Top 4 Solutions to Fix YouTube Abandoned Process

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feature youtube abandonedOver the years, YouTube has been emerged to be one of the most popular online platforms. It has become a real blessing for many all across the globe. Whether you are a singer, a musician, an artist, an entertainer, or you have any other talent, it is one great video online platform that empowers all to showcase their talent. As a result, many have become celebrities in a short time. If you are a user who regularly uploads videos, we understand how important it is for you to do that. What is unfortunate is that sometimes, due to some technical issues, you may not be able to upload your videos to YouTube channel. You might at times get the error message YouTube Processing Abandoned? It could be pretty annoying. But the following are some solutions that would help to resolve the problem:

Restart Your Operating System and YouTube Web App

There could be many reasons why you may be unable to upload your videos to your YouTube Channel. Often you could be getting the error message “YouTube Processing Video Abandoned." Whatever is the reason for the same, one simple solution is restarting your computer or the operating system. One reason this problem might occur is that while the users use the application, it creates some temporary files or clip files. It could get your computer or web app into trouble. Owing to the same, the YouTube videos might not get uploaded. Our simple solution to resolve the issue is to restart your operating system. In case you are facing the computer, you can restart the same. If you face the YouTube keeps signing me out issue, you could try out restarting the same. There could be times that this process may work, which is why you should try it as the first and most straightforward solution. But even after doing the same, the problem persists; you need to go in for some other solutions.

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Adjust the Duration of the Video to be Uploaded

As a YouTube user, you need to note that there are limits to the length of the video's file size to be uploaded. Everyone here starts with the basic YouTube Account. Here the maximum video file size that can be uploaded is 2 GB or a video having a maximum duration of 15 minutes. Out of the many reasons you cannot upload your video on YouTube and get the error message “YouTube processing abandoned video too long," the long duration of the video could be the leading cause for the same. In such cases, the only way to resolve the problem is to alter the video length. In other words, you need to shorten the duration of the video which you want to upload. The other way is to verify your YouTube account to increase the length of the video you intend to upload. For verification, a registered Mobile Number is required, wherein a One-Time verification code is sent. Once verified, the problem might get resolved. If this also fails, then we have another solution.

youtube abandoned shorten video

Activate the Video to be Uploaded for Publishing

If you are to check, this is by far the most effective way to resolve when you get an error message like “YouTube processing abandoned the video could not be processed." Let us look at a step-by-step instructions below to resolve the issue:

  • First, you must log into your YouTube account, and after that, click on your Profile Picture
  • Then, you have to choose the YouTube Studio option.
  • You would find that there is a new interface pop-up. Here you have to type in the name of the abandoned video in the search bar.
  • The Other Feature option on the left menu needs to be selected. Once you do this, you will find the Activate button on the right-hand side. All you now need to do is click the Activate button, which would activate the processing of your abandoned video.

Once you do all the steps mentioned above, in all likelihood, this problem would get resolved. And your YouTube video would be uploaded. However, even if this persists, we have the 4th and final solution, which is the following.

youtube abandoned activate video

Delete the Exact Video You Had Uploaded Earlier

You need to note that you are facing the problem regarding uploading the video to YouTube. You have probably uploaded the same video earlier on your YouTube channel. In such cases, the simple solution of deleting the same video which had been uploaded earlier would resolve the problem. Once this is done, you should be able to upload the subject video easily. If you do not want to delete the earlier video completely, you might try and make some edits to the same description or title and try again.

Apart from uploading videos, some users often have the requirement of downloading videos from YouTube. These could be movies, video tutorials, TV Shows, Music Videos, and so on. By having them downloaded. Once downloaded, you can easily access these videos on various devices where they are downloaded. You may do so in the off-line mode as well. You will find that various fastest downloader tools are available if you check online. However, you would want to choose the reliable one, and where the download would be quick. Out of the many free online video downloader tools, AceThinker Free Online Video Downloader has gained popularity. It is due to good reasons as well. One that it is a free online tool is one reason. Others include the fact that it helps the download happen in a completely hassle-free manner and thus is very user-friendly. So, if you are using this for downloading YouTube videos, you would find it quite helpful. We also hope that the solutions mentioned above would help you resolve your inability to upload YouTube videos.

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