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Top 11 Free Video Editor Without Watermark

illustration videoeditorIf you want the final copy of your edited video not to have any brand on it, then you need a watermark-free video editor. You may choose to add your personal watermark to your clips, but nobody really wants the brand of the editing software on their videos. The watermark, sometimes, may be too bold or positioned in a place that can ruin the video completely. Some video edit app has paid versions that gives you access to watermark-free videos, but it’s going to cost you. So, are there any free video maker without watermark available out there? Absolutely. If you are looking for a free video editor without watermark, you have come to the right spot. In this post, you will be introduced to free video editing software without watermark.

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11 Best Free Video Editor Without Watermark

1. Windows Movie Maker

This is a popular application for editing videos in Windows. Windows Movie Maker is a pre-installed Windows PC application, it was introduced with Windows XP, and the last version of this software was pre-installed in Windows 8, after which, the service was discontinued by Microsoft. This app was later replaced with new software called Windows Photo & Movie Editor in Windows 10. If you want this video editor without watermark instead of the new one on your PC, you can download the application form a third-party provider below.

movie maker interface

2. iMovie

iMovie is an Apple application that’s more powerful in terms of functionality and stability when compared to Window’s Movie Maker. You can use this free video editor without watermark on your iPad and iPhone to start making videos and transfer to your Mac to access more advanced functions. This app offers incredible features and elements you can use to produce a fantastic video; you have access to special effects, built-in music, video filters, animated titles, credit styles, and so on. Operating this app is not a problem at all as it offers an easy-to-use interface.

imovie interface

3. Fastreel Online Video Editor

Fastreel is a robust online video editor that provides various tools and templates to make video editing simple and convenient. This online service is relevant for both professionals and amateurs who want to improve their video content. This tool makes it manageable to be artistic by allowing you to add images, text, video clips, or any other graphic format. Besides, this tool is a handy online video editor, unlike many other video creators. With that being said, it focuses on intensifying video clips with a collection of features such as compressing, merging, or even adding music to a video. However, this free version grants users save videos in 480p, and it cannot switch freely between the tools, so users need to re-upload their videos each time. If you want to remove the watermark or even customize your watermark, you need a premium subscription.

video editor without watermark fastreel

4. VSDC Free Video Editor

You can use this tool if you need an online video editor without a watermark. VSDC Free Video Editor has been around for a long time now, and this incredible app still among the best free online video editors. You can use this tool to create fantastic product demos as a marketer and also improve your audience knowledge base.

vsdc interface

You will be amazed at the final quality of your clip, and it does its job perfectly without leaving any watermark. Also, VSDC has support for different file formats, allowing users to create instructional videos at ease and share on various online platforms. To access advanced tools like voiceover, chroma key, and mask tool for professional editing, you will have to pay for the pro version of this app ($19.99).

5. OpenShot

If you need an easy to use video editing software packed with lots of exciting features for short video projects, you can turn to this award-winning software for incredible results. Use can use OpenShot to scale smoothly, trim and resize videos while mixing audio with its easy drag & drop tools. This video maker without watermark does not offer Multicam editing; however, it provides a lot of advanced features like chroma key function and 3D animation tools you can use to create professional videos. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, you can use this free video editor without watermark to create amazing clips for YouTube channels and other social media platforms.

openshot interface

6. Lightworks

Lightworks is your go-to tool if you desire a professional video maker without watermark for your video projects. This app offers a lot of interesting features, and you will be amazed to know that Lightworks was used in editing popular movies like Pulp Function, The Wolf of Wall Street, and some other Hollywood movies.

light works interface

There is no limit to your video length when using this app. And you have nothing to worry about if you are a beginner as it has a robust online community you can go to for help, tips, and tricks. Lightworks has a pro paid version that offers all the video edit features you will ever need and no restrictions. The free version, however, has nearly all functions in the paid version, but there is a limit on formats when exporting videos.

7. HitFilm Express

This free video editor without watermark is the free version of HitFilm Pro. The developer of this tool claims that HitFilm Express is the most robust free video editing and VFX software on the planet. This incredible app is a must-have if you are really interested in making quality videos. If you are a student in film making, you can use this app to build your movie making experience before entering the movie industry. Then you can opt for the paid version to access advanced features (very affordable) when you become a pro in the film industry.

hitfilm interface

8. Shotcut

Shotcut is an open-source, free video editing software without watermark that offers an intuitive and smooth interface. This incredible app offers different panels you can dock and undock the way you want. Information you can view includes an encoding panel, filter panel, job queue, and details about media properties. You can also view recent files, search history, and playlist with a thumbnail. It also features a drag & drop function from your file manager.

shotcut interface

You can also use this tool as a free video converter no watermark as it supports various video and audio formats and codecs. Using Shotcut for your video project is not a difficult task; you have access to all the information, functions, and tools you need to create something beautiful. The app also has multi-format timelines and supports native edit of media files.

9. WeVideo

If you need an online video editing software without watermark to edit your videos and upload within seconds, use WeVideo. This incredible app has millions of commercially licensed in-built videos, images, and music; you can use free of charge. You will pay between 0-29 USD per month (which is probably the cheapest you will ever find for an online video editor) to have uninterrupted access to the amazing features this tool offers.

wevideo interface

You can use this video editor on your Chromebook, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android smartphones without downloading it on your device. You get to save plenty of space on your device while using this app. Its cloud-based storage system offers unlimited storage space. All you need to do is upload your file, edit, and share.

10. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is an online video editor without watermark has a user-friendly interface, very easy to use and offers a lot of interesting features. You can use this tool to cut large videos into smaller sections, remove unwanted parts in your clip, rotate your video the way you want, and so on. You don’t need to download or install this tool on your device. You may want to consider the pros and cons of using this online video editor without watermark on your device. Besides its no-watermark features, you also get a quick video edit experience and lots of interesting features to produce the best videos. The setback of this app is that it only supports three video formats (MOV, WEMB, and MP4), and you can only use it on Google Chrome.

clipchamp interface

11. Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker Online is an interesting online video maker without watermark you can use to edit your videos. One of the good things about this platform is that you don’t have to register to use this tool, and it is totally free. You can upload any picture for free, and it offers free royalty-free music videos for your edits. Besides its video edit functions, you can create videos from scratch, make animations, edit photos, and create slideshows online. No download or installation is required.

movie maker online interface

If you are interested in learning how to create GIF videos, combine videos or insert audio to video, click “How To” located at the top bar. Make sure you read all the tutorials.

Tips For Using Video Editor Without Watermark

1. Keep Up With The Updates

All software, including the free ones, needs updates. Usually, users are notified when new updates are rolled out. So, you must keep up with the updates, for they bring new features you can use in editing your videos.

2. Check Safety Risks

Most people would go for the free video editing software online, which increases their risk of downloading malware if they are not cautious enough. Thus, it is crucial only to download video editing software from the company's website. Avoid downloading software from third-party sites; they may lead you to fake software, which will damage your computer.

3. Make Sure The Software Has Customer Support

One of the repercussions of using free video editors online is that sometimes they do not have customer support. Some free online tools crash upon saving files, so check if the software you downloaded had customer support when things go wrong. Customer support is essential so you can get help in solving unsudden issues during editing videos.


Based on your video edit needs or requirement, you can use any of the video editors without watermark mentioned above. These video edit tools offer lots of interesting features that can help you to improve your videos and also create high-quality content for your audience. If you are worried about having a watermark brand on your clips, then use any of the tools listed in this post.

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