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How to Activate iPhone Without Apple ID and Password Fast

activate iphone without apple idActivation Lock is a new feature of iOS Devices under the Find My security features. It was designed to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your phone and data. Furthermore, it is also a helpful feature when the device is lost or stolen. The person who will pick up or steal the phone will have no use for it. Because the Activation Lock will restrict the access of all apps from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod. But, there are times when even owners of their own iOS devices are locked out. An example is someone who forgot their Apple ID or forgot their Apple Password. Then, another instance is when you bought or inherited a second-hand device, and you don’t know the Apple account still associated with it. Reading the write-up will guide you on how to activate iPhone without Apple ID and password. Also, it will offer a solution for second-hand users of iPhones. Ending with a solution that will work in any situation.

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Activate Your iPhone without Apple ID or Password

Keeping track of many accounts and password is really challenging. Most people tend to forget even their own ID or passwords, such as their Apple accounts’. Fortunately, solving this is easy, and most of the time, the solutions are doable on just your iPhones. Here are some ways to activate iPhone without Apple ID and password.

1. Look up Forgotten Apple ID

If your problem is that you forgot your Apple ID, this is your solution. But, this will only work if you are the original owner of the Apple account. This is because you will need access to the connected accounts such as your email to look up the Apple ID.

User Guide:

  • Visit the Apple ID website, then hit the ‘Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it?’ button. You can do this either with a browser on your computer or phone.
  • Fill in the text fields with the correct information. Then, tap Continue once sure that they are correct, and if there are no typos.
  • Wait for your Apple ID to be sent to you via the email you provided. Apple will send you the ID of the Apple account associated with that specific email.

go to apple website, click Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it then fill up information

2. Reset Forgotten Password

For original owners who forgot their passwords, this is a solution made just for them. But before doing this method, ensure that you didn’t just type your password wrong. You can try that by re-entering your password first. If it is still now working, then you can reset your forgotten password with these steps:


  • When asked for a password, hit Forgot Password instead. Then enter your Apple ID in the empty field provided.
  • Pick your reset options: Reset by Email or Answer Security Questions. If you choose that method, a link will be sent to your email address. In comparison, you will answer the security questions you set on the second option.
  • If you Reset Password by Email, check your email for the reset link, then change it into your new password. But if you choose to answer security questions, type in the correct answers for the questions.

click forgot password, choose reset options, then reset password

3. Go to Apple Support

You can also skip all the troubleshooting if you want to, and you have extra time. Setting an appointment with Apple Support or going to an Apple Store is an option, but a bit complicated. They will know how to activate iPhone without Apple ID and do it for you under some conditions. You have to prove that you are the original and rightful owner of the device. You can show them receipts and the phone box as evidence. Otherwise, Apple Support won’t help you remove the Activation Lock and Apple ID in case the purchase was fraudulent or was stolen.


Activate Your iPhone for Second-Hand Owners

Some iPhone users are second-hand owners. Either they inherited the phone or bought it off someone. Although rare, there are times when the original owners forget to remove their Apple ID and the Activation Lock before turnover. Which will cause problems for the new owners. Here is one way to activate iPhone without Apple ID for second-hand owners.

1. Ask Original Owner to Remove Apple ID on iPhone for Second-Hand Users

Second-hand owners can simply ask the original owners to remove the Activation Lock by having them enter the Apple ID and Password themselves. Then they can remove their Apple ID from the device once it is unlocked. However, if the original owner is very far away, there is a remote method to remove the lock and ID. But, this method will reset the device into its factory settings.


  • Ask the original owner to visit the iCloud website on their device. Then tell them to hit the All Devices drop-down menu on the upper part of the screen.
  • Make them select your iPhone from the device selection.
  • On the bottom section of the screen, there is an Erase iPhone option. Ask the original owner to tap it. This will delete all the data on your iPhone but it will also remove the activation lock and the Apple account in your device.

log in to the icloud website, select the device, then erase it

Activate iPhone using a Professional Tool for Any Situation

Relevant Feature: The software can wipe and bypass the Apple ID associated with any iOS Device.

Other Features: The unlocking tool can also unlock disabled iPhones, remove all types of passwords, and bypass Screen Time.

You may be unable to remove the Activation Lock on your iPhone for different reasons. Furthermore, each of these factors requires a unique approach. But why waste time looking for the best answer when a tool can do it for you? AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is a computer program that can decrypt any password and wipe all accounts. Additionally, it supports all iPhones, iPads, and iPods, so you may use it to activate any iOS device. The unlocking tool will also work even if you don’t know your Apple ID and password. But most importantly, no supporting documents about the purchase of the iPhone are required.

Get the program by clicking the download button that matches your operating system. Wait for it to finish then install and launch AceThinker iPhone Unlocker.

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Step 1 Select Remove Apple ID Mode

Because the issue is with Activation Lock and Apple ID, you'll select the Remove Apple ID mode. It is the second button in the main interface. After that, you'll be prompted to connect your device to your computer. For this, you'll need a USB cable. After connecting, you'll see a message that says "Device connected successfully."

go to remove apple id mode then connect device via usb cable

Step 2 Begin the Process by Clicking Start

If you continue with the process, a second popup will inform you that it will remove all of your data. If you don't want to lose any data, make a backup of your device first. Once you're okay with your backups, click 'Start' to move forward. Before you proceed, make sure that Find My iPhone is turned off.

start to remove apple id

Step 3 Wiping Apple ID

The process of activating your iPhone and deleting your Apple ID will begin. Be patient and don't stop it by shutting off your computer or removing the USB wire. After you've completed the process, click OK and wait for your iPhone to boot up.


Step 4 Cancel Restore via iTunes

After activating your iPhone, AceThinker iPhone Unlocker will caution you about the 'Erase All Content and Settings' tool. Also, do not use iTunes to upgrade or restore your smartphone. These prevent the device from being linked to the original Apple ID again.

don't restore via itunes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Gmail for Apple ID?

Yes, you can use Gmail to create an Apple account. In fact, any email that you have can be used for Apple ID purposes. But, make sure that you still have access to the email that you will use and it is not a temporary email address.

2. Is Apple ID same as iCloud?

Basically, an Apple account and an iCloud account are the same. Since you will be using your Apple ID and password to log in with sites that have everything to do with Apple, like iCloud and iTunes. In short, Apple ID is the master key to open every feature, and it can help in situations like remove iCloud activation lock without password.

3. Can I merge two Apple IDs?

No, merging two Apple IDs is not possible. But, you can set up Family Sharing within the IDs if the purpose of merging is to share purchases with the IDs.

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