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Better Ways To Fix iPhone Keeps Cutting Out During Calls

iphone cutting out during callsWe come in an era where mobile phones are helpful for communication. Yet, have you noticed how often your iPhone calls keep on dropping while you are talking on the other line? It happens to everyone. The sudden drop of calls and your Phone app quit working for few times. Do not worry; it is not due to interference on radio waves or cellular problems. It has one main reason why it keeps showing on your device. Something is causing your system software to malfunction in its original process. This problem will cause different iPhone features to act up and not work correctly. Luckily, this error is easy to be removed with the listed solutions we collected in this article. Read them below and unravel the root cause and the corresponding solution to fix this iPhone speaker cuts out during call.

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Possible Causes Why Do iPhone Drop Calls

There are many solutions to fix the error of dropping phone calls on your iPhone. Yet, do you know what the possible causes why this error exists in the first place are? Well, as the saying runs, “prevention is better than cure” that is why we need further analysis of the reason for this error on your device. Here are a few scenarios that may affect your phone call quality on your iPhone.

  • The first cause might be the connection. Lower bandwidth from your service provider may affect the quality of calls you have on your device. It is a must to know the dead spots in your area to avoid making phone calls in these places.
  • Uninstalled iOS updates are also a culprit.
  • Damaged SIM cards can also contribute to dropping calls on your iPhone.
  • Software bugs and glitches are also responsible for this type of error.
  • Overwhelmed RAM capacity will make your iPhone overheat, which will terminate every activity on your device, including making phone calls.

reasons why iphone cutting calls

Fix iPhone Keeps Cutting Out During Phone Calls

Distinctive Feature:It has two modes for fixing iOS issues; Advanced mode and Standard mode.
Price: It is a freemium service. Its premium access allows users to install it on two computers with lifetime updates and support for only $31. 95.

Suppose you have tried all the basic troubleshooting mentioned above. Yet, none of them work on your device. It is okay; major software failures may cause this error. You do not need to be a tech wiz to fix this error. It would be best if you needed a prominent tool to use to solve it. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a more suitable tool for a better recovery process on your iPhone device. It caters to most major iOS system failures, including iPhone call forwarding not working, iPhone switches not working, and more. Additionally, two modes are presented for you to utilize. The Standard mode is to fix system errors without deleting iPhone data. The Advanced mode is for removing all iPhone files while fixing the system issues. To know how to use this computer software, follow the guide below.

Key Features:

  • It comes with an automatic backup function. Thus while fixing your iOS software issues, it can back up your files.
  • It has different features, including recovering files, backup and restore iOS data, and more.
  • This tool is completely safe. It secures your data while recovering the system of your device.

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Step 1 Get AceThinker iOS System Recovery

The initial guide on fixing the error of iPhone keeps cutting out during calls is getting AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your PC. In this step, you can acquire its file installer by ticking and pressing the download button presented above. Run the file and enable the tool to install fully on your PC y by finishing its installation prompts. Then, you can launch its interface to get acquainted with its process and navigation.

isr interface

Step 2 Scan Your iPhone

The succeeding guide is to connect your iPhone device to your PC with the help of a lightning cable. Enable the tool to scan your iPhone. You will know once it is scanned. There will be information about your device together with the Fix button.

isr scan

Step 3 Select the Recovery Mode

Eventually, you will be directed to the selection of modes. You can choose between two modes presented on your screen. For this guideline, we will be using the Standard mode to prevent data loss.

isr connect

Step 4 Download Firmware

Afterward, a list of downloadable firmware will be prompted on your screen. This firmware will enable you to fix your iPhone system. Hit the download button and the Next button to save the file.

isr firmware

For the finale, there will be a new window that will prompt your recovery process. Once it reaches 100 percent, hit the OK button to finalize the process. You can check your iPhone device to see if the error has been eradicated.

Step 5 Fix iPhone Cutting Out During Calls

isr finalize

Other Common Ways to Fix iPhone Cutting in and out During Calls

1. Check Mobile Signal

Suppose you are in an alleyway and making a phone call with your friends and colleagues. Suddenly, the call drops, and you cannot re-contact your friend. In this case, you need to check on your signal bar. This feature on your device is located at the top of most of your screen. In addition, the level of connection will be presented through bars. The four signal bar means you receive robust connectivity on your nearest signal tower. In contrast, one bar or no signal bar present on your screen means that you are receiving lower or poor connectivity on your signal. You can quickly identify the dead spot in your area. Usually, dead zones are with thicker walls or surrounded by taller buildings and constructions that interfere with your signals. Make sure if you are making a conversation with your contacts, be in the open space or look for the area of your house that you know has stronger signal reception.

check your signal strength in your area

2. Check your SIM Card

Another reason your iPhone calls keep dropping is a broken SIM card. All smartphones up to date are still using a SIM card to receive phone calls and text messages instantly. This microchip is an integrated circuit intended to securely store mobile numbers and authenticate subscribers' mobile telephony devices. So, check your SIM card if you are trying to make phone calls and can't do it. It may be broken, crooked, or misplaced on the SIM card slot. Most iPhones to this day have an easy-access SIM card slot, and you need to use your SIM card slot pin to be able to access your SIM. Please be mindful that this solution is for areas that are using prepaid SIM cards, as these users can easily buy new SIM for their devices. For postpaid users, you can ask and contact your mobile service provider and request a new SIM card with the same contact number.

3. Soft Reboot Your iPhone

Glitches and bugs are the common software fallacy contributing to iPhone cutting out during calls. This software anomaly can be acquired during unsuccessful app installation, download from untrusted websites, and more. Yet, this error can be fixed with a soft reboot. This function is most commonly used to eliminate unwanted glitches on your device. As you terminate your device's power supply, the RAM will be forcibly shut down and clear out any process it has on its system. Thus, when you have reopened your device, an error like iPhone keeps on dropping while on call will be removed. To know how to fix this software issue, follow the guide beneath.

  • The initial thing you need to consider to fix iPhone cutting in and out during calls is your side buttons. These buttons will help us on restarting your iPhone device. Therefore, you must understand which is which. Press and keep pressing the volume up button, then release it. Similarly, press and keep pressing the volume down button and release it.
  • Next, press and keep pressing the power button and quickly release it. There will be a pop-up slider on your device. Swipe the button to turn off the device entirely. After 30 seconds, press the power button to reopen the iPhone device.

4. Reset Networking Settings

The additional method to fix the iPhone keeps cutting out during phone calls is resetting your network settings. This process is essential to remove all software fallacies on your network setup. With this, you can remove all modified settings on your network like it's brand new. It is also a functional solution to default your network settings. To know how to remove this error, follow the guide below.

  • First, access your Settings and make way on the General; a menu will be presented on your mobile screen.
  • Next, choose the reset option and tap it. Once the menu loads on your screen, you can pick Reset Network Settings. Then, pass through the prompts to fully reset your network.

reset network settings

This solution can fix different types of network errors on the iPhone. Do you want to know one? Find out by reading this material.

FAQs about iPhone Cutting Out During Calls

1. Why does the iPhone call keep dropping?
There are reasons why this error exists on your iPhone device. But, the reasons are common and easy to solve. This possible cause includes damaged SIM cards, lower connectivity signal, glitches, and more. You can eradicate this error by simply troubleshooting or utilizing third-party tools like AceThinker iOS System Recovery.
2. How to stop iPhone calls from cutting out?
The initial guide to removing iPhone calls that keep dropping is by installing AceThinker iOS System Recovery. This tool is designed with firmware that can fix iPhone systems without losing data. You need to connect your device to the tool using your lightning cable. Then, scan your device and allow the tool to recommend the firmware to fix the issue. Start the fixing process and wait until it finishes.
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Fix various iOS system errors back to normal status.
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