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3 Screen Mirror Tools to Cast iPhone to Chromebook

mirror iphone to chromebook Mirroring programs can be quite valuable at times. Assuming you intend to have videos streamed from video sharing sites on the fly. You could mirror iPhone to your Chromebook, availing you the chance of watching your lovely shows as you travel. While most mirroring apps do promise a lot, some tools you would come across online are either not working or unnecessarily challenging to employ. This article features some reliable applications which are much more comfortable when used and do offer fantastic features. Check and find out how to effectively mirror iPhone to Chromebook.

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Screen mirror iOS and control Android from PC .

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Mirror iPhone to Chromebook with AirServer

AirServer comes in handy when considering a mirroring app for iPhone and Android. It features a host of screen mirroring techs you can ever think of. Therefore, you can screen mirror whatever device like iPad, iPhone, Nexus, Android, and Pixel wirelessly. Additionally, it supports Mac, Windows PC, or Chromebook. With this app, you could cast mirror your iPhone screen onto Chromebook, letting you stream every of your media files to your computer wirelessly. Before you can use this app, download the app onto your Chromebook. After this, you can proceed to have your iPhone displayed on your Chromebook.

screen cast

User guide:

  • When you are through with the download, start the app and connect your iPhone and your Chromebook using one wireless network.
  • Access your iPhone's control center by swiping down from the upper part of the screen of your device
  • Tap “Screen Mirroring” from the device list, and choose your PC so mirroring can be enabled.
  • Your iPhone will be automatically mirrored onto your Chromebook.

  • Excellent for streaming media content
  • Seamless streaming experience
  • Friendly user-interface

  • Miracast compatibility had many issues with latency

Cast iPhone to Chromebook Using Mirroring360

The Mirroring360 has always been an excellent alternative to cast the iPhone to Chromebook. This professional mirroring tool's been designed to affect the sharing of your mobile device screen onto a PC as well as vice versa without any need for USB cords. The premium version of this said tool lets you show your screen, allowing you to simultaneously display 40 devices. You can have it share content with any iOS, Windows, Chromebook, or android device. It has features that are useful in facilitating large-scale and corporation-size deployments. Additionally, you could implement its unique Mirroring Assist option when you cannot see the receiving computer’s name. To understand how to use Mirroring360, read the guide underneath correctly.

start mirroring

Steps on using Mirroring360:

  • Have the app downloaded onto your Chromebook. Install and launch the program.
  • Click “Start Sharing” which is on the interface’ right side.
  • Open Control Center in your iPhone as well as tap “Screen Mirroring” before connecting your iPhone as you tap your PC name on the device list.
  • After that, you are ready to play games or watch movies from your own iPhone onto your Chromebook.

  • Supports up to 40 devices at once
  • Excellent for collaborative tasks

  • Needs root privilege before you can do system audio streaming

Screen Mirroring iPhone to Chromebook Via Reflector 3

A viable alternative in this regard is Reflector 3. Like the other tools, Reflector 3 is equipped with many attractive features like mirroring several devices simultaneously, screen recording, and audio narration. This tool makes it easy for you to Google Cast, Miracast, and AirPlay the concerned devices. Therefore, you can seamlessly run your iPhone on your Chromebook. Besides, you may decide to listen to music via your system, which you have connected to your speakers. There is a catch with this application though – it is expensive. But for how you can successfully use this guide, observe the instructions written therein.

activate screen mirror

Guides on using Reflector 3:

  • Have the software downloaded onto your PC. Install and then launch it later on.
  • On your own iPhone choose “Screen Mirroring” from Control Center.
  • Choose your Chromeboook name from the list of devices.
  • And your iPhone screen will be automatically mirrored on your Chromebook.

  • Easy and quick to setup
  • It lets you personalize recordings

  • Windows version lacks certain features
  • Video editing cannot be done


Looking for a mirroring application to help mirror your iPhone onto your Chromebook is not that hard. Although spotting favorable and user-friendly tools can be a pain in the neck. Meanwhile, every tool seems to have its advantage as well as disadvantages. Mirroring360 tends to be most fitting for collaborative tasks. In stark contrast, you can select between AirServer and Reflector 3, if you want to mirror your iPhone to a PC or your Chromebook.

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Last updated on October 16, 2022

Mobile Mirror
Screen mirror iOS and control Android from PC .
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