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Ways on How to Fix YouTube Recommendation Broken Videos

feature fix youtube recommendationsWeird recommendations popping up on your YouTube homepage and are completely irrelevant to the content you watch? This usually tends to occur when YouTube recommendations are broken. In this case, you will experience content that you haven’t even ever watched or knew that exists on YouTube. So, the real question is how to fix YouTube recommendations? Well, this article is all for you to know what actually are YouTube recommendations and how their algorithm works. And then, ultimately if your YouTube recommends such useless content that doesn't interest you at all. In that scenario, what measures you can take to fix YouTube recommended broken.

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What Are YouTube Recommendations?

When you play a YouTube video, there is a list of videos on the right side of the player. These are the YouTube recommendations. YouTube recommendations algorithm is impacted by the type of content you watch and the channels you have subscribed to, also what goes into your search history. Basically, these recommendations work by showing you videos similar to the content you watch. Not only this but your recommended videos can also be based on your location. For instance, if you are someone who likes watching local shows from a certain channel or music videos your recommendations will start showing up the similar shows and music you like to watch. These YouTube recommendations are really annoying like YouTube ads if you are also looking for a way to watch YouTube videos without ads you can click on the link provided.

youtube recommendation broken video

How to Fix YouTube Recommendation Broken?

Well, this part will certainly help you gain ideas about how to fix recommended videos on YouTube. Why would you even want to recommend content that is not your type or is completely weird? So, here are some methods to fix this issue.

1. Log in With Correct User ID

If you have multiple accounts which are also in use by family or friends then you are most likely to experience this type of issue. As people have different choices when it comes to the content they consume. So, you will end up getting those videos in your recommended section. In order to avoid it, make sure you rightfully logged in to your personal account. You can check it by clicking on the display picture in the top right corner of YouTube.

youtube recommendation broken account

2. Enable YouTube Recommendations

YouTube gives you an option if you want your recommendations to be enabled. If due to some reason they have been disabled you will get to see random videos in that section. In order to view similar content, turn on the recommendations:

  • Click on the display picture on the top right corner and then from the menu click on settings.
  • In the settings menu on the left side, click on notifications. Here you will find recommended videos under the preferences section.
  • You have to make sure it is enabled. To enable it to click on the slider and it will turn blue.
  • You can restart YouTube or browser to see if the issue has been resolved

youtube recommendation broken enable notification

3. Clear YouTube Search Watch History

You can clear your YouTube search and watch history and it will reset your recommendations.

Clear Search History:

  • Click on your display picture and from the drop-down menu, select your data in YouTube.
  • Then, click on Manage YouTube search history in the YouTube Search history section.
  • Click on Delete activity by and select All time and then, lastly click on the delete button and your search history will be cleared.

Clear Watch History:

  • Click on your display picture and from the drop-down menu; select your data in YouTube.
  • Then, you will scroll down and click Manage YouTube watch History and you will be able to view the entire watch history.
  • Click on Delete activity by and click on all time. Lastly, click on the delete to confirm and your watch history will be removed.

youtube recommendation broken clear history

4. Mark Recommendations- Not Interested

When the recommended videos are completely not helpful. You can simply mark the videos you don't want to view as not interested. All you will have to do is click on the three dots icon beside the recommended video and then from dropbox click on ‘‘Not interested.’’ Also, if you don’t want to see videos from a particular channel on your homepage. Click on the option of ‘‘don’t recommend channel’’ when you click on the three dots icon beside the video.

5. Clear Browsing History & Restore default Settings

The build-up of history and cache can also be the cause that YouTube recommended broken. So, in order to clear the history and restore the browser follow these steps:

  • Firstly, in your chrome browser click on the three dots on the top right corner and from the menu click on settings which will open up a menu.
  • Now, from the settings menu, click on Privacy and security and click on the Clear browsing data.
  • Lastly, you will click on Advanced and select all time and click on Clear data. Just make sure, you don’t select the Passwords option.

Restore Browser Settings:

  • To reset the browser, following the same steps, reach and click Advanced and here you will scroll down and click on Restore settings to their original defaults.

youtube recommendation broken clear data

Pro Tip: How to Download YouTube Videos

You can download YouTube videos with an efficient software called AceThinker Video Keeper Pro. This tool can get any online videos from various streaming sites in simple steps, and it gets your job done in a matter of a few clicks. In addition, this tool supports bulk downloading of videos, and you can save videos in various quality formats ranging from 720p HD up to 8kK UHD video resolution. To know more, go through the key features:

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Key Features:

  • It supports downloads from over 1000+ online platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and others.
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  • Available for both Windows and Mac OS

Here is a step-to-step guide on how you can download YouTube videos with the best YouTube downloader Mac and Windows.

Step 1 Install the YouTube Video Downloader

Grab the tool's installer by clicking the suitable download button provided above. Once downloaded, install the tool carefully on your computer. After that, open the program, and the interface should look like the picture below.

vk main interface

Step 2 Copy URL of the Link

Go to YouTube and find the video you want to download. Then, copy the URL of the link from the browser's address bar.

youtube recommendation broke vk step1

Step 3 Paste the link of the Video.

Launch the video downloader. Click on the "Paste URL" button, hit "MP4" from the option, and the video will begin downloading.

youtube recommendation broke vk step2

Step 4 Check the Downloaded Video

Once the video has been downloaded, you can check it in the "Video" section under the "Downloaded" panel. Here, you can start playing the downloaded YouTube video.

youtube recommendation broke vk step3

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