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How To Resolve Facebook Most Recent Not Working

facebook feed not updatingIn the early 2000s, the concept of having a platform to connect users worldwide was nascent and premature. Yet, one social media platform was able to thrive and strike upward in the earlier years of social media platforms. Facebook is one of the most influential yet controversial social media platforms that enable users to share, post, like, react, and comment on their accounts. This free will and freedom of expression through social media has been bombarded and widely used by most internet users. Facebook can provide its users with a safe place to express and communicate wirelessly within its users. As time goes by, Facebook always provides an update on its security, features, and privacy policies. Thus, it is one of the applications that constantly has an update. Yet, fallacies still linger in its system. One of these errors is Facebook not refreshing today. Although this error can be removed, many users can still not perform the processes correctly. So, we collected them to provide and impart the best solution to fix this error; read them carefully below.

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Reasons Why Facebook Wont refresh

News Feed is the first page to prompt once you open the application on your device. It is the way Facebook provides us updates to those people who matter. Unfortunately, the newest version of Facebook comes with many ads and promotional skits. This new feature limits account users from checking their friends' News Feed list updates. Sometimes it leads to different Facebook glitches and errors, including Facebook won't update its News Feed. However, there are diverse reasons why this error keeps coming back on your app. If you want to know the cause of why your Facebook is not working correctly, we listed them below.

  • The internet you are connected to is not stable.
  • A software glitch on your device.
  • The Facebook application is outdated.
  • Your device is having a RAM issue.
  • Cache and data can also be why your Facebook is not working correctly.

why facebook feed not updating

Logout and Relogin Your Account

The initial solution you should do if your Facebook wont update its News Feed is to log out and relog-in your account. This solution is optimal not only for Facebook but also for the applications that need an account to utilize its features. Logging out and signing in again on your account will clear any errors and glitches associated with your application. Your Facebook Feed will also be reset and refreshed on the latest and newest updates from your friends' list. Additionally, this solution will clear out the cache and cookies stored on your Facebook app that hinders you from getting an update. Yet, this method is not to fix different Facebook errors, yet it can help you to refresh and restart your News Feed.

login and logout to fix facebook feed not updating

Check Your Internet Connectivity

The following troubleshooting you need to consider is checking the internet speed. We all know Facebook works with the help of an internet connection. This connectivity is how we bond and connect with our Facebook friends wirelessly. So, if the connection is unstable, the slower you get an update on your Feed. Therefore it is necessary to check the speed of your internet. You can try searching for an internet speed test function on your web browsers and check if the connection is stable. However, suppose your WiFi router is not giving you any connection, or it keeps you frequently disconnecting from your device. In that case, you can check this article or call your service provider to ask for their assistance and technicians.

check internet connection or modem

Clear Cache and Cookies

Facebook tends to hold onto information that you have on your News Feed. This information aids users in quickly accessing the page they previously visited. These tiny bits of data are called cache and cookies. But do you know what cookies and cache do for your Facebook application? Well, cookies are small pieces of data from websites and applications stored on your device. Whenever you access the same page or News Feed, the application or website will send the cookie back to the app or site you access with all the information from your last visit. It is used chiefly to store logins, username information, and more. In contrast, cache stored information on your application or browser, including photos, videos, and posts, on that same page you access. This information helps your Facebook application run faster when accessing your News Feed. However, the cache and cookies run glitches when storing too much information. That is why they need to be cleared out if you are experiencing errors, most especially Facebook not refreshing today.

 delete cache and cookies to fix facebook feed not updating

Update Facebook Application

Another option you can look at is if Facebook has a new update or version. As you can see, the application is constantly adding features and functions. These features can only be attached to your device via downloading updates on your Application store. In addition to that, the updates can also clear out different Facebook-related issues, including Facebook most recent not working. So, this solution is favorable for users who do not constantly update their applications. You can fix the issue or error by accessing your device and going to the Application Store you have on your smartphone. For iPhone, access the App Store; for Android, access the Google Play Store. Then utilize your Application Store’s search bar and type Facebook. Tap on the application and get the Update option to download the newest version of it.

update app to fix facebook feed not updating

Check Running Background Application

An additional option to properly fix your iPhone device is clearing the running background applications. Even though your device, especially the iPhone, has enough horsepower and RAM capacity, too many apps running on your device are unfavorable. These running applications can slow down your device, overheat, and take some of the internet connection you have for your device. Thus, if you use Facebook with too many running background applications, your News Feed may come with some errors and problems. The best you can do to revert your Facebook to its original process is to remove all running background apps. For iPhone devices, swipe up and hold on to your screen to check and remove all running background apps. For Android devices, tap on the last button on your System Navigation to locate and remove floating apps.

remove running apps to fix facebook feed not updating

Restart Your iPhone

The next solution you can use is favorable for all apps you have on your device, not only for Facebook. Your device runs in a system where bugs and glitches are randomly recurring and reappearing. Although they can be removed by clearing the cache and cookies, sometimes these bugs must be solved by a major operating system reboot. The most optimal solution to do that is the soft restart. This option will allow your device to terminate all your device processes by turning off the power supply. With that process, glitches and bugs will be removed as they need your battery percentage to exist and lurk on your device’s operating system. It can also remove system-related issues, including iPhone stuck on install now, Spotify keeps crashing, and others. This process also allows your application to reset and relaunch its function. So, if you find out that your Facebook is glitchy and slow in performance, you can do the restart process.

restart your device to fix facebook feed not updating

Check If Facebook is Down

Suppose NewsFeed on Facebook not working correctly, and you have already exhausted the causes and the solutions presented before this part. In that case, the most reasonable option you can do is to check if Facebook servers are down. Since Facebook launched the Meta applications- including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Giphy, and more, you can access its sister application if the servers are down. You can also use different server checkers online to see if there is a system failure and down on Facebook. Additionally, news outlets keep updating the trendiest and newest social media uproar you can use to see if Facebook is down. Millions of users will surely experience the News Feed error if the Meta servers are down and malfunction. The least you can do is to wait until the servers are up and running.

check server error of facebook

How to Fix Facebook Feed On Your Computer

Distinctive Feature: This iOS utility can fix minor issues, including app crashes, software bugs, and more, with its quick fix feature.
Its Advantage: This tool helps users repair their iOS device while doing a backup process simultaneously.
Supported Devices: This device works on the latest iPhone 13 series and its predecessor.

Suppose your Facebook Feed not updating yet; your friend told you that it is up and working on their end. In that case, you need to check your device if it's running correctly. What is the best solution to use to make sure of that? Use an iOS utility that surely assesses and manages your iPhone device. The suitable tool we can recommend is the AceThinker iOS System Recovery. This feature-packed iOS utility management provides an option to its patrons to make use of its recovery process. In addition, the recovery method has two options; the Advanced and Standard modes. Although they have the same output process, these two differ on how to fix your device. The Standard mode is used to fix minor glitches and bugs while retaining the iPhone files. While the Standard mode can factory reset your device to let its function reset and refresh. Yet, to do the process, you need to back up your files first, as it can remove all the data you have on your device.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker iOS System Recovery

The initial guide to fixing Facebook not updating its News Feed is installing the AceThinker iOS System Recovery. Click on the download button or icon at the top of this step to get its file installer. Access your download folder and run the installer to pass through the installation prompts.

acethinker ios system recovery

Step 2 Connect Your Smartphone To Your Computer

Next, launch the application to access its interface. Connect your device to your computer using your lightning wire. Once the device analyzes your iPhone, it will present your device’s information on its interface.

connect your device

Step 3 Choose The Mode of Recovery

The following step is to hit the Fix option on your PC screen and make way to the selection of recovery mode. Choose between the Standard and Advanced modes. Highlight the indicator of your chosen mode and tap on the Confirm button.

select recovery mode

Step 4 Download Firmware

After that, you will be prompted on the following landing page: the list of downloadable firmware. This firmware provides updates and resolutions to fix iOS software issues. Select the download button to get the proper firmware.

download firmware

Step 5 Finalize the Result

Lastly, tap on the Next button to process the downloaded firmware. Wait until the system finishes and reaches 100%. Then, check your device and launch the Facebook application to see if the error has been removed.

finalize the result

FAQs About Facebook News Feeds

1. What are the features of Facebook?
Facebook is a social networking platform or website that was founded last 2004. With more than 15 years of existence, its feature evolved and united us with its server. There are a plethora of features that this application has. We listed them below for you to look at and see their potential and usefulness.

  • Timeline - This is a user profile where you can see the latest update of your account, including photos, posts, videos, and more.
  • Friends - This term or feature where you can see the list of friends of an account user that you can easily interact with.
  • Pages - This section provides profile and content pages for businesses, literary works, and more.
  • Groups - This section shows the list of groups and communities for a specific interest or topic.
  • Games - This section is where you can see all users streaming and posting videos about gameplays, game tutorials, and more.
2. How does Facebook provide me with a common interest in my News Feeds?
Regarding Facebook News Feeds, one is for sure. Everyone’s Facebook Feeds are different from another. Technically, no News Feeds are the same. How does Facebook do that? Facebook uses a new technology that ranks your interest based on what posts you liked, videos you watched, and even the search results you did on your web browsers. For instance, if you watched and commented on a sports video, Facebook will provide your News Feed with tons of articles, posts, photos about sports, and topics around it.
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