explore different methods and options available to remove the activation lock.

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Best Way to Bypass iCloud Activation - AceThinker iPhone Unlocker

Consider using a third-party tool such as AceThinker iPhone Unlocker for hassle-free account deactivation. This tool designed to remove any password on your iOS devices. It includes the screen lock, passcode, bypass iPhone activation without sim card, and more. It offers three features - Wipe Passcode, Remove Apple ID, and Remove Screen Time Passcode - that can easily remove any password on your device. AceThinker iPhone Unlocker provides a safe and efficient method to bypass the iCloud activation lock without the involvement of the previous owner. Also, this tool allows you to unlock your Apple device and set up a new Apple ID or iCloud account to fully utilize all its features. Additionally, it can unlock all iOS devices, including old and new ones, and is compatible with Windows and Mac. To learn how to bypass activation lock on iPad without previous owner, follow the guide below.

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Step 1 Install the Unlocker Tool

The first thing you must do to solve how to remove Apple activation lock without previous owner's problem is download and install the software. After installing, launch the AceThinker iPhone Unlocker to access its features. Next, connect your iPhone device to your computer using a Lightning cable. Then, click the Remove Apple ID option on the main interface.


Step 2 Confirm Your iPhone Device

Once your mobile phone recognized, you will see your device information on the screen. You can change the information by clicking the drop-down button if the information is incorrect. Once you have done this, click the Start button to proceed to the next step.

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Step 3 Enter 0000 Code

In this step, you must ensure that the Two-factor authentication is enabled on your secondhand iPhone. You can check it by going to your iPhone Settings; Apple ID > Password and Security; Two-factor Authentication. From there, you can toggle the switch if it's not enabled. After checking, enter the 0000 code on the iPhone Unlocker to confirm the unlocking.

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Step 4 Activation Lock Successfully Removed

Afterward, the firmware package you will use to remove the activation lock can download automatically. Then, click the Unlock button to remove the activation lock and install the firmware on your iOS device. After the process, open your device and log in to your iCloud account.

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How to Get Past Activation Lock Without Previous Owner?

If you cannot remove the activation lock without the last owner, contacting Apple Support is another method to solve how to remove activation lock on iPhone without previous owner. They can assist you in removing the activation lock and if you provide proof of ownership or valid proof of purchase. Then, they can contact the previous owner of the device to request their permission to remove the activation lock. The process may take time and involve communication between multiple parties. Still, it is a legitimate way to bypass the activation lock without the previous owner's involvement. Also, you can't make sure that Apple Support helps you, whether they are satisfied with your proof of ownership or not, and it may result in a lengthy and frustrating process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the factory reset and remove the activation lock?

A factory reset will not remove the iCloud activation lock on an iPhone. The lock account associated with the device's iCloud account. To remove it, sign in with the same account. However, you can use the factory reset option to erase all data and settings on the device before removing the activation lock.

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How many days does it take to remove the activation lock?

There is no set time frame for removing an iPhone's activation lock. It depends on various factors, such as the network and device status, the iCloud account associated with the device, and the unlocking method. Some unlocking services claim to remove the activation lock within 24-72 hours, while others may take longer.

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What happens if the iPhone is permanently locked?

If your iPhone is permanently locked, you cannot use it with any carrier or access its features and data. The device may be locked permanently for various reasons, such as entering an incorrect passcode multiple times, activation lock, or hardware issues. In such cases, you may need to contact Apple support or visit a professional repair service to unlock your iPhone.

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Bypassing the iCloud activation lock without help from the original owner or unlocking a secondhand iPhone can be very difficult and overwhelming. However, there are several methods you can try to bypass or remove the activation lock. Some of the popular techniques include using third-party tools and contacting Apple support. To make the process 100% successful, you can use AceThinker iPhone Unlocker. By following some of these methods, you can learn how to remove iCloud activation lock without previous owner's help.

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