How to Play AVI with VLC Media Player

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play-avi-on-vlcAs we know, VLC is one of the best free media players to play video and audio files in various formats. AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) is a popular multimedia container format that allows you to stream audios and videos. Generally, the AVI format is compatible with VLC and you can play AVI with VLC smoothly. However, there are also times it fails to play the .avi files. Many people think that the VLC player can't play AVI, but that's not really the case. In this article, we will show you to how to play AVI videos with VLC smoothly. And also if you are unable to play AVI file in VLC, you can follow the guidelines to fix the problem.

Play AVI with VLC Media Player On Windows

This article will take you to a short tour on how to play play .avi with VLC. You can just follow through the steps below.

Step 1 Download and Install VLC Media Player

Get the VLC Media Player from the official website and install the app on your PC. Make sure to install it in the right settings.

step-1-download and install

Step 2 Open AVI File Using VLC

Load the file to VLC by clicking the "Media" menu and click on "open file". Find the file you want to play. Also, you can just simply drag and drop the file to play it.

step 2 open the file

Step 3 Play AVI with VLC

You do not need to do anything, as soon as the file is loaded on the tool, the video will automatically play. Were you able to play it? Did it fail? Did you see any error messages while playing the video? Did the .avi file not playing in VLC? Find out why if you continue to read the article.

play the video

Stream AVI with VLC Media Player On Mac

Step 1 Install and Launch VLC Media Player on Mac

Save VLC on your Macbook or Mac computer and make sure to set it up correctly. Then head to the Menu options above. After that, proceed to the next step to continue with the process.

launch the app

Step 2 Open and Play AVI File Using VLC on Mac

From the "Menu Tab" click on "File". Choose "Open File" and choose the AVI file that you want to play. Once the file is loaded on the tool, the video will automatically play.

paly the video

Ways to Solve AVI File Not Playing in VLC Issue

Install AVI Codec

Error Message: because this AVI file index is broken or missing, seeking will not work correctly. This is one of the common error messages you will be getting and this is one of the reasons why .avi file won't play on the VLC player is because of the incorrect codec settings. The answer to this problem is very simple, get the AVI codec. Or you can also follow this path.

always fix

  • Go to tools, then choose preferences.
  • Click on Inputs & codecs this time choose Damaged or incomplete AVI.
  • Finally click the drop-down and choose "always fix". In any case this did not work, download the codec instead.

Convert AVI to a Different Format

If the above procedure did not work, you can try these steps.

choose a file

  • Launch the app then click on "media" from the menu click "Convert/Save".
  • Add the file from here and click the convert button.
  • Click on Selected profile then choose mp4/mov and choose to save.
  • Browse to where the file will be saved and click on "Start".

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