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The Most Popular Ways How to Check Last Backup on iPhone

feature check last backup on iphoneThe world we strive in is full of uncertainty. Life will always present you with some unexpected things and changes. Whether you accidentally delete a photo, remove contacts, or your iPhone got lost, we always look for the contingency on how to retrieve our media files. We are very sentimental beings. We tend to hold on to every little thing in our possessions. That is why some of us created different cloud services to back up our files. The most renowned platform most mobile users utilize is iCloud. This cloud computing service provides 5GB of free storage dedicated to their media files. Most of the devices that use this platform are iPhone, iPod, and Mac. Yet, do you know that you can check backup files on the iCloud service? We expect you didn't. Thus, we collected different ways on how to check when iPhone was last backed up. Read the following detailed guide on this article.

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Why You Need To Backup Your iPhone Files

Have you ever wondered why we need to back up our files? Well, most of us just click the backup files, and we tend to look over the importance of this precious process. Before we get straight to the solutions on how to check your backup files on iPhone, we need to take into consideration first why we should backup our device. If you are a curious cat or eager to know the importance of this function, then read through it below.

  • The initial and most obvious reason is it can provide free file storage to its patrons.
  • It provides an additional copy of every backup file on your iPhone.
  • When transferring to another mobile phone, copying your entire iPhone files will get easier if you have backup files to iCloud or other storing services.
  • You can have easy access to your files even if you need them on your different Apple devices, including iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.

why you need to backup your iphone

How to Check When Your iPhone Was Last Backed Up

As stated above, iCloud is a storage service that provides Apple devices an additional 5GB of space for backup files. Thus, the first solution you must have is to check your backup on your iPhone. Your device provides you the capability to view your iPhone backup. The process is simple, and there is no need to remove all your data and files on your device. In addition, you don't need to install any software nor use other devices to check last iPhone backup. All you need and must do is to check the listed guidelines below.

  • The initial guide to checking iPhone backups is by opening your device. Look for the Settings app and open its program from the list of applications. Then, locate and go through on your Apple ID.
  • Look over the iCloud option and tick its icon to open different menus. Lastly, go to the Backup icon, and under the Back Up Now function, you can see the last successful backup date.

check last backup on iphone

How to Check Last iCloud Backup Online

iCloud enables users to store iPhone data, including documents, music, photos, and backup iPhone videos. In addition, it wirelessly backs up iOS data and files directly to the iCloud service. Thus, if you are an iOS user, you don't need to manually backup your device using iTunes or Mac. Furthermore, this cloud service serves as a data syncing center for emails, notes, bookmarks, reminders, iWork documents, and other data. What is more, this platform is operated with eleven data centers. This means that iCloud services rarely have system down or issues. This platform also has an online website where users can check the latest backup they have on their iPhone account. Look for the detailed guide below on how to check last iCloud backup.

  • The first guide on how to check last backup on iPhone is by opening a web browsers. Using your search bar, access to open its main interface. A prompt asks for your Apple ID once you have entered its interface. Log in your Apple ID and input your password as well.
  • Then, pass through the authentication process. Go back to your iPhone device and get the six-digit code you need to enter on Once you have successfully logged in, a set of apps and data will appear on your screen. You can check each application of your backup files by ticking their icons.

 check last backup on iphone using

Check Last iPhone Backup From Computer

Distinctive Features: This tool includes two functions. It can save iPhone files and quickly restore them on your device.
Other Functionalities: This tool can also provide users the ability to recover iPhone data and files, WhatsApp transfer, and fix system issues.

The last option to check last backup on iPhone is by using a third-party application which is AceThinker iOS Backup & Restore. This computer program is a featured-pack application where users are able to back up their files on a PC. In line with that, this tool is compatible and can save iPhone backups on Windows and Mac. It can save iPhone files with their original quality. Therefore, you can rest assured that the procedure is lossless and high-quality. Additionally, you can always check the latest backup you have done on your device. Go to the designated output backup folder you have created on your computer. Additionally, this tool is equipped with the restore option. You can easily revive back the data files you have backed up on your iPhone device. This tool also fix different iPhone issues, if you want to know more of this feature, you can read this article. To know the proper process on how to see last iCloud backup, read the full guide below.

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Step 1 Install iOS Backup & Restore

To begin with, how to check the last backup on your iPhone, you need to download AceThinker iOS Data Backup and Restore on your PC. Obtain its installer by clicking the download icon presented above. Once installed, you can launch the application to check its navigation and processes.

idr interface

Step 2 Connect Your Device

The following walkthrough to see the last update is connecting your device to your PC. With the aid of the lightning cable, link your device to the application. This way, you can quickly back up your files and locate where and what is the latest backup all about.

idr connect your iphone

Step 3 Backup Your Files

Then, select the backups you want to save. You can try to backup your photos, videos, contacts, or documents. Hit the Next button to push through on the backup access.

idr backup your iphone files

Step 4 Check Last Backup On iPhone

Finally, select the designated output folder for your backup files. You should note the location of the backup files as it is essential for you to check the said latest backup files. Wait until the backup process has finished; then, you can locate the backup versions you have done in this application.

 idr save backup files to check the output folder

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