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If you frequently need to convert GIFs to text format for extracting text from them then we recommend you try AcePDF. This desktop version ensures to offer you every feature that you need along with the best performance one can expect. Now convert GIF to Docs, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. with ease.

How to Convert GIF to Text Online for Free

1. Upload GIF File
You will begin by uploading your GIF image file to our online converter from your local storage.

2. Start the Conversion
After your uploading is complete, this free app will start to scan the text content on the GIF image.

3. Save the Scanned Text
In a few seconds, you will get the text content and copy it to TXT or word for further editing or sharing.

Check the Top-Rated GIF to Text Converter Online

Imagine that you are connecting material during research for your project or presentation, and you find something very informative, but it is in GIF format. It may not be possible or ethical to include that file in your project. However, you can use the information from that GIF and the best way of doing that is by using our GIF to Text converter online for free. Our converter brings all the features that you need for performing this conversion and offers the best experience.

free and securedGuaranteed Free and Secure

Our GIF to Text Converter Online distinguishes itself by prioritizing security and affordability. It provides a 100% free service with no hidden costs or subscription fees. Protection of your information security, including the protection from unauthorized access and data leaks during processing.

no need to provide informationNo Need to Provide Any Information

A major strength of our converter is guaranteed privacy. For the users to utilize this tool, they do not need to provide any personal information such as names or email addresses. Anonymity and privacy are ensured, which gives our users essential trust and peace of mind when using it.

advanced conversionInstant Scan and Conversion

It provides fast conversion, where users can immediately convert their GIFs to text. This process is efficient and easy, as it takes just a few seconds to OCR the text on the image. This fast service is ideal for users requiring instant results with no waiting times.

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FAQs About Online GIF to Text Converter

How do you convert GIFs to text files?

To make GIFs into text files, we use OCR software. The online tool examines the frames of the GIF, extracts any text that they contain, and finally saves this content to editable text.

Are GIF files videos or images?

GIF files are images or a kind of bitmap image format. Unlike other types of images, they can store several frames in a single file and are capable enough to show animations. Unlike videos, GIFs lack audio and tend to have lower resolution as well as color depth than they do.

How much does it cost to convert GIF to text online?

You can use our online text converter and perform this conversion for free on any of your devices. It does not require any signup, login information, payment details, or any of your personal information.

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