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Five Ways and Solutions to Fix iPhone Guided Access Stuck

iphone stuck on guided accessPrivacy is the most important thing we need to ensure security and freedom from intruding on our belongings. We live in modern times; smartphones have become the epitome of digital storage for our digital files. Thus, it is needed to secure and prevent your smartphone from being accessible to other people. Luckily, on iPhone, we have an option that can allow you to limit the function of your device. This feature is useful when you try to put your phone outside your vicinity during crowded events such as boot camp, meetings, and more. The feature we are discussing is Guided Access. This function limits your device to a single application and enables you to control which features are available. However, some reports claim that users randomly experience iPhone stuck in Guided Access mode. There are reasons and possible solutions on how to fix this system error. With that said, let's indulge in the fixes and resolve the unintentional Guided Access mode.

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Possible Causes Why iPhone Guided Access Stuck

Suppose your iPhone is stuck in Guided Access mode; it is not a standard process that is suddenly enabled on its own. Although this process is typical, there are a few reasons this feature is enabled. Knowing them will quickly provide you with an immediate solution for enabling it. The first apparent reason is accidentally enabling the feature. You know our smartphones use touch screen technology. Even if we put it in our pockets when the display screen is turned on, the fabric on your pants can make your screen access different functions. This scenario can result in enabling features that are supposed to be turned off without our knowledge. The following reason is due to system bugs and glitches. As we all know, bugs and system failures randomly attack our devices' features. These system errors can enable features and malfunction some features resulting in poor performance of our device. Nonetheless, the solutions to fix the iPhone stuck on Guided Access are presented below to help you.

reasons why iphone stuck on guided access

Use Triple-Press Solution

When talking about iPhone stuck in Guided Access mode, we need to use the most basic troubleshooting, which is the Triple-Press method. This method involves the side buttons of your devices. It is an accessibility hack that can fix different issues, including iPhone stuck in Airplane mode, on Guided Access, and other system failures. It immediately exits your device on Access mode by doing some function on your side buttons. To know the natural process for exiting your device on Guided Access, follow the solution presented below.

  • The initial guide to fixing the iPhone stuck on Guided Access mode is locating your side buttons. Use the power/side button to do the function. When you have located it, press the button three times.
  • Then your device's screen will present a function that you need to enter your password. Enter the passcode on your iPhone and wait until the system unlocks your device. When the system unlocks your device, it will automatically exit it from being stuck on Guided Access mode.
  • You can check your available features and app once you can access them. This function will assure you that the Guided Access mode is already lifted. If the process did not go through successfully, you need to look for the following solution below.

Force Restart Your iPhone

Suppose the error is due to a system glitch; triple pressing can’t be used to resolve the issue. You need to perform to remove the bugs and glitches by doing another basic troubleshooting: force restart. This function is the most common solution to eradicate system glitches. It can fix apps that keep shutting down or crashing, unresponsive features, and more. This solution is possible due to its ability to terminate the power supply of your iPhone and remove all running systems. It is powering off your iPhone and restarting it. Do not worry, as this process can retain your information while rebooting. Thus, this process has become one of the most used solutions to fix system failures on iPhones and other devices. Try the presented methods below to know how to fix iPhone Guided Access.

  • Utilizing your side buttons is the first guide to restarting your device and fixing your iPhone stuck on Guided Access. Locate the power button and either Volume up button or Volume down. Long press the and release the Volume Up/Down button immediately.
  • After doing that process, press and hold the power button a bit until a Slider appears. Then, glide the button from left to right to turn off your device thoroughly. Wait until your device is fully turned off.
  • Lastly, press the power button once more until the Apple logo on your screen appears. Wait until the device is fully turned on. Unlock your device using a passcode and see if your device has already exited the Guided Access mode.

 force restart to iphone stuck on guided access

Disable Guided Access Mode

Accidentally enabling the Guided Access mode is a bit of a frustrating scenario that might happen on your device. Luckily, we have the Accessibility on your iPhone to disable it to function on your smartphone. In some scenarios, the Guided Access mode is still enabled even if you restart your device due to a system glitch. So, the optimal thing to do is manually turn off the function on your Settings app. You can disable the function manually with the help of the Accessibility function. To perform the process of removing Guided Access mode on your iPhone, follow the methods below.

  • The first step to disabling Guided Access on your device is opening your iPhone using your passcode. Access the application where you can access the settings. Since the feature is enabled, go to the single app where you can see your settings.
  • Then, once you have located the settings on your device, swipe up to access the General option. Tap on its menu to open different functions. Hit the Accessibility from the list of menus presented on your screen.
  • Finally, tap on the Guided Access once you launch different menus of Accessibility. Then, toggle the button Guided Access to disable the function. Go back to your home screen to see if you can access different applications, as the Guided Access mode is disabled.

Exit Guided Access Mode With iCloud Service

The last basic troubleshooting that we can provide you on fixing iPhone stuck in guided access mode is by using the iCloud service. As we all know, the iCloud service has complete access to your device and its settings. iCloud provides a great way to access your iPhone without unlocking or touching the smartphone itself. This process is through an online service which is This online platform enables users to manage, preview, and enable some functions on their iPhone devices online. This tool also benefits users who recently lost their device, have errors due to jailbreak, and more. So, follow the directory below if you want to use this function to access your iPhone device and bring it back to its original process.

  • The first guide is to use a computer and access a web browser—type on the address bar the to open the online platform. Log in or access your iCloud account by inputting your username and passcode.
  • Click on Find My iPhone from the list of options on the web browser. Then, select the device that is stuck on the Guided Mode. Activate the lost mode after you have selected your device.
  • Afterward, there will be optional messages that can be skipped. Now, your device will be forced to go into the lock screen. Type your password, and your device will immediately exit Guided Access.

Fix System Issue to Remove Guided Access

Distinctive Feature: This tool has a quick fix option to resolve minor system issues, including app crashing and more.
Its Advantage From Troubleshooting: The advantage of this tool from basic troubleshooting is its ability to recover lost data files while resolving system issues.

Have you exhausted the basic troubleshooting you can find to fix an iPhone stuck on Guided Access? The AceThinker iOS System Recovery is your last resort to remove the issue thoroughly. This tool is designed with two recovery modes: the Advanced mode and the Standard mode. Although they have the same output, which can fix system issues, these two have different methods to resolve the issue. The standard mode fixes the iOS system without deleting all your data on your iPhone. In contrast, the Advanced mode serves as a factory reset which can resolve system issues while removing all your data. Remember that you need to back up your files before utilizing this mode to prevent data loss.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker System Recovery

The first initial guide on fixing an iPhone stuck in Guided Access is installing the AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your computer. Please tap on the download icon presented above to gain its installer. Then, run the file to install the app thoroughly.

acethinker ios system recovery

Step 2 Connect iPhone to Computer

The following step is to link your iPhone files to the application. Use your lightning cable to do the connection process. Once the device is linked, you can see the following information and details regarding your device.

link your iphone to the app

Step 3 Select the Recovery Mode

Next, you will be prompted on the selection of the recovery mode. Select the mode by ticking its button to highlight the function. Tap on the Confirm option to go through the next page.

select the recovery mode

Step 4 Download Firmware

The last step is to download the firmware available for your device. Select the latest firmware from the list and hit the download button to acquire it. Run the file on your iOS system by hitting the Next button.

download the firmware

FAQs About Guided Access

1. Since when is Guided Access mode available on iPhone?
The Guided Access mode has been available on iPhone since 2012. Yet, this function is available for every iPhone model running the current iOS version, iOS15. It is also available for older iPhones, including iPhone 5, 6, and other generation models.
2. Does Guided Access mode drain the iPhone battery?
Unfortunately, this feature drains your battery faster if you use the original layout on your iPhone. Even if your device is on lock mode, when Guided Access is enabled, the application you have can still run in the background and eat up your power supply.

Bonus Tip About Guided Access Mode

The Guided Access mode is an efficient feature on the iPhone that enables users' devices to limit their functionality in a single app. Users can also confine which features of their device can be added to the app. It is very beneficial and worth enabling the whole using the application, including compass and other features. Below are the features of Guided Access mode in a nutshell.

  • It will disable the hardware button.
  • This feature will restrict gestures or touch in a specific area of your screen.
  • It also limits the functionality of different features and applications, allowing you to focus on a single function.

tips of guided access mode

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