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How to Fix the iPhone Keeps Restarting Problem

iphone keeps restartingOne of the most frustrating things iOS users have to deal with is that their iPhone keeps restarting. Many Apple users have recently told us that their iPhone keeps crashing and restarting randomly under many specific cases. The iPhone would keep restarting, stop working, get stuck at the Apple logo, apps crash on launch, etc. This problem can be caused by many reasons, just like the rest of the iPhone problems. However, you don't need to panic if your iPhone keeps shutting off and restarting, as you're already at the right place. There are several ways to fix my iPhone; restarting is a problem again and again. This guide will help you understand the problem and the best ways to fix it.

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Why Does iPhone Keep Restarting Itself?

If you face my iPhone keeps restarting repeatedly, and the iPhone couldn't access the system at all or if your iPhone keeps on turning off. The iPhone's issue of constantly restarting could have many causes. The Apple logo is often displayed on the iPhone screen. Instead of restarting the phone, the Apple logo appears on the screen. These are some possible reasons your iPhone keeps restarting.

1. Bad Update

This is the most common issue with the iPhone keeps restarting error. If the update process is stalled in between iOS versions, it could cause some problems. My iPhone keeps restarting every time an update is stopped or goes wrong. An unstable iOS update can also cause this issue.

iphone keeps restarting bad update

2. Malware Attack

This is usually possible with jailbroken devices. You can also install apps from other sources if you have jailbroken your device. This comes with some disadvantages and can make your device more vulnerable to security threats. The iPhone may restart if you install an app from an unknown source.

iphone keeps restarting malware attack

3. Unstable Driver

Your phone can go into the reboot loop mode if any driver becomes unstable after making a significant change to your phone. This can be overcome by updating your firmware.

iphone keeps restarting unstable driver

4. Hardware Issue

Although the chances of this happening are doubtful, there are instances when a malfunctioning component in your device can cause this problem. A problem could cause this error in your Power key.

iphone keeps restarting power key

5. App Problems

Although the iPhone restarts issue is not often caused by apps, it can happen. Your iPhone could restart if you have installed an incorrect app.

iphone keeps restarting app problem

How to Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting Issue?

These are the steps to fix your iPhone's problem of constantly restarting. The first three methods can be used if the iPhone keeps restarting itself. You can also try the 4th method if your iPhone is continuously restarting.

1. Update iOS & Apps to the Latest Version

iOS is the operating system for your iPhone, just like Windows on a PC and OS X on a Mac. iOS updates contain many fixes for software bugs and other issues. Sometimes, software updates fix the problem that causes your iPhone to restart or enter a restart loop. Apps could be the reason why your iPhone crashes and restarts constantly. It might be possible to fix the problem by updating your apps to the most recent version. Your iPhone may keep restarting after you update the software. This could be a sign of a software problem. The right way to troubleshoot your device is to again go for a software update. For that, go to Settings, General, and Software Update options, respectively. Install the update if it is available. Check to see if any apps need to be updated to fix the iPhone's keep restarting problem.

iphone keeps restarting update ios version

2. Check & Uninstall the Faulty Apps

An app that causes an iPhone to turn off or restart repeatedly is very rare. Most of the time, your iPhone's software is protected from any malicious apps. Despite this, the App Store has over 1.5 million apps, and not all of them are perfect. You can uninstall an app that you have installed just before your iPhone enters a restart loop. Settings -> Privacy Analytics -> Analytics Data: Another place to look for problem applications is this. This list may contain multiple entries. Scroll through the list quickly and search for apps that appear over and over. Uninstalling an app that you don't like may solve your iPhone's problem.

iphone keeps restarting analytics data

iphone keeps restarting uninstall faulty apps

3. Remove and Reinsert the Sim Card

iPhone keeps shutting off, and restarting the loop could be caused by problems with your iPhone's wireless carrier connection. The SIM card that connects your iPhone with your wireless carrier causes the iPhone to keep restarting. If the SIM card problem is resolved, you can put it back in the iPhone. If the problem persists after removing your SIM card, you will need to either restore your iPhone or replace your SIM card with your carrier.

iphone keeps restarting reinsert sim card

4. Force Restart Your Phone

Sometimes, an occasional glitch can sneak in and cause problems. A hard reset is usually necessary when this happens. Don't perform a force reset of your iPhone If you need to. This is similar to unplugging a desktop computer from the wall and turning it off. Hold the power button and Home key to perform a hard reset; Hold them together until the Apple logo appears. For iPhone 7 or 7 plus users, press the power and lower volume key to force restart. The process for hard resetting an iPhone 8 Plus or X is different. Press and release the Volume up and down button, then Hold the side button down. No matter what iPhone model you have, ensure you keep both buttons together for at most 20 seconds.

iphone keeps restarting force restart

5. Restore your iPhone via iTunes

iTunes can be used to restore iPhone X/8/7/6 to its original settings or recover data from a backup on your computer. You can connect your iPhone to iTunes even after you have put it in recovery mode. These steps will resolve the iPhone keeps rebooting issue with iTunes.

Step 1 Connect to PC

Connect your phone to the computer using a cable. Launch iTunes.

iphone keeps restarting connect to pc

Step 2 Restore

The following pop-up message will appear. To resolve the problem, click on "Restore."

iphone keeps restarting restore

Step 3 Restore Backups

Click on the "Restore backups" button in the Backups section. This will allow you to restore backup data from your phone.

iphone keeps restarting restore backups

Final Thoughts

If you're like most people, you want to get your precious iPhone back so that you can start using it again. Regardless of why your iPhone keeps restarting, you need to get to the root of the issue and solve it to prevent any more potential damage to your iPhone. Fortunately, there are many ways to get your iOS device running smoothly again, as discussed above.

solve iphone keeps restarting

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