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Top 4 Huawei Screen Mirroring Apps

huawei mirroring Huawei is one of the biggest mobile providers of high-quality smartphones in the world. Huawei has released several kinds of phones that have plenty of support for watching movies and films and playing games like the Huawei P30. However, there’s no denying the simple joy of watching media and playing games through a larger screen. There are many ways you can cast your phone screen to television and computer, but most of them need you to go through complex, mundane steps. This post can save you a lot of time and effort as it will show you some of the best Huawei screen mirroring apps to mirror Huawei phone screen. Take a look at our recommendations and see which one works for you.

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AceThinker Mobile Mirror

Screen mirror iOS and control Android from PC .

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AceThinker Mirror

AceThinker Mirror is an app that’s been around for a while now. It enables Android and iOS users the chance to mirror their phone screen on to Windows or Mac. It has support for many different devices, including popular models from Huawei, LG, Samsung, and HTC. This tool lets you stream music, games, pictures, videos, and applications from your phone. AceThinker Mirror reflects your Huawei phone to the computer, but it also reflects other Android phones to PC. It lets you control your phone from your PC and manage it with your mouse and keyboard. AceThinker Mirror also has to capture buttons that let you take screenshots, record the screen display, and draw and highlight on the screen. Here’s how you can use this Huawei phone mirroring app;

Step 1 Have AceThinker Mirror downloaded and installed

Download AceThinker Mirror to your computer. Of course, you need to choose the platform depending on what OS you are about to mirror your Huawei phone. Either on Windows or Mac. Install the app and open it up on both devices.

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Step 2 Connect devices

Ensure that the phone and computer are both connected to the same Wi-Fi wireless network. Open the app on your phone and tap on the blue M button at the bottom of the screen when it detects your computer tap on the computer name to make the connection.

connect iphone to pc

Step 3 Begin mirroring

Click on “Start Now” on the box that opens up on your computer to begin the screen mirroring process. You should be able to see the screen from your Huawei device on your PC in real-time. Close the connection at any time by clicking the yellow icon next to the computer name.

start mirroring


You can also mirror your screen by using the default application found on all Huawei devices; MirrorShare. MirrorShare can help you to connect your phone and computer, but this one connects your phone to your smart TV. It lets you project your games, apps, movies, and videos from your smartphone. That way, you can make tutorials and share them with colleagues. Here’s how to use MirrorShare to mirror Huawei screens.

mirrorshare screen mirroring

How to use MirrorShare

  • Start by opening the menu on your TV.
  • Choose “Network > AllShare Settings > Screen Mirroring.
  • Open the Settings on your Android device and click Advanced Settings and then MirrorShare.
  • Your phone should detect the TV and let you tap on it to begin the connection and sharing process.


Times are mirroring your phone on a TV is difficult to do. Those days are over, thanks to Miracast. The program was made to display a mobile screen on a TV. Miracast is commonly found already installed into smart TVs. It allows those TVs to open a wireless bridge between a computer and phone to enable mirroring. There’s no need to have another media streaming device or a cable to mirror your screen. Miracast allows you to play music and videos or watch photos from your phone on your computer. Here’s a simple set-up guide to using Miracast.

miracast mirroring

User Guide

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Huawei device and find Miracast.
  • Launch the app through your phone and enable the “Miracast Display” option on your television. Make sure both devices are on the same wireless network.
  • Tap “Start” on both devices to connect automatically.
  • The screen of your Huawei phone should now display on your TV.

HiSuite – Huawei Screen Mirroring

If you need something more than the other two apps can offer you, then we recommend trying out HiSuite. This phone manager is made by – and for – Huawei. The tool is designed to make it easier to manage and organize files on your phone, including transferring them between devices. It also has other features, such as using it as a Huawei screen mirroring app. Here’s how to use HiSuite with your phone and computer.

huawei hisuite mirroring

How to use HiSuite

  • Go to the official site of HiSuite and download HiSuite and install it on to your computer.
  • Launch the program after installing it and enable USB debugging mode on the Android.
  • Connect your computer and phone using a USB cable.
  • After the devices are connected, you can see the mirrored screen in the application.


These applications offer a variety of ways to help you understand how to mirror the screen on your Huawei device to different sources. You shouldn’t have problems mirroring your phone screen on the TV or computer. If you have the right tool for the job, you’ll save a lot of time and effort. AceThinker Mirror, for example, gives you a simple, straightforward method to protect your Android device to Mac and Windows computers.

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Last updated on October 19, 2022

Mobile Mirror
Screen mirror iOS and control Android from PC .
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