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How to Do iCloud Unlock Bypass in 4 Simple Ways

feature unlock icloud locked iphone You might have purchased a second-hand iPhone much lower than the current market price. You are happy to have bought it. But when you are trying to operate it, you are being asked to provide the Apple ID and Password, which you have no clue about. It is also possible that accidentally you got your iPhone iCloud locked. Are you facing such problems? If so, the good news is there are effective solutions available. You have to look for the iCloud unlock bypass tool to resolve the problem. Before we show you how to unlock the iCloud locked iPhone, let us get a preliminary idea about what the iCloud lock means.

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What Does the iCloud Lock Mean?

To avail of the services offered by Apple, each user has to create and use a pre-authenticated Apple ID. To use the device's benefits, one has to log into the Account with the ID and password. You must need access to the Apple Account to use the device and related services. Doing this is referred to as iCloud locked. It is a security feature that ensures the better safety of iPhone users. But a problem happens if the user, for some reason, cannot log into the Account since the login details may not be known or forgotten. Below are the methods to unlock iPhone iCloud unlock.

4 Best Solutions to Do iCloud Unlock Bypass

Solution 1: Reach Out to the Original Owner

Unlocking an iCloud-locked iPhone can be done in several ways. The easiest way is to get the original owner of your device. They will likely have their password with them when unlocking it to enter this information and unlock everything about their Account, including settings, apps, etc. Once this has been completed successfully by both parties, setting up new accounts on one another's devices becomes possible (or restoring from backup).

User Guide:

  1. Feed-in the original Apple ID and Password of the original owner.
  2. Go to Settings Menu and tap the owner's name at the top.
  3. Then, you need to sign out from the original owner's Account.
  4. You need to create your Account and log into your iPhone.

unlock icloud by reaching out to the original owner

Solution 2: Unlocking your iPhone from iCloud

The second way is to unlock an iPhone remotely with the iCloud website. You will require access online and your password for either one or two-factor authentication. There are also certain restrictions on who can perform this action. Thus, you need to ensure that they're in a position where their credentials allow them permission before proceeding further. You have to get the original owner to log into their Account on the iCloud website using their login credentials. Once they do this, they need to visit the Find iPhone Section. They then need to select the subject iPhone from the list of devices. Select the erased iPhone and iPhone activation lock removal after that. It is another method you can use when you are in touch with the original owner, not physically present but from a remote location.

unlock icloud by unlocking your iphone from icloud

Solution 3: Using the DNS Bypass Method

Unlocking your iPhone is a complex process, but there's hope for you! A modified DNS server can get the job done in some cases. To use this trick, connect wirelessly to an open Wi-Fi network on Mac or PC; select "System Preferences" from the iTunes menu (or click the home button while holding down Shift). Then, choose the Network section at the bottom right corner of the window that pops up - twice- next enter address bar below web site URL where device seems locked into Erased. You can give this a try to see if it works for you. All that's necessary is changing your current DNS server, and we're good! However, it is not for sure that this method will work. However, it is worth giving it a try. Your iPhone is to be connected to a Wi-Fi network and go to the next network name for opening the settings menu. You need to state Configure DNS on the next screen for changing the DNS Servers for your iPhone. The appropriate DNS Server id needs to be provided depending on your location. Click on the Help option on the lock screen, and your iPhone should be unlocked. It is one of the more complex ways to unlock your iPhone.

unlock icloud by using the dns bypass method

Solution 4: Use Ace Thinker iPhone Unlocker

You have many questions about Apple ID and passwords, but don't worry! AceThinker iPhone Unlocker can help. The unique software unlocks your device without entering the password. So you never have to worry about forgetting it again if you are trying to figure out what's wrong when something goes wrong with an old account still using its previous credentials (maybe because they're not strong enough anymore).

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Beware of Fake Sites Claiming to Bypass iCloud Locks

If you search on the internet, you will find that many websites claim they are the official Unlock specialists. Despite their claims, you need to be on your guard. The reason is that through these, they only try to lure users and extract money. Only with an original Apple ID used to activate the iPhone can you get around the iCloud lock. These services may only be a part of an even more complex fraud scheme. Thus, it would help if you were doubly sure before using any of these fake websites. You must be very careful. Unlocking your iPhone is indeed vital, but at the same time, you need to have your safeguards as well.

beware of fake sites claiming to bypass icloud locks


To conclude, we can say that remove iCloud activation lock without password is a common requirement, and it could arise due to various reasons. We hope that the steps suggested here in this blog will enable you to restore your iPhone device. You have to decide which will suit you the most from the four proposed methods.

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Last updated on April 25, 2022

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