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How to Fix VLC Playback or Convert Error

fix vlc errorsThe VLC player is one of the most popular software solutions for playing videos and music files. Once known as VideoLAN Client, VLC Player is now used by thousands of people around the globe. There are many reasons they choose this media player even though hundreds of others are available in the market. VLC player supports most operating systems (Mac OS X, MS Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc.), read almost every media format (MPEG, MPG, AVI, MP3, MKV, DVD, etc.), provides excellent audio and video quality, it doesn't take much space and allows users to convert files too.

The playback and convert features are the most popular ones, but this doesn't mean that users don't encounter problems with these features. There are a few common VLC playbacks and convert errors that we will analyze in this article and show you how to fix VLC errors.

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Fix VLC Playback Errors

Fix VLC Playback Errors

1. Lagging and/or Skipping

First of all, there are situations when VLC users experience lags or skipping when playing HD video files (any format). Without any doubt, this leads to a low-quality viewing experience. One of the ways to solve this problem is to modify the VLC cache size for each video. You can also try toggling hardware acceleration. Finally, some people are experimenting with different video output modules too.

2. AVI Playback Error

The next common VLC playback issue is associated with AVI files. In some cases, VLC Player tends to play these files very slow and in short segments. According to some experts, the best idea is to reset the preferences. It turns out that many issues linked to VLC Player result from improper settings or broken plugin caches.

3. MP3 Playback Issues

These playback issues linked to VLC player don't have to be video playback issues. Some users say that VLC weirdly plays their MP3 files. The files sound like mild hiccups and cracklings. You can solve this problem by checking the Bitrate of your MP3 files or the VBR format and stick to the ones that play well. You can also update your VLC Player to the latest version.

4. Freezes and Crashes

While we are talking about VLC playback issues, we should mention the freezes and crashes that VLC users experience when they are using MKV files with a specific subtitle file extension – .ass. Some users say that you can resolve this issue by changing parameters and disabling hardware decoding.

5. VLC Sound Problems

It's also not unusual to experience VLC sound problems when you are playing large MKV files with VLC Player. When the files are over 12 GB, the sound can become unrecognizable. Once again, disable hardware decoding and see whether this will solve the problem.

In addition to these solutions, two universal solutions work in these and other cases of VLC playback issues. First of all, you can switch to a different video player such as 5KPlayer. 5KPlayer is a perfect VLC alternative that is completely free and available to play more than five hundred of video/audio codes without hiccups. As its name suggests, 5KPlayer plays videos in 4K/UHD as well. Or you can use a video converter to convert videos to VLC supported format. It is a smooth solution for all VLC Player fans.

Fix VLC Convert Errors

Fix VLC Convert Errors

Without any doubt, VLC Player is one of the most downloaded and most used videos and audio players today. For most users, the VLC Player works just fine and does the job it promises. However, there are some situations when users experience problems like VLC converter problems. If you are one of them, you should know that two simple solutions can help you continue using the VLC Player smoothly.

Method 1. Download and Install K-Lite Codec Pack

First and foremost, you can download and install the K-Lite Codec Pack. For those who don't know, the K-Lite Codec Pack is a unique selection of ACM/VFW codecs and different tools and DirectShow filters. They are used for decoding and encoding both video and audio formats. So, if you have VLC converter issues, install this pack on your system. Remember to install version 10.1.0 (min. requirements by VLC Player). Decoding and encoding are much faster with the newest releases of this pack, so don't forget that. The Codec Pack works perfectly for Windows users.

K Lite Codec Pack

Method 2. Get an Alternative Converter - Video Master

The next option is to use AceThinker Video Master. This tool can be utilized on both Windows and Mac computers. It can be used as one of the great conversion tools for VLC converter issues. The good thing about this software is that you can convert several videos simultaneously without affecting its original quality. Besides conversion, this tool also offers some editing functions wherein you can use it to enhance your converted video. With that, we will show you the detailed procedure on how to use this converter.

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Step 1 Have it Installed the Software on your PC

For you to use this tool, you have to install it first by clicking one of the "Download" buttons provided above. Then, an installation wizard will appear. Follow it to save the tool on your computer. Once installed, launch it to access its main interface.

vm main interface

Step 2 Add file and Choose your desired file format

After that, hit the "Add File" icon that you can see at the upper left corner of the tool to add a video file. Or, hit the "Plus" sign icon to import a file. Then, select your desired file format from the "Convert All to" drop-down menu on the right side of the interface.

vmp convert video

Step 3 Convert the Video

Once all set, click the "Convert All" button at the lower right portion of the tool to start the conversion. After that, a window will appear, showing all the converted videos. From here, right-click its filename to play the video.

vmp start converting video

VLC Issues Conclusion

VLC Media Player has been present on the market for 16 years now. Just like any other media player, users can sometimes expect specific issues like convert and playback issues. When you are facing problems like this, you can choose a do-it-yourself approach or a universal approach, which usually includes the use of other software programs like the Video Master from AceThinker. If you have any other solution for the VLC problems or know an excellent alternative to VLC for playing and converting videos, please let us know by leaving a message below.

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