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Easiest Guides to Bypass Activation Lock Without Sim Card

feature bypass iphone activation without SIM cardAs an extra security feature, Apple added the Find My on their devices, serving many purposes. It can help you locate your lost devices and locate your family and friends with the help of their iOS devices. Find My also allows erasing your devices from your iCloud or Apple accounts and even marking them as lost. Furthermore, when you turn on Find My on your device, the Activation Lock feature will also turn on. Activation Lock will help keep the device secure even if it’s in unauthorized hands. The lock can deter anyone from accessing your phone when you mark your device as lost unless they enter your Activation Lock password. But what happens when you forget your Activation Lock password? Or your iPhone system glitch, turning on Activation Lock without your knowledge? You will end up being locked out of your iPhone, which will cause so many problems as your files and device features will remain inaccessible. Five solutions are presented in this article to teach you how to bypass iPhone activation lock without SIM card. Read more now and start solving your problem.

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Use iTunes to Remove iPhone Activation Lock

iTunes is a multifunctional iOS software that allows users to organize, manage, backup, restore, and delete data. What’s more, you can also use this to activate your iPhone even without a SIM card. This can be done by setting up your device as a new iPhone. Follow the steps below to start bypass iPhone activation without SIM card.


  • Install iTunes first if you don’t have it on your computer yet, or update it to the latest version if it is not yet updated.
  • Link the iPhone to the computer with a USB cable and let iTunes detect your device.
  • Select “Set up as new iPhone,” then hit “Continue.”

use itunes to remove iphone lock

  • You’ll get an option to “Sync with iTunes” select that option.
  • Click on “Get Started,” then choose “Sync” on the bottom right corner.
  • Wait for the process to complete then your Activation Lock will be terminated.

sync with itunes, get started, then wait for process to finish

Bypass iPhone Activation Screen with Emergency Call Feature

Although this solution is risky and doesn’t work all the time, it is something that can be effective and done. The procedure can get your iPhone locked or buggy when performing it wrong. The Emergency Call Feature is appropriate for iPhones with no SIM card since emergency calls work even without it. The guide for bypass SIM activation iPhone is listed below.


  • Without a SIM card, your iPhone will display a “No SIM Card Installed” message on the Activation Screen. Press the home button and hit the “Emergency Call” option.
  • Dial 112 or 999, then press the power button shortly after, to disconnect the call.
  • After disconnecting, end the call by hitting “Cancel.” Your iPhone Activation Lock will be removed if the method is done correctly.

dial 112 or 999 on the emergency call feature

Activate iPhone without SIM Card Using Quick Start Feature

Another feature of iOS devices is the Quick Start. It allows users to set up a new device as long as they have an iCloud backup and another activated iPhone to transfer content and data. However, this method will occupy both the devices so choose a time when you don’t need to use both of them before performing the steps.


  • Turn on the new iPhone and place it near the current device. Ensure that both iPhones are signed in to the same Apple ID and turn Bluetooth on.
  • Tap “Continue” on your current device, then hold the current device over the new device.
  • Wait for a prompt that says Finish on the new device then set up Face and Touch ID on the new device to remove the Activation Lock.

Ask for Help from Apple Support

If you are the rightful or legal owner of the iPhone that needs to bypass iPhone SIM activation lock, you may ask for assistance from Apple Support. However, you have to be able to prove that you have legal ownership over the iPhone. You can show the purchase receipts to prove it, as Apple staff will not help you remove the Activation Lock if you don’t provide it.

support team

Bypass the iPhone Activation Using a Professional Unlocker

Relevant Features: It can bypass the iPhone Activation Lock, iCloud ID, and Apple ID.
Devices Supported for Activation: It can remove the activation lock for all iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

Unlocking iOS devices, Activation Locks without SIM card, and others is what AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is dedicated for. It is a robust unlocking software that wipes out all types of passwords on all iPhone models from oldest up to the latest models. Additionally, it will not just clear Activation Lock without a password and SIM, it can also update your locked iOS device to the latest version. The program will install an updated operating system on your iPhone. Besides that, it has minimum system conditions of only 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU and later. 1024 RAM, and only 200MB or more of free hard disk space.

Click the installer of the correct OS below to begin downloading. Then set up the unlocking tool and run it on your computer.

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Step 1 Enter Wipe Passcode Setting

The Wipe Passcode Setting, which is the foremost button from the menu, is what you should select. It will deal with the issue of removing the Activation Lock without a SIM card. After that, use a USB cable to plug in the iPhone to the computer.

wipe passcode using ios unlocker

Step 2 Confirm the iPhone Information

After connecting, the software will start to scan the linked iPhone and display the details. Double-check that the given information matches that of the iPhone to avoid problems with the process. If the details is erroneous, utilize the drop-down icon to select the correct data manually.

confirm device information

Step 3 Begin to Download Firmware

A firmware file will start to download, letting you reset the iPhone. The, the Activation Lock will be removed without a SIM card after the reset with the help of the downloaded firmware. The details will be shown in the progress bar below, making it effortlessly be updated on the process.

donwload the firmaware of acethinker unlocker

Step 4 Remove Activation Lock by Entering the Confirmation Key

Finally, confirm first by inputting the verification key '0000' into the blank text field. Press the "Enter" button on the keyboard or hit Unlock on the screen to unlock your iPhone Activation Lock. The reset with the downloaded firmware will now begin.

entering confirmation key

To Sum Up

The iPhone’s Activation Lock is a valuable security feature, but it can also be a hassle when locked out of your device. But, you can solve it with various complicated and straightforward methods. If you want the best solution that can be done and is not so complicated, you can use the AceThinker iPhone Unlocker solution. Furthermore, you can use this software on other unlocking problems. Such as remove iCloud activation lock without password.

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