Detailed Guide to Convert YouTube to Windows Media Player

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youtube video to windows media playerYouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform and is accessible using different devices. These devices are PC, tablets, mobile phones, and more. Furthermore, this video-sharing platform allows you to watch different videos. That includes vlogs, documentaries, news, video tutorials, and more. Nowadays, most people spend their leisure time streaming videos from YouTube. Usually, they use Windows Media Player, the default media player for computers. This runs on Windows operating systems to watch the downloaded video from YouTube offline. But, many people have a problem playing YouTube videos on Windows Media Player. This article will show you how to download and convert YouTube to Windows Media Player for smooth playback.

How to Stream YouTube on Windows Media Player

Most of the people used to stream YouTube from Windows Media Player. But, today, it doesn't support any more streams from different video-sharing sites. So to stream videos from YouTube in Windows Media Player, it would help if you used third-party apps to get videos from the internet. So that you can watch offline using Windows Media Player. Here, we provide some of the best YT video downloaders you can rely on.

interface youtube

Best Way to Download YT for Playing on WMP

Aqua Clip is a highly reliable and convenient tool for converting videos from Windows Media Player and downloading HD videos from popular sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. This versatile downloader can also extract video audio, converting it into various audio formats. Furthermore, you can particularly appreciate its "Batch Download" feature, which allows multiple downloads with just a few clicks, saving time and effort. In addition, the software has a built-in search engine that can help you easily locate a specific video on YouTube without leaving the software interface. For those new to Aqua Clip, the tutorial below provides a comprehensive guide on how to get started and make the most of its features.

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Step 1 Download and Install Aqua Clip

You can download the installer of Aqua Clip by choosing one of the "Download" buttons above. After downloading, launch the installer and follow the guidelines in the setup wizard. After installing, launch the tool so we can start downloading YouTube videos.

aqua clip main interface

Step 2 Download Videos from YouTube

Open any web browser you prefer to access the official website of YouTube. Find the YouTube video and play it first to check. Then, copy the URL of the video, go back to Aqua Clip, and click the "Plus" button to paste the link.

analyze the youtube url

Step 3 Select Format and Begin Downloading

After that, hit MP4, which is the default format, and playing on Windows Media Player is acceptable. Also, pick the highest quality resolution for the video. Once done, move to the lower section and hit the "Download" button to begin downloading.

select format and begin downloading

Step 4 Play the Video on Windows Media Player

You can watch the movie you downloaded by navigating to the "Downloaded" panel. Simply right-click on the movie and select the "Play" button. This will open the video in your Windows media player for viewing.

play the video

Convert YouTube Video to WMV for Windows Media Player

VidElement is a multi-format video converter. It allows users to convert video and audio from any given site into different formats. Due to its widespread formats like MP3, MP4, WMP, WMV, and more, this software's output files are playable from a different media player. Some examples are Windows Player, iPhone devices, Android, and more. It is perfect for video creation because it is equipped with lightweight video editor features. Moreover, this allows the user to create eye-catching videos. It has many features such as Merge and Cut features. This lets users cut their videos into many parts, shorten them, cut out unwanted segments, and merge GIFs. Moreover, it can insert external subtitles into the video.

Step 1 Download and Install VidElement

To use the abundant features of AceThinker VidElement you need to click the download button below. Let the system run and install the software.

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vm interface step1

Step 2 Launch the VidElement

Next, launch the VidElement to access the tool's main interface. Then, go back to the location of your downloaded video that you've acquired on YouTube. After selecting the video, the system will analyze it, and it will be attached to VidElement's interface.

vm get video step2

Step 3 Convert Videos to WMV

After that, click the WMV as the output format for your videos. Then, click the "Convert" button on the window that will appear to convert the video file ultimately. Wait for a few seconds, and the video will convert to WMV format, then click the "Ok" button on a window that will appear.

vm convert to wmv step3

Step 4 Watch the Converted YouTube Video on Windows Media Player

Then, go to the tool's output folder, open the video, and play with Windows Media Player since it is the default media player for Windows platforms.

vm play video step4

About WMP and What's New in the Latest Version

Windows Media Player is a built-in media player and media library application for the Windows platform. It allows users to watch movies, listen to their favorite songs, and browse pictures. Here, music can be categorized according to artist, album, and genre. Furthermore, you can also create a playlist for your favorite soundtrack. Windows Media Player can watch movies and listen to music from a CD or DVD. Furthermore, it allows you to burn the media files to CD.

The latest version of Windows Media Player, 12 for Windows 10,8.1 and 7, is helpful. They will enable you to organize digital media collections and shop online on your tablet. Furthermore, it has a tool to copy and record audio discs. Meanwhile, a new taskbar thumbnail with playback controls makes previewing more comfortable.

wmp interface

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