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How to Turn Off Restrictions on iPhone Without Password Fast

turn off restrictions on iphone without passwordOn the latest installments of the iOS version, starting from iOS 12, a new feature came out, which is called the Screen Time. The feature monitors and limits the time users spend on a particular application or the iPhone. Screen time can block the users from using the iPhone or a specific app after reaching the time limit or sending a warning. Aside from limiting the usage, the Restriction features are also moved under the Screen Time Settings. If users want to find the Restrictions option for apps or explicit content on their children's devices, they will find it in the Screen Time section. Setting up a Screen Time limit and turning on Restrictions will require a password, making it hard for others to turn it off. However, it can also prevent the device's original owner from turning the restrictions off when they forgot the password that they set. When this occurs, there are only a few options available, and most of them will wipe out the iPhone. Here are sample guides that can help how to turn off iPhone restrictions without password.

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Use Forgot Passcode to Remove Screen Time Without Wipe

If you don't have access to your screen time passcode but do have access to your Apple ID and passcode, you can use those to reset it. This technique is simple. Because you can use the Apple ID account to bypass control of the iPhone's every security feature, it is a good measure to keep a note of your Apple password. Here's how to take restrictions off iPhone without password using forgot passcode.


  • Open your iPhone and then launch the Settings. Look for the Screen Time tab, then hit it.
  • Tap on Change Screen Time Passcode, then choose Turn Off Screen Time Passcode.
  • The iPhone will ask for your Screen Time passcode. At the bottom, there is a Forgot Passcode button. Hit it. It will then ask you to provide your Apple ID account and password. If you enter the correct login info, Screen Time will turn off.

click forgot password, enter apple id and password

Turn Off Restrictions Through iTunes Restore

One of the most valuable aspects of iTunes is its capacity to keep iPhone backups. However, it can also restore iPhones to delete data and settings. It will remove your iPhone restrictions and passwords, plus your data will still be restorable with backups. This is how to turn off restricted mode on iPhone without password using iTunes.


  • Before anything else, you have to go into the Settings, access your Apple ID, go into the Find My iPhone setting, then toggle it off.
  • Next, connect your computer and iPhone using a USB cable. Launch the iTunes tool on your personal computer and wait for it to recognize your device.
  • An option between Restore and Update or Cancel will appear. Choose Restore and Update to disable the iPhone restrictions and Screen Time. You can recover your data later after the reset.

disable find my iphone, choose update and restore

Reset iPhone via iCloud to Remove Restrictions

To use screen time, you must first sign in to iCloud. This is why even without a passcode, you may disable screen time by signing out of your iCloud account. Screen Time can be reactivated later by logging in with your Apple ID. Below is how to turn off parental controls on iphone without password using iCloud.


  • Open your iPhone, then go to the device Settings. Look for the iCloud Settings, then click it. You can log out of the iCloud account by hitting the Sign Out button at the bottom.
  • Enter your Apple ID password at the empty box that will appear, then tap on Turn Off to confirm signing out of iCloud.
  • Finally, return to the Main Settings and look for Screen Time. Tap the Turn off Screen Time button to disable it without entering a password.

sign out of icloud then turn off screen time

Safest Unlocking Tool for Screen Time and Restrictions

Relevant Feature: The Unlocker can turn off restrictions and Screen Time even without a passcode.

Other Useful Features: Other features of the app includes wiping iPhone passwords, lock screen, and Apple ID.

Using a tool is more practical if you are a new iPhone user with little expertise in the operating system or troubleshooting. You only have to start the software and follow the application's instructions. AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is one such program that can turn off restrictions on iPhone without password. It can delete the passcode in seconds with no data loss. It helps you with instructions and warnings in addition to its simple UI. AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is compatible with both Mac and Windows, and it provides a simple solution for users of both OS. It can also run without a hitch on a system with a minimum of 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU, 1024 RAM, and 200MB of hard disk space.

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Step 1 Select Screen Time Mode and Link the Device

For how to disable screentime without password, start by clicking the button at the bottom. This will activate the software's Screen Time mode. The application will then prompt you to connect your iPhone to your computer. Use a USB cord to connect the iDevice, then wait for the application to recognize it.

select screen time then connect device

Step 2 Tap Trust on Your iPhone

A message prompt will show in the program, requesting you to trust the Unlocker by clicking the 'Trust' button. Open your iPhone and, as demonstrated in the tool, tap the 'Trust' button. This confirms that the tool has permission to wipe the Screen Time password. You also realize that there will be no data loss. After confirming on your iPhone, click Done.

click trust on mobile

Step 3 Turn Find My iPhone Off

The third step is a skippable one. If Find My iPhone is not on, click 'Start.' If it is, proceed on following this step. Go to Settings after opening your iPhone. Then click [Your Name], and navigate to Find My. Find the Find My iPhone option and turn it off. As part of the security measure, it will ask for your Apple ID password. Click 'OK' after entering the password.

click start if find my iphone is disabled, disable it if not

Step 4 Ensure the Password Removal and Avoid Data Loss

The last step how to turn off restrictions on iphone without passcode is for your data. You may assure that no file is lost during setting up Apps & Data and choosing Don't Transfer Apps & Data. When setting up Screen Time, check if the passcode is still there by clicking Set Up Later in Settings. Finally, click 'OK' to start the process and remove the screen time passcode.

don’t transfer apps and data, set up screen time later in settings


AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is a wonderful tool to use for Screen Time problems. The methods mentioned above to turn off restrictions on iphone without password require troubleshooting. But with iPhone Unlocker, the tool will do the task for you. Moreover, the software can help with Screen Time limits not working which you can read more here.

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