Top 7 List of the Best Screen Recorders for iPhone

feature best screen recorder for iphone There are many reasons why you want to record your screen. Apple has strived to make it easy to give the best screen recorders for iPhone screen. Recording device screens have become part of your daily lives. Screen recording can be useful for teachers, gamers, coaches, or someone who wants to share the process using a video illustration. With the help of the built-in iPhone screen recorder app, you can use native features. However, you will realize more than this built-in screen recorder is needed to do many advanced things. Because of this, this article compiled a list of the best video recording apps for you! Want to get started in video recordings? Without further ado, here is the best way to record video on your iPhone; let's dive in!

Knowing More About Best Screen Recorder for iPhone

So, what are the best screen recorders for iPhone? A screen recording apps is an application for devices like phones, tablets, laptops, laptops, or computers. This will allow you to record videos, audio, and other apps or activities on your screen. Video recording apps have a lot of purposes, such as video tutorials, gaming videos, live stream experiences, demonstrations, and memory preservation. It can record videos, apps, images, and other content. What is more interesting is that it can also record audio commentary from a discussion or live stream that you can edit, save, and share with others. Screen recorder apps are used for communication, education, entertainment, and content creation.

  • Compatibility: Ensure that the screen recorder is compatible with your iOS device's operating system version. Some screen recorders may only work with specific iOS versions or device models.
  • Ease of Use: Look for a screen recorder with a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls. The recording process should be simple and straightforward, allowing you to start and stop recordings easily without any hassle.
  • Performance and Stability: Opt for a screen recorder that delivers reliable performance and stability without causing lag or glitches during recording sessions. Reading user reviews and checking for any reported issues with the screen recorder's performance can help gauge its reliability.
  • Cost and Value: Evaluate the pricing model of the screen recorder and determine whether it offers good value for the features and functionality provided. Some screen recorders may offer free versions with limited features, while others may require a one-time purchase or subscription for full access.

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Top 7 Best Screen Recording App for iPhone

1. iOS Screen Recorder


  • Free to use

This is the inbuilt video editor or screen recording feature available on iPhones running iOS 11 and later. It allows you to record iPhone screen activities along with audio easily. The iOS Screen Recorder is a convenient and reliable option for basic screen recording needs, offering seamless integration with the iOS ecosystem and straightforward functionality. However, users requiring advanced editing features or extensive customization may opt for third-party screen recording apps.

Key features:

  • Built-in Functionality: The iOS Screen Recorder is integrated directly into the device, so there is no need to download additional apps.
  • Simple Activation: You can access it on the Control Center of your iPhone.
  • Audio Capture: It lets you record the device's audio and your microphone and add audio commentary or narration during screen recordings.
  • Stopwatch Timer: It includes a timer feature, allowing you to set a duration to start recording videos. This can be useful for limiting the length of your recordings or for scheduling recordings at specific times.

ios screen recorder


  • Ease of use
  • Can record long videos
  • No Watermarks or Ads

  • Limited Editing and Customization Features
  • No Direct Sharing Options

2. TechSmith Capture


  • Free

TechSmith Capture is a reliable and user-friendly screen recording app for iPhone users that offers essential features for effectively capturing and sharing screen activities. It allows you to record videos on your screen, add annotations, and share your recordings effortlessly.

Key features:

  • Screen Recording: TechSmith Capture allows you to record your iPhone screen easily. Whether you want to record gameplay on Android or iPhone, app demonstration or tutorials, this app seamlessly does so.
  • Annotations: It offers various annotation tools to enhance your videos after recording your screen. You can add text, arrows, shapes, and highlights to emphasize certain parts of your recording.
  • Easy Sharing: This app makes it simple to share your creations after recording and editing your videos.
  • Customizable Settings: The app allows you to customize your recording settings according to your preferences. It has varied resolution, but you can adjust video resolution, frame rate, and audio settings to achieve the desired quality for your recordings.
  • No Watermarks: TechSmith Capture does not add watermarks to your recordings, ensuring a clean and professional look for your videos.

techsmith capture


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Annotation Tools
  • Direct Sharing
  • No Watermarks

  • Limited Editing Features
  • Not compatible with older versions of iOS device

3. DU Recorder


  • Free with premium upgrade, $14.99/month

DU Recorder is a popular choice among iPhone users for screen recording software. It offers high-quality video recording, customizable settings, and various editing tools. DU Recorder can be considered the best video recording app for iPhone free. It has a feature-rich screen recording app for iPhone users. It offers high-quality recording, customizable settings, and features like live streaming support. Despite drawbacks such as advertisements and occasional performance issues, it remains a popular choice among users seeking a reliable screen recording solution.

Key features:

  • High-Quality Recording: DU Recorder offers high-resolution screen recording with various frame rates and bit rate options, allowing you to capture your iPhone screen in excellent quality.
  • Customizable Settings: The app provides customizable settings for video resolution, frame rate, orientation, and more, allowing users to adjust recording parameters according to their preferences.
  • Screen Capture Tools: DU Recorder includes tools for capturing screenshots during recording, enabling users to capture important moments or highlight specific content on their screen.
  • Video Editing: It offers basic video editing options, allowing users to trim, merge, and add music to their recordings directly within the app.
  • Live videos streaming: DU Recorder supports live streaming to popular platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook, enabling users to broadcast their screen activities in real-time.
  • Built-in Video Manager: The app includes a built-in video manager where users can easily organize, view, and share their recorded videos.

du recorder


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • High-Quality Recording
  • Livestreaming Support
  • Built-in Video Editor

  • In-app Advertisements
  • Limited Editing Features
  • Performance Issues

4. AirShou


  • Free

AirShou is another reliable screen recording app for iPhone. It offers high-resolution recording, adjustable frame rates, and easy sharing options. AirShou, crafted by, stands as a multifaceted screen recording tool tailored mainly for iOS gadgets. With its capabilities, users can effortlessly capture top-tier video recordings of their device screens, facilitating the sharing of diverse content like gameplay, tutorials, and app demonstrations. The application boasts a range of features, allowing for personalized recording settings such as resolution and frame rate adjustments, along with the inclusion of microphone audio recording. Furthermore, users can seamlessly pause and resume recordings, adding to the app's versatility and user-friendly experience.

Key features:

  • Screen Recording: AirShou allows users to record their iOS device screens, capturing activities, gameplay, or other on-screen content.
  • High Quality: The app was known for providing high-quality video recordings.
  • Simple Interface: AirShou aimed to provide a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and operation.



  • Accessible to a wide range of users
  • Can capture high-quality videos

  • It isn't compatible with all iOS Versions
  • Apple occasionally revoked the certificates, making the app unusable until the certificate was re-signed.

5. Record it!


  • Free, $4.99 for the pro version

Record it! It is a user-friendly screen recording app that allows you to record screen easily. It offers face cam recording, video editing, and instant sharing options. Record it!: Screen Recorder is a convenient and user-friendly app for capturing and sharing screen recordings on iPhone. Its simple interface, face cam recording feature, and instant sharing options make it popular for users looking to create and share content on the go. However, users who require more advanced editing features may need to supplement it with additional software.

Key features:

  • Easy-to-use Interface: Record it! It offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate and initiate screen recordings quickly.
  • Face Cam Recording: This feature allows you to overlay your front-facing camera feed onto your screen recording, enabling you to add commentary or reactions while recording.
  • Video Editing Tools: The app provides basic video settings, such as trimming, cropping, and adding text or annotations to your recordings.
  • High-Quality Recording: Record it! captures high-quality video recordings with smooth playback, ensuring your content looks professional-looking video.
  • Instant Sharing Options: Once you've finished recording and editing your video, you can easily share it directly from the app to various platforms, including social media, messaging apps, or cloud storage services.

record it


  • Intuitive interface for basic edits
  • Face Cam Recording
  • Can add commentary to existing camera roll videos

  • In-app ads and limited 3-minute recordings on the free version
  • Not compatible with all iPhone Operating System

6. QuickTime Player (for Mac users)


  • Free for iOS device

You can use QuickTime Player to record your iPhone screen if you have a Mac. Connect your iPhone to your Mac, open QuickTime Player, and select "New Movie Recording" from the File menu. Then, choose your iPhone as the camera source. QuickTime was developed by Apple Inc. and was known as a multimedia framework that included a player for audio and video files. It was often used for playing media files on Mac computers but was also available for Windows.

Key features:

  • Media Playback: QuickTime supports various audio and video formats for playback.
  • Editing Tools: It had basic editing capabilities for trimming and cutting videos and audio files.
  • Streaming: QuickTime supports the streaming of multimedia content.
  • Integration with Apple Ecosystem: It seamlessly integrates with other Apple software and services.



  • It works smoothly with various multimedia formats.
  • Integration with Apple Devices

  • Limited Format Support for some third-party media players
  • Windows Version Issues

7. ApowerREC


  • It offers a free version with limited features. Plans vary depending on the license type (individual, business, etc.).

ApowerREC is a versatile screen recording app available for both iPhone and iPad. It offers screen mirroring, video editing, and cloud storage options. ApowerRec stands as a dynamic screen recording software meticulously crafted to capture every detail on your computer screen with utmost precision. Boasting an intuitive interface coupled with robust features, ApowerRec empowers users to effortlessly record full-screen displays, specific windows, or customized regions. It extends support for various output formats, encompassing MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, and more, thus accommodating diverse preferences seamlessly. Additionally, ApowerRec encompasses supplementary functionalities, including the ability to capture audio from system sound, microphone input, or both concurrently, that record internal audio. Further enhancing its utility, ApowerRec furnishes users with editing tools to refine recordings through annotations, text overlays, shapes, and more, instilling a professional aura into their videos.

Key features:

  • Audio recording: It can record internal audio, such as sound, microphone, or both.
  • Webcam recording: Users can include webcam footage in their recordings. So you can create facecam reaction videos.
  • Annotation tools: ApowerREC provides tools for adding annotations, texts, and shapes during recording.
  • Editing: Basic video editing features may be available to trim or cut recorded footage.
  • Task scheduler: Users can set recording tasks to start and stop at specific times.



  • Multiple recording modes
  • Annotation feature
  • Task scheduler

  • Users may experience system resource usage that affects storage space depending on the computer's specifications.
  • Limited features in the free version

These are some of the best screen recording apps available for iPhone users. Each app has features and functionalities, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Additionally, always check each app's latest reviews and updates before deciding.

How Can You Choose The Best iOS Screen Recorder

Features Rating (App Store/Website) Price Compatibility Main Feature Usage
iOS Screen Recorder (Built-in) N/A Free iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) Basic screen recording Simple, built-in to iOS
TechSmith Capture 4.5 stars Paid (Subscription/License) Windows, Mac Powerful screen recording and editing Professional or advanced users
DU Recorder 4.7 stars Free (with in-app purchases) iOS, Android Screen recording with editing tools and live streaming Casual users, gamers
AirShou 4.0 stars Free (with in-app purchases) iOS High-definition game recording Gamers
Features Rating (App Store/Website) Price Compatibility Main Feature Usage
Record it! 4.3 stars Free (with in-app purchases) iOS Screen recording with annotations and drawing tools Casual users, educators
QuickTime N/A Free Mac Basic screen recording Basic screen capture
ApowerREC 4.4 stars Freemium (Free with limitations, Paid for advanced features) Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Screen recording with editing, live streaming, and scheduling Content creators, gamers, educators

To Sum Up

This article shows you many options for screen recording your screen, whether it is a game thing, live streaming games, or recording other devices. Remember to choose the best app to record video on iPhone that gives you manual controls to customize video creation, edit playback speed, speed control, or convert videos for outstanding videos results.

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