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How to Fix Find My Friends Location Not Available [2022]

feature find my friends not workingFind my Friends is an application utilized by Apple. It is developed specifically for iOS device users to locate their acquaintances. It allows you to find your family members or friend's location or vice versa by adding them to your contacts. It only works from iOS device to iOS device; you cannot locate or add people with android devices. This application is perfect for your loved ones to track you and to know your exact location and that you are safe from harm. But sometimes, there is a slight problem where Find My Friends no location found on your device. Many users struggle to locate their friends because of some malfunctions and bugs in the application. And many parents are complaining that they cannot locate their children because it is not showing any updates about their location. Nevertheless, we will give you the solutions to resolve this issue so that you can locate your friends again and family. Please, bear with us and see the detailed guidelines throughout this content.

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Solutions to Fix Find My Not Working on your iOS

To end your devastation once and for all. Here are the solutions that many users have already tested and proven. These are based on the circumstances that caused the Find My Friends application to malfunction. Like bugs on the application, some functions interrupt your device and many more.

Solution 1. Force Quit Find My Friends Application

This is the simplest solution when you are experiencing bugs on the application. Because the application might not load properly or the service is slow and poor. To force quit Find My Friends, click the Assistive Ball and double-tap the Home button, or for other variants, directly hit the Home button twice. Find the application and swipe it up to quit it. Relaunch it after a few seconds and see if you are still not getting any updates on the location of your friends. If not, then you can continue to the next solution.

find my friends not working solution 1

Solution 2. Turn On Share My Location

This might sound obnoxious. But it is not impossible that you might accidentally turn off Share My Location. Or it is default deactivated on your device. Find My Friends will not let you see the location of your friends, and they will not see your location if this mode is enabled on your device. Go to Settings and choose the Privacy option. And then tap the Location Services and hit the Share My Location. Turn on Share My Location and check if Find My Friends is still not working.

find my friends not working solution 2

Solution 3. Restart your Internet Connection

Find My Friends applications need an internet connection to function. If you don’t have one, you will not see your friend’s current place. If you don’t have a connection, you should restart the modem and re-open it after 5-10 minutes. After that, if there are still no services, contact your Internet provider company and tell them the problem.

find my friends not working solution 3

Solution 4. Correct your Date and Time

If you have a mistaken Date and Time set, the Find My Friends application will not function well. It is a factor that many don’t pay attention to. You have to set the date and time accordingly. To do that, open your Settings and tap General. Scroll down a bit, and you will see the Date & Time option, click that and turn the Set Automatically menu.

find my friends not working solution 4

Solution 5. Restart your Device to Fix No Location Found Find My Friends

After you have done all the solutions above and there is still no improvement, you should restart your device. It is the safest way to remove any debugs and breakdowns on your device. To restart your device, go to the Settings, then open the General option. Scroll to the latter part and tap the Shut Down. Now slide to Shutdown and wait at least 10 minutes before opening your device again.

find my friends not working solution 5

Bonus Tips: Fix Why is Find My Friends Not Working without Data Loss

Operating System: MacOS and Windows
Installation Package: 140.14 MB

Suppose the application continues to experience the issue after trying all the solutions above. You may need a solution that will surely fix your device for good. One of the leading and highly suggested software that fixes many debugs on iOS devices. Like an iPhone running slow and many more is Acethinker Fone Keeper. It is a continuing developing and upgrading software. That will help many iOS and Apple users experiencing dysfunctions on their devices. With this program, you can fix Find My Friends not working in no time. And what’s even amazingly astonishing is that this tool is user-friendly because the methods and every step are provided. It is perfectly compatible and accessible to parents and children who do not have any technical knowledge about these things. And to give more information about the tool, here are the fantastic features that will be very useful to anyone.

Key Features

  • The tool will help you fix iOS problems in three distinctive modes: Free Quick Fix, Standard, and Advanced Mode. Free Quick Fix is for minor problems. The Standard for fixing moderate problems and securing data. And the Advanced mode for severe problems.
  • It will fix your device and make it function as good as a brand new one without leaking any personal details and information.
  • It also allows you to troubleshoot and resolve more than 50 iOS issues without breaking a single sweat.
  • This tool supports almost every iOS device like iPhone, iPad, and iPod and fixes the problems in a few minutes.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Download and Install the Tool

Get the installer of the tool by clicking any of the downloads available. The left download button is for the Windows operating system, and the right is for macOS. Open the installer after it’s done and follow the software wizard or the setup assistant to install AceThinker Fone Keeper on your device. The tool will automatically launch after the installation. Click the “iOS System Recovery” for fixing the Find My Friends application.

find my friends not working fk step 1

Step 2 Connect your Device and Start Fixing Find My Not Working

You need to link your device to the computer using an original USB cord to start the process. After that, your computer will notify you if your device is already connected or not. Then, click the “Devices issues” option and see all the problems that the Fone Keeper will fix. Click the “Start” button to move on to the next step.

find my friends not working fk step 2

Step 3 Confirm your Device’s Details

Once you have started, the tool will require you to double-check your phone’s information. You will also see the “Free Quick Fix” option. And as stated earlier, this mode will only fix minor issues on your device in a minute. That mode is not recommended; it would be better to move on. Click the “Fix” menu to continue.

find my friends not working fk step 3

Step 4 Choose the Necessary Mode

The suggested mode for this kind of problem is Standard one. Since this issue is not that serious and the data is not worth sacrificing. Tick to the Standard Mode and click the “Confirm” button to continue the procedure.

find my friends not working fk step 4

Step 5 Download Firmware and Finish Fixing Find My Friends No Location Found

Finally, this is the last step. To finish the repair, you need to download firmware. The tool will find the compatible firmware for your device. Download the latest version so that the results are incomparable. After the firmware is done, the tool will spontaneously fix your device.

find my friends not working fk step 5

FAQs About Why Does Find My Friends Not Work

1. Why Can't I see My Friends location?

There might be some bugs and malfunctions interrupting your application. There are a lot of factors, but the most common one is that the app is not loaded correctly. You can relaunch the tool and check if the app is functioning well if this happens.

2. What to do to fix Find My Friends not functioning properly on my iPhone?

You can see a lot of suitable and simple solutions online. However, some might result in malware accessing your device, especially when the page is not trusted. To give you the best and trusted solution, you should try Acethinker Fone Keeper. It is a tool with the best features that will surely help you fix the Find My Friends and resolve different issues on your iPhone. Such as iPhone keeps restarting, iPhone with screen glitches, and many more.

3. Why is my Find My Friends not working on my iPhone?

To help you with that, we will give some tips so that Find My Friends is always ready and properly operating.

  • Always check your WiFi connection because this is like the car's fuel. Internet connection is the number one factor so that the tool will run.
  • Please ensure that the Date and Time are correct.
  • Also, make sure that Share my Location is always open.
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